All your games are ****

And heres why, one by one.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Simply put this game is for anime fags. Bare characters with bare stroppy hair styles. They give everyone weapons, most of them ****. A snooker que? Yoyo’s? Guitar? A big ****ing Key? WTF is wrong with these characters? Then comes learning the game. Theres so much **** on the screen I dunno where to begin. An infinite no. of bars and meters, then you got an infinite number of moves for each character, and then infinite number of techniques. Look man if I have to spend half a year in training mode just to play this game, then bun it.

Capcom vs SNK 2
This game is LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! You can watch a film in the time it takes to play a game of this. Bare characters (most of em ****), bare grooves (most of em ****), but all it really boils down to is, A-groove - Evolved V-ism. “Look man i can juggle you with A-groove for bare time and theres nothing you can do about it!”. If you get hit by an A-groove combo, you might as well go take a dump, trust me you got enough time.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
A trend of Capcom is to give you choice, but choice means **** when you only 1 of those is worth using. You have to use V-ism if you want to compete, only a few characters are viable with A-ism and fewer still with X-ism. And V-ism is crap. Just like in CVS2, you got time to take a dump in between the V-ism bull****, but this is nothing compared with whats next.

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
Here it is, capcom’s pride and joy, of ****. This game takes it one step further with the custom combo crap. They only give it to 1 character. Yun is a bitch of a character. Not only can he build up his meter again after his ****ed you up your butt, but hitting him whilst he has his genei-jin activated, doesn’t turn it off. Complete ****. Next up Chun. Some perve at capcom drew her with massive thighs, which makes here bare stroppy. Permamently on a period, where she can just spam in SA2 at you. Then comes Ken, scrub character for Daigo fanboys. If you aint using either of these 3 characters then your ****ed in this game. Then there are parries, some players swear by it, i swear at it, talk about totally ****ing up what makes street fighter good in the first place.

King of Fighters 2002
More like King of Fags. So many transsexuals and transvestites in this game it makes me wanna puke. Character design isn’t the only thing wrong. Theres bare mobility. You got jumps, superjumps, hops, hyperhops, rolling, running etc The only missing is skipping. All you ever see when watching a match of kof is bare jumping around the screen, cause they don’t make dragon punches work properly. Then they give the supers really difficult motions. Seems like SNK made this game just to piss people off. What a ****ty Street Fighter clone.

Smash Brothers Brawl
Isn’t a real fighting game, its a party game for ages 5 and down. All you gotta do is press 1 button do specials, some baby games are more complex than that. No health bars no corners, or anything, proper going against every single rule for a fighting game. Jump buttons, throw buttons, special move button, blah. The only place this game should be played is in play group.

Hyper Street Fighter 2
All your games have been exposed, so its time to stop playing them and come play HSF2. Greatest game ever made. CE Bison is tings, what a fun character. Redizzies and cross up psycho crushers is what this game is about. Its proper balanced, which equals proper fun! Everyone should play this game, its better than drugs, achohol and sex. If you aint playing it, then your a loser. Can you deal with that!?!

Loool r3ko man people are gonna think your serious :rofl:

Don’t ruin the fun.

Give the man a beer.

I could have done a better job, my hate for 3S and Smash makes baby Jesus cry.

people play SFA3 and 3d Strike just because they’re the latest in their series assuming they represent the peak of each one.

SFA2 and 2nd Impact are just better.

SFA3 might be more fun for most people with all its MUGEN-like gimmicks, but 3rd Strike has the most boring top tier ever (compared to 2nd Impact - Ibuki, Sean, Akuma).

so i partly agree with this joke thread (CVS2, GG are ok for me, KOF is “whatever”)




i highly doubt he was joking at all

You lack the :rofl:z

i have to agree about this!

your avatar reminds me of:

I know he’s joking since there’s no mention of Marvel…


I bet SK will lock this thread. He is my hero.

Well Justin Wong can get away with Bustin Bong threads, surely this won’t get closed.

Fuck yo’ shit asterisks.


You obviously have very little knowledge of those games.

If you don’t like the game (or you suck at it), then don’t play it. End of story.

Whining about it won’t get you anywhere.

I’d rep you if I could, Lol.


On the other hand, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger… Tiger uppercut… Tiger, Tiger, Tiger…

You sure do like to use the word “bare” a lot. Maybe you have a funny accent too… lol