Allah Akbar: Vanilla ISIS Occupies Federal Zoo in Oregon


Terrorist Win.


Ammon Bundy has said he had never heard of the Hammond case until his father mentioned it to him. The Hammonds were convicted three years ago of setting fires on federal land in 2001 and 2006. One of the blazes was set to cover up deer poaching, according to prosecutors. The men served no more than a year until an appeals court judge ruled that the terms fell short of minimum sentences requiring them to serve about four more years.

Ammon Bundy said he prayed about the matter and "clearly understood that the Lord was not pleased with what was happening to the Hammonds. "The Hammonds said they lit the fires to reduce the growth of invasive plants and protect their property from wildfires. “I did exactly what the Lord asked me to do,” Bundy said in a YouTube video posted last week in which he appeals to people to join him in Oregon to protest the treatment of the Hammonds.


Isis takes over empty buildings and kills no one.

Clearly this analogy is apt.


Title brought a slight snicker, but what?


So they take over a low ranking building that has no defense for such things? Wow such a low blow to bear attack victims.




Only white people can get away with this shit…


If this is what little it takes for white people to be accused of terrorism then we need to start talking about Arab privilege.


Good on them. The Hammond brothers did nothing wrong.


I’m pretty much waiting for this to morph into a war on the word Terrorism.


Already happened/happening on social media.

“They’re terrorists because they have guns!”
“There’s no terror or victims, so how are they terrorists?”
“The dictionary says terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation to further a political goal!”
“But there’s been neither of those things!”
“But what about Ferguson…”
“In Ferguson they killed people!”


(I’ll admit that I’ll chuckled at the pun in the title, but even as anti-gun as I am, I have to also agree that that comparison is extremely unfair even with as dumb and lose-lose as the situation is.)

There are numerous way more extreme, way more actually religious and fundamentalist groups in this country that would be far better comparisons to the current ISIS, like the KKK or those nutjobs who fund all of the religious bullshit in Uganda, than these guys.

As it is, these guys haven’t used violence or gotten out their way to bully anyone as far I’m aware. It’s just a simple, if blatantly gun-filled, protest and occupation, which is part of why they’re aren’t going to achieve what they what between these Hammond guys already turning themselves in earlier today and the government in no way going to cave to their demands. Unless one side gets randomly trigger-happy, then this will likely just peter out.

If only the same could actually be said of Original Caramel ISIS or their African countparts, Chocolate ISIS. [/Word to your Muslim]

To be fair, given how vaguely defined “terrorism” even is, I’m sure they’re “terrorizing” someone just by being there given how politically and otherwise polarized much of America (and arguably the world) is nowadays. [/(Not Really) Devil’s Advocate]


ill just wait for Super Isis arcade edition thanks


It’s always gotta be someone named Bundy…


Well the thing is about this whole thing is they are right that this is unconstitutional. Sending them back to jail for the same crime is indeed double jeopardy, and protection from that is covered by the constitution.

If standing up for someone’s constitutional rights is terrorism nowadays, them please welcome our Communist overlords.


The guns are obviously there to ensure they can’t just be forced away on threat of being shot. I’m hoping they haven’t got a single bullet among them.

That’s how I’d play it.

The left loathes violence!

Unless it’s a bunch of hicks. Then, let’s send in the drones.


Slowly slaughter the lot of them, these terrorist scum are making a mockery of democracy. We all know there oil under that building and they plan to sell it to the Canadians.


These people played to much R6: Siege. Hell one of the maps is in Oregon.

Watch there be C4 lining a room, Razor wire and shit everywhere. Rednecks don’t fuck around.


I don’t think you actually know what double jeopardy is.

You can’t be TRIED for the same crime twice; They aren’t being tried again.

There isn’t gonna be a new trial for what they did. Its a re-sentencing.

Also at the person saying they did nothing wrong, how is burning 100 acres of federal land, endangering peoples lives, to cover up your poaching deer on federal land doing “nothing wrong”?


@“Missing Person” Do you know what semantics are?


The constitution provides protection against being punished multiple times under the same indictment under the double jeopardy clause. Their being sent to jail twice under the same indictment falls under double jeopardy.