Alleged leaked Killer Instinct 3 music real?

Destructoid reported earlier in the month that images of sheet music labeled the main theme for Killer Instinct 3 were leaked out and making the rounds. Today they’re reporting that a bit more investigation is showing that the music may very well be real based on similar photos from another recording session. Game composer Chris Titlon has attempted to play the music based on the photos and has come up with this mp3.

So either Rare is at it again, or it’s one remarkable hoax.

fulgore told me yesterday hes retired. Him and riptor are living happily ever after glacius sunk the titanic

that music doesnt give the KI vibe at all. reminds me more of soul calibur

the MP3 sounds cool, but not like KI. Needs more electric guitar.

It might be supposed to be played on a guitar. I can kind of imagine that it would sound good like that.

no guitar = no KI


Where the FUCK…is my guitar?! That BETTER not be KI…

This is supposed to be KI?? It doesn’t even Rock enough to be Darkstalkers, and that intro hardly had a groovy tune.

Sounds like something from “The Pirates of the Carribean” towards the later half.

  • smacks forehead *

Good point. It would sound pretty nice done with electric guitar, definitely more KI-esque.

That’s the theme done w/ electric guitar. Sounds way more KI-like.


This is w/ an orchestra and some guitar.

Tusk must be the only playable character.

Bad-ass!!! :rock:

They probably green-lit the project on October 2007.

EDIT: You KNOW they did. Where’s my Eternal Champions sequel SEGA?

That sounds pretty dope, if this is legit, I’m pretty hyped.

Yeah, I want another EC too. But unfortunately, that game was a Sega Of America title that Sega Of Japan was NOT feeling, they killed that in favor of Virtua Fighter. :shake:

Whoa… :wow:
The rumors have been floating around for a while but that sounds a lot like KI music. Maybe in the second half of that piece they should tone up the guitar and tone down the orchestra (since as VEGA_OMEGA said, it sounds a bit like Pirates of the Carribean) but it does sound like it’d work.

IDIOTS. Why’d they drop a moderately amusing SF-me-too in favor of creating a sub-genre? Lol, but seriously… I want my fucking EC sequel…


ok…much better…Other wise I was gonna have have to personally go to Rare’s headquarters and Jago kick the first person who answers the door.

I hope, hope, hope that if this is real, it won’t be 360 only release and that it’ll hit the arcades.