AllisFighter (SF4 CHAT)



Coming from the Brawl scene and seeing how beneficial was to our online community, I think that deserves as much of a mention. The forums are pretty dead right now but that is not what I am trying to promote… (no worries mods!)

Given the fact that the Wii offers the crappiest of internet frameworks for gamers to work with, allisbrawl was created for users to get in touch with other players more easily. This picture does all the talking really (AiF’s equivalent is empty right now :P):

You can easily find players within the same region as yours, click on their names and their PSN/Live Tag will show up for you to add, various rooms are available (ps3 ladder, 360 ladder, free play, tournament…); you get the drift~

By all means, keep trying to set up games via the matchmaking thread if you’re content with it, but I think many can agree that is it an unefficient way to go about finding other players to play against at any given time.

Hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting this (delete if you must…), but I just think that it is a waste for such a tool not to be taken advantage of by this community~


Yeah okay but…

What the fuck is with the blackface avatar?


I swear I heard that somewhere :smiley: