Allow capcom employees to play in tournaments?


I was thinking about how it’s kinda sad that pro players who then work for capcom are no longer allowed to compete because of the conflict of interest.

How about allowing them to play, but they are only allowed to pick characters that are universally considered bottom-tier or not viable. For example, combofiend could play at evo but could only pick characters like deejay or hugo.

Instead of a conflict of interest they would either prove everyone wrong that the characters are viable and balanced properly, or they would be incentivised to balance the game better. We would then end up with a better balanced game in the future.

It would also be kinda fun to see the developers try their hand in a tournament.

What do you think? Would it work?

Aside from it giving off a bad message to the tournament players that Capcom is canibalizing their own sponsored tournaments, if they were to be allowed to play in high profile tournaments, it is dumb beyond reason to only allow them subjectively low tier characters. It is all or nothing, no idiotic made up rules to alter the playing fields.

Also this round about way of thinking this allows them to be “forced” to balance the game better, uhm this is the real world, not a fantasy.

Excuse me i this seems hostile, but your post was honestly full of nonsensicial and wierd ideas

Yeah, I have heard that Capcom have these hardcore players that is supposedly better than the tournament players.

But do these “hardcore players” really exists? As far as I know they are nonexistent, a myth.

lol, how many people in this video are not being paid by Capcom to promote their game?

capcom could always unleash them on their own protour. It’s their tour so they can do whatever they want. I think it’d be a good thing to have them as sort of ‘tournament bosses’ for other players to match up against.

Isn’t Skill out of the gaming industry completely right now? He oughta make a comeback.

The idea that capcom has a bunch of mega god players that could wreck pros is just silly.

At this point we know about as much about the game as the developer does. we have complete frame data, hitboxes, etc.

And if all their players/testers/whatever are so good, why are there always so many balance issues with each iteration? you’d think they’d catch it if they were that amazing.

ALSO, if they had players that amazing just hanging around, they;d have had no reason to hire combofiend. he’s good but he’s never been exactly top tier.

If I’m not mistaken, there is some sort of legal reason why they can’t enter. I don’t remember the exact specifics though.

Although to be fair, I kinda wish these companies would sponsor players. Would be cool to see a “CAPCOM|XXXXX” winning in tekken 7…

There is a reason behind that; in addition to not wanting to appear biased, Capcom would threaten to crowd out the market, as companies thinking of entering and sponsoring a to player would see the “Capcom” next to their name and think they were taken

Woshige works for Capcom, and he still competes in tournaments. However, he competes in Guilty Gear and not a Capcom-based game (SF5/UMvC3). He’s arguably the premier Millia player in the world.

With this in mind, he’s probably still allowed to compete because he specializes in a game that is associated with another company. Because of this, he’s not cannibalizing GGXrdR in any way, meaning it’s fair game.

Just my thought on this topic.