Allright, serious Urien help here please

Ok, if there was ever a vid that truly opitimized (hope I spelled that right) or so accurately displayed the player that I am, it’s this vid:

Please feel free to critique my game. What I’m doing right, what I’m doing right, what more I need to be doing. Again, this vid is a really good example of my gameplay.

Couple things of note: I try to throw way too much when they’re up close. It’s almost like I’m in this constant assumption that they’re gonna try to throw me. I dunno. I’m trying to break that habit.

You’ll also notice how a lot of times when I’m in corner, he gets back about dash length around midscreen and just footsies there waiting for me to make a move or he dashes up whatever. I can’t seem to figure out how to deal with that. Everytime I jump forward, walk back, c. mk or some other junk. Kneedrop won’t work since he can just block and punish. That will only work if he’s close obviously. I try to dash throw, I eat a c. mk, c. mp, punish, etc.

Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

can you put it on youtube or something? ill help you out.

I wish I could.

I dunno how to upload vids or do any of that stuff. I don’t even have a youtube account. lol.

Unless someone found a way to put a few matches of that vid I provided on there.

Ok, I have first few matches to Veoh, don’t wanna put them on my YouTube page(Not because they’re bad matches!).

Anyway, I observed your Urien and this is what I have to say:

  • You need to work on midscreen unblockables more. I talk to you on MSN a lot DVD, as you know, and I’m more than sure that you can do unblockables, lol. You mainly used a headbutt after a cr.Fierce and I saw some tackles after the cr.fierce too, even though you had meter. Just try and do the midscreen UB more, because I know you can

  • Defense, it was good in some areas, but sometimes you were taking a lot of command overheads and UOHs, and the odd cr.roundhouse here and there. at 1:32-1:36 you will see what I mean. Only try and throw someone if you know its going to connect. Just remember to block downback as much as you can when not on offense and try to block or parry obvious overheads if you can, but just block downback a lot when getting poked like that. Urien hasn’t got any wakeup options, but one thing I saw you do, which is ver useful, is Roundhouse Kneedrop out of corner, ONLY when you know your opponent is going to do something that wont stuff it. At 2:37 you knew he would throw, so you did the kneedrop, bt don’t rely too heavily on this

Poking- Even though Urien isn’t a very fottsie-ish or poking character, his st.strong, st.foward, cr.forward and st.fierce are all excellent normals. Try and use them more. Your fottsie game was very good from what I saw, you stopped Ryu a good few times. I suggest you try and jump in roundhouse more, but no too much. I do it quite a bit, if they block, you can go on a string, jump in roundhouse, cr.jab, st.fierce, or jump in roundhouse, whiff jab headbutt, throw, or just jump in roundhouse dash throw, jump in roundhouse, walk back a bit for the spacing, cr.fierce xx lp sphere xx aegis(near corner), great move, the sphere frightens them them to not move or parry, and you can then dash up to them and catch them in Aegis, possible unblockable. Anyway, when not fighting directly, I advise you jump back roundshouse a lot, its one of Urien’s best options, its very very hard to fight, and leads to some of his most dangerous stuff.

Other than that, your execution is very good. I saw some TTHs in there, but just in general, your execution is good. I can’t really say more than that, and I hope you find my info helpful. You can view some of my 2DF replays or YouTube matches if you like too.

goddammit i had a whole response written out and it got erased. hit me up on aim or somethin if you want some advice.

but then everyone else on the baord can’t benefit from the advice :shake:

Add him on aim then

I meant everyone. Did you learn anything from the pyrolee interview?