Alltel wireless broadband

i have a regular xbox,an i was wondering if xbox live is compatiable with alltel

WIRELESS broadband? if it is what kind of modem do i connect to my xbox to

receive the wireless signal?

if you want to make it wireless just grab any random wireless router(i strongly suggest a buffalo or a linksys WRT-54G as you can flash better firmwares(dd-wrt or tomato))

plug the new router into a computer and set the router so that it’s on WDS

your main router should be set to WDS(if it has AP+WDS then i would suggest that)

Make sure that the new router has a different ip address then the main one and make sure that the DHCP addresses that it gives out are different than the main one

I’m not sure about this but i guess you gotta do something so that both the routers know to connect to each other wirelessly. After confirming that, connect the 2nd router to your xbox

i don’t know much about this, but i’m guess this would be how it would work. Oh and chances are your gonna lag badly. Go with a direct ethernet connection if you can