Almost Forever

This is something that I did in September of 07’. It was after a long battle to try and get back with my ex after easily the most painful split up of my life. I watched her read it and she cried for a WHILE…anyway here it is.

Forever is a long time indeed
always in view but never reachable like the horizon it seems
so it’s been advised to me to never count on it
and then she came along
and then we belonged
Whether it was her smile or her eyes
I loved it all no questions asked
nothing special but I would reply “she’s special” if you asked
our differences were few and together we could relax
and we were happy to finally escape the demons of our past
alas she was my vice certainly I couldn’t put her down
two lines of her a day would leave me purposely strung out
she made me feel better than any drug you could imagine
so imagine the disaster when I tried to kick the habit
just like that we went from being lovers to "clash of the Titans"
and then there wasn’t 3 minutes that our asses wasn’t fightin
sometimes the truth is harsh and even downright depressing
but nothing could prepare me for the news that she is expecing
at least…she WAS expecting but she isn’t any longer
don’t get too upset B, but you were gonna be a father

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I loved her so much.
She left me to get the green.
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