Almost infallible 20 questions game


Try it out:

Took me a while to think of something he couldn’t figure out. Pretty amazing how obscure some of the things it’s able to come up with. He is also well acquainted with internet memes :rofl:

Edit: Ok, maybe ‘almost infallible’ was too strong a description… but it’s still pretty damn good!


I put in Alex Valle, and he thought it was Dave Walsh…

2nd try. 3rd try he thought it was… Taylor Lautner?

4th try was M Night Shymalan…wtf.


it’s getting mine every time.

stumped him with shuma gorath.


I thought of [media=youtube]XK6_CH1cH3M"[/media] and it got it correct, this is so crazy. Favoriting this website right now


He’s got everyone one right except I thought of Dr Dre and he said Wesley Snipes :lol:

This is pretty fun, will keep me occupied for a while.


Jesus Christ.

He got Corran Horn from Star Wars. Off of basically nothing. There were twenty other characters that fit the description but he got it right.


This is pretty hilarious. I put in Anna Ohura for lolz and it actually came up with Maria Ozawa ( Which is kinda close I guess).

He got Sora Aoi, then Yui Aida then I defeated him. Her name has been “recorded” now so more likely he’ll “know” now.

Edit: Nope, still stumped.


LOL I got Justin Wong but you guys couldn’t get Alex, this is bogus.

Hell it got all my answers right so far. So far I did Goku(had to check) Ghandi, and Scarlett from GI Joe(fucking guy is a hipster lol).

edit: fucking guy got sub zero with like 12 questions


Won with Tom Billington though it came close with another wrestler. I should start using porn stars.


Tried to get Daigo up (Duh ) I got a man named Hironobu Sakaguchi instead.

EDIT: when I tried to get Justin Wong (I answered yes when it asked me if my character lived IN usa) and THEN I got Daigo.

This is fun…


WTF he got Sora Naegino from Kaleido Star. Nobody but me even knows what that is! Finally got him w/ Suzuka though.


I beat it first time.

Used Sonea from the Black Magician Trilogy.

It guessed a girl from Wheel of Time first so was close.

Took another six questions to get it right.


Defeated it again with Sharknife (comic by Reyyy)


It got the Count of Monte Cristo in 17 guesses, but it took him 26 guesses to get Athos from the Three musketeers.


added Veeshan from everquest. nerdism … it got lone wolf somehow…, raistlin it got, jeffrey dahmer i think it got, caine was on the list, umm emeril lagasse it got
sware it reads your page history lol


Defeated him again with Dolemite

Tried 3 times

1st time I got the Bandit from Smokey and the Bandit, 2nd time I got Pootie tang, 3rd I got Eddie Griffin’s character from Undercover Brother.


I beat him with Leonard Zelig

First try was Hancock, Second was Dr. Strangelove, 3rd was Patch Adams.

I had to pick “probably partially” a lot since he shapeshifts and changes his features.



I got Daigo on my first try because I said he was a sports star/athlete :rofl:


Beat him with Sarah Bryant from VF on my second go, lol. First one was Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, he couldn’t get it the first time, but got it on his second try.


I thought of Reggie Bush then Forrest Griffin. It didn’t get either of them correct.