Almost lost weight-Bob combo thread



This is for all of Bob’s combos.


Standard BNB
cr.lp, cr.hp xx dp+lk,lp, cr.hp xx dp+lp (p follow up for oki, k follow up for damage)

Post launcher midscreen combo
Bob runs in dp+lp, lp, *might be something better this is just what I found

Post Launcher corner
dp+lp, lp, dp+lk, d+k, lp + mp


I think close st.:mp:,cr.:hp: should be used instead of jabs when you’re close enough:

st.:mp:,cr.:hp: xx dp+:lk:,:lp: cr:mp:,cr.:hp:dp+:hp: into whatever ender for a stronger bnb

outside of corner, you can use cr.:lp: cr.:hp: instead of cr:mp: to make things easier


Anyone found any meterless mid screen combos that break 200 yet?
Best I can come up with is: Cr. Lp, cr. Lp , cr.Hp xx special step->Langue washer xx st.Mp xx Special step->Apres sweep xx cutting coppa

Edit: Nevermind should’ve tried the above combos before posting this.


here’s a fun loop for people with execution
special step l.p+m.p, special step l.p+m.p, special step l.p+m.p, special step l.p+m.p, special step l.p+m.p, special step l.p+m.p
See if you can get more of those in there :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you get more than 2?


This combo is perfect. I think you should always end it with k though. If you end with kick you can do the heavy version of special step after the combo, if your opponent rolls on wakeup they’ll land directly infront of you.


Why not the Heavy Cracker (lol) though? I don’t know the frame data or anything; does the light into light followup offer something better than the heavy equivalent?


I’m saying after you do that combo, do his Hk command dash aka “special step”. That way you’ll position yourself perfectly for you’re opponents roll.


That’s a very solid strat but you misunderstand; I’m talking about the ender to the actual combo. I keep seeing everyone use the light version of Cracker into light followup, but I don’t see what benefit there is to that over using the heavy version. If there is one I’d love to hear it.


Sorry about that.
That’s a good question though. I’d like to know aswell


You can also whiff st. jab and then st. short to time a jump in forward on their wakeup.


Man, I can only get five, so I usually finish with his special step mp, loving that combo though, works well as I tag in Rufus after EX-messiah, or when the opponent raw tags.


My preferred ender to the Grachi loop is light spinner ball (HCF+LK) into Panini Press (D+LK) , then juggle with heavy Cracker (DP+HP) into the Pound Cake § follow-up for oki.


Okay I’m almost embarrassed to ask, but how do you stop yourself from going into chain when you’re trying to link? Like doing the BnB posted above, how do I stop from going into a chain from the lp to the hp so that I don’t end up with the cancel restriction?


Delay the timing a bit more, that’s all there is to it.


You could, but you would build a little bit of meter if you do the special step.


How do you combo into lp after cracker jacker? Because the guy goes flying across the screen.


pressing light punch again is the follow up, so punch follow up instead of kick follow up.


Can someone please go into more detail on how that loop works? I’m still not achieving anything after the 2nd special step lp+mp…