Aloha Fighting Fans - newb here

Hi Fighting fans,

Just like to introduce myself as I am a newb here. Hopefully can meet and make some new friends here. I use to be in the fighting game genre in my old days - gave gaming a break and found that fighting games this era are so good! But of course since I haven’t played them in such a long time I have some trouble with it - but willing to learn from the community.

Please excuse me if I ask a stupid question. I have been out of this scene in a long time and hope you can be patient with me.

The current fighting games I’m interested in learning are DOA5, VF5FS, UMvC3, TTT2, SSFIV, KOF.

Like to hear from you and thank!

Welcome! Be sure to check out all of the sub-sections relevant to your interests. So I would definitely start off by reading the stickied posts here in the Newbie Dojo section, along with checking out the forum sub-sections for all the games you have listed, as well as any characters you’re interested in.

I highly recommend checking out “Regional Matchmaking” section to see if there are any local events and tournaments in your nearby area. You’ll get a stronger sense of being part of the community when you attend these offline sessions and get to know your fellow players that have a common interest with you and are likely to help you out and level up your skill set.

Good luck!

Thanks for the warm welcome