Alone in pawtucket ;(


I moved to RI in march and yea still no friends.
So I thought if I’m hanging out with dudes might as well be my bros from the fgc
I’m terrible at the games but I have most of them on. xbox missing bb.ce. and 1 more


i…im not sure if this is a bot lol. it reads like a craigslist personal.


He’s been a member for almost a year now (well… sort of).
Maybe, this bot has a heart, and just wants to share it with his friends.
Maybe this bot should be given a chance…


Isn’t that how Skynet starts?

Somebody wants to give a computer a hug and then bam, enslavement of the human race.


! ! ! ! ! !

Aw shit, our cover’s been blown!!
Abandon mission. Now!!


You mean to tell me, you guys don’t wanna give this poor little guy a hug?


Y’all some heartless motherfuckers.


There one was a scrub from pawtuckett,
Whose post was such crap, you could flush it.
But I typed with a grin,
While correcting his sin,
Post in regional match or go suck it.

2012 SRK GD Awards Nomination Thread

One of those days when I wish could hit like 100 fucking times.


I made this just for you OP, I call it the EMOticon. v_)


This is the greatest post in the history of internets


It’s true, not everyone can respond to troll posts with a limerick of that quality.


Yo add my gt xbox hnk809
bunch of assholes
I usually get a notification at my email when I receive messages but not this time anyway
Im real and yea grammar sucks
I dont suck at the games I know whats going on just cant perform none of it
example like a gootecks you know all this shit but it doesnt show when you play


You might be an asshole but this made me smile.


Why is this here?