Alot to learn about 3rd strike

does any one in the community still play 3rd strike online? i have sessions with friends sometimes but i wanna play alot more than i get the chance to and im tired of playing cpu.

also i would like some help with remy. ive learned a couple of basic combos but i would like to learn exactly what charge partitioning is cause i think thats what makes him playable.


I’m by no means an expert, but you can find some basic Third Strike guides here:

If you want to play online, I’d be glad to join you, I’m a struggling Dudley learner myself.

GGPO has a decent 3rd strike community

Follow my bullet list!

  1. Get GGPO.
  2. You’re on your own for obtaining 3rd Strike.
  3. Tell people on the GGPO network that you’re a new player that would like to learn 3rd Strike.
  4. Learn lots!
  5. Don’t whine!

Follow my list:

  1. Put your controller down
  2. Delete/throw away your copy of 3rd Strike
  3. Never speak of it again

GGPO is the gaming on your computer thing right?

quote from website:

“GGPO is a networking library that game developers can use to add networked gameplay support to arcade style games. GGPO’s latency hiding techniques give each player a gameplay experience that is nearly indistinguishable from playing with their friends locally, even against players around the world.”

3s on ggpo is fine as long as you play someone under 100ms ping - there are a bunch of assholes on there so if i were you id try to find someone to play against in the matchmaking or 3s forum first and then go on ggpo to practise with said person

so i gotta down load the game and GGPO. right now im just trying to find someone to play with on the xbox live. ill get that GGPO soon thow

Most of the Xbox live people use GGPO or 2DF from what I hear. Best thing to do is challenge people, don’t let losing get to you and ask plenty of questions.

I can answer your question about Charge Partitioning right now though. Basically the 3s engine allows you to make mistakes, including mistakes for charge moves. You actually have 15 frames before you must return to a charge state. If you do this, you’ll maintain your charge and the game will recognize that you are still charging. Its much easier to understand if I use an example. With Urien I can tap down twice, jump and hold down throughout the jump, land and do an instant headbutt. What I’ve done here is that I started my charge with the two down taps and finished it in the air. There are numerous ways to accomplish charge partitioning so be creative and you can really throw your opponent off while opening up more options for you. Thats a VERY brief overview of charge partitioning, if you got any more questions I’d be happy to do my best to explain it to you.

Can we use this thread as a general 3S noob thread? If so, I have a couple of questions.

I’ve been reading up on Dudley and I think I have a decent idea of how he’s played. Other than learning to land his common corner juggles, what should I be doing.

As of now, I try to be aggressive with him (unless I’m playing Yun, Chun, they scare me) and I constantly poke with forward+fierce (I love that punch). I notice however that it makes me very predictable ad some of the better players manage to parry it often. The same happens with jump forward + rh (which seems to me to be his best jump in move).

What can I do to switch his game around a bit? He has many specials but to me most of them seem unsafe, so I refrain from using them unless I’m in a combo.


I’ll try to help…

With dudley you want to get in, especially when the opponent is cornered because your 50/50 game is really strong.

But when you aren’t there, (towards) fierce and rh are gonna be your bread and butter. One thing you can do with stand rh, since its such high priority, is whiff it just in range of your opponents pokes, and buffer ex machine gun blow. the ex mgb will only come out if the rh makes contact with them, and since you’re not point blank, the only way the rh will touch them is by counterpoke or if they walk into it. people catch on to this, but at low to mid level this works. id say gain ground with those 2 pokes, and experiment with jump in parry to close the gap, although that can be dangerous depending on your opponents character.

yeh guys have at it!

i have alot of other questions about 3rd strike. the thing is there are alot of threads that are character specific and dont really get that much attention. so i made this one cause i need help with other character too, like goki and sean. ill get to them later thow right now its all about remy

Take it from a new school Remy player.

If you want to be better at 3s, play Ken.

Learn your basics, priority and all that good stuff and play Remy in a few months.

I’ve been a scrub at this game for a LONG time and after playing ken for about half a year I seem to be doing a lot better with all my other characters, specifically Remy.

Thanks for that, I’ll try using stand RH more and see how that goes. What’s my best bet if EX machine gun lands? I can juggle with the second hit on lp Machine Gun right? I’ll need to learn the timing on that…

follow my list

-put P. Gorath on your ignore list and never listen to 3s haters again
-play on GGPO since there are about 100 users in the 3s room at any given time
-make sure in the settings you have 0 or 1 frame delay (if you’re used to xbox live than set it to 5, lol)
-keep playing 3rd strike even if you get frustrated. ask the community for help if you’re stuck with something you can’t figure out.

The followup after EX MGB can be character specific, but the universal finish is MK Ducking Upper. Use that for starters, then try learning all the other specific followups. If you want to practice the LP MGB followup, try practicing it on Hugo and Urien since they’re both easy to hit with.

Charge partition is something that you can use for certain mindgames or combos, but if you’re a beginner then I suggest not even worrying about it. It’s like saying “I’m completely new to 3rd Strike but I want to learn Urien because RX has sick combo videos”, that guy is gonna be learning Urien forever.

Try learning the basics of Remy(or any character) first, like figuring out his normals and pokes, see what combos into what, and develop some kind of game for him(like a zoning/turtling/rushdown game). Once you have a good feel for Remy, then try fiddling with partitions. Those take some practice to getting used to, so when you’re trying to learn that first then you’re missing the bigger picture.

charge partition is when you take a part of a charge, do something else, then finish the charge off.

charge down a moment less than you would for a full charge, dash, and immediately hold down, then as soon as he’s done dashing, up+kick should give you a flash kick.

you can’t over charge the first one (so if you charge for like five seconds, dash then do down/up +kick, you’re going to get a jump kick.

ill take that advice. but i would at least like to know what it is. also, what is buffering?

buffering is “hiding” things.

Some examples…

c.hp qcf+P is the basic combo for crouching fierce into hadoken.

since you’re holding down with the c.hp, you don’t need that input, it’s there. so you’ve buffered that input.

Another…, u/f, u, u/b, b, d/b, d, d/f, f+p is a way that you can do a standing 360 - better ways to do that, but i’m just using it as the example.
since you’re doing a, you can’t jump, so you’ve buffered all of those up directions that normally would make you jump.

Inputs done while your character is still performing the animation from a previous move. So for example, the Dudley heavy kick buffered to EX machine gun mentioned in this thread. EX machine gun is :hcf: :2p:. Buffering in the EX machine gun simply means doing the input while Dudley is still performing the heavy kick animation. If the kick hits, the machine gun will come out, successfully comboing off the kick. If the kick doesn’t hit, the machine gun won’t come out at all, thus leaving Dudley safe from being punished for the attempt.