Alpha 1 guy

For years everyone swore by him being the undisputed best in alpha. But I saw a jap tourney and all the guys were smashed by even birdies and adon ken and akuma shined the most

He has redizzies, but you still have to be good with him

guy was never the best in alpha 1. Ken and akuma are. His redizzys unless you are talking about the liek first version of the game(that also lets charlie cancel all his normals)are not realistic in the sense of , guy hits a dizzy combo and then hits a redizzy combo. It just doesnt work like that. The game is not played that way. Does guy dizzy fast? Yea he does, but people that think guy just hits dizzy combos all over the place the game does not play like that at all. Also many characters in teh game dizzy you fast, most characters can dizzy you after a knock down with one combo…

Ive played the japanese many times as well trust me ive said it before many times. Dont worry about what people say about this game, most people are not or were never good at it and have not played the game at a actual high level.

High Level SFA1 its so simple, Ken and Akuma are God tiers and Guy and Charlie the Top ones and the rest = ok

Ryu and rose are both very strong as well. Remember ryu has dizzy combos off just one knock down basically, and hes a shoto and shotos have great normals in a1 and a2 in general. And rose is solid all around with unblockables etc. Lots of characters are potentially strong really. Its just a few are weak id say, and the random factor of the game that makes it potentially spazzy is since almost every character can potentially dizzy you off a knock down. You have that wil they roll or will they not roll mind game, so it basically in a sense makes a lot of the flow 50/50 at times since you can punish rolls so hard in the game, but at the same time everythign is rollable and its so fast.

I havnt played in years, but I wouldnt mind playing again if they ever got that fightcade/ggpo whatever to work better again on windows 8 or whatever.