Alpha 2 coming to PS3/PSP

First Alpha 3 on PSN, now this. Looks like Capcom’s making up for folks who missed out on Alpha Anthology.

You meant A1. And these are the PSX ports, btw. Which means they’re not the arcade perfect versions of the Alpha Anthology. Boo to that, I say.

But the game can be emulated with ease, and it’s a flawless arcade emulation, so what’s the point of releasing this?

Read the article again. Alpha 3 for PSN was rated on the ESRB site a couple weeks ago as well.

And I completely forgot that Alpha 1 was a PSX port as well. However, wouldn’t A2 being on PSP allow for the possibility of tinkering with the port instead of just a straight PSX rip?

Already got a perfect version: cps2psp. They need to step that shit the fuck up and give us something we don’t already have for the psp…like some fuckin’ Naomi game ports, or the sf3 series.

That PSP part actually SUPPORTS the game being a PS1 rip. PSOne Classics game downloads on PSN can be played on both systems using emulation.