Alpha 2 frame data


Well, I should be getting All about zero 2 soon (hopefully) and was wondering how many people would be interested in me posting the frame data if I do get it. Frame data is nice to have as a reference and helped me in CvS2. Yay or Nay? Cause if no one is gonna use it no point in me slaving away to write it all up on here.


Yay 6 people lol


If its any consolation Im one of the six and im very excited. So uh, count my vote twice.


I’d absolutely like to see some frame data.


Fucking pimp, no one want me to burn in a fire! Anyway when I get the guide I’ll post the frame data.


I guess there’s not a lot of enthusiasm about this but I would love to see frame data for this game.


When 12 become won.


Yes please. I just started playing Zero 2 Alpha again and I’m actually having a bit of fun with it. Have to play this since the chances of Birdie appearing in another game are slim to none unfortunately.


Im waiting on Reno to translate some stuff :confused: Until then I cant do too much.


Frame Data will be much help for me in this game. So I support this 100%.


I support it to. Requesting Chun, Guy, and Ken get put up first.


Dude, this thread is fucking useless, just do it already, nobody is going to hate on you for being useful lol.


Do it do it


could really use this atm seeing how there are a2 tourneys in my area now. Been going in hard on training and finding new stuff to work w/. Frame data would be a nice training supplement though.


I had the frame data u for awhile although I’m not sure who downloaded it, if anyone did re-up it since I lost the files and i do not want to rescan all that shit.


why didn’t you post the download link here in the first place?


Really would want to see this.


Ok, whoever still has this data, needs to come out of hiding and cough it up asap cus A2 tourneys are coming back in my area soon! lol


I would also love for someone to upload the frame data. I really want to get in to this game. :tup:


Does anybody konw specifically which arcade guide(s) has frame data? Any chance you could link to a pic of the cover?

I know that Japan had multiple street fighter zero 2 guides released. Even ps1 and sega saturn had guide books released just for their versions. But I’m looking specifically for an arcade guide book that has frame data.