Alpha 2: Q&A

Usually start these threads with a tier list, game info and CC’s for characters, anyone care to post up? Hopefully we can get some healthy discussion going.

This is just a small portion of info that can be found in the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology Official Strategy Guide by Bradygames, credit goes to the authors Adam Deats, Joe Epstien and everyone else who helped with the guide, thanks! Definitely recommend everyone go out and pick it up. :tup:

96/03/06ver is the recommended A2 and is not the default version when you load up the game. To select go to Options then hold R2 when selecting Game Options.

Custom Combos


level 1 CC:, qcf+lkx2, hk+dp

level 1 AA CC:, hk+dpx2

level 3 CC:, qcf+lkx5, dp+hk


level 3 CC:, hcb+px5

level 1 CC:, qcb+hk, dp+hp


level 3 CC: st.lkxN, 360+hp before meter runs out.

level 1 CC:, bf+hpx3


level 1 AA CC:, du+hkx2

level 3 CC:, du+lkx3, du+hk

level 3 Chip CC: bf+lpxN


level 1 CC:, du+hkx2

level 1 AA CC:, du+hkxN

level 3 CC:, hk lightning legsxN


any level CC:, qcb+hkxN


any level AA CC: b+mp, hcb+hkxN

any level CC: db+hk, hcb+hkxN

any level Chip CC: qcf+hpxN

Evil Ryu

level 1 CC:, qcb+hk, dp+hp

level 3 CC:, qcb+lkx6

any level Chip CC: qcf+lpxN


level 3 AA CC: dp+hk(hesitate after it hits, then press hk 4 times rapidly)x3

level 3 CC:, dp+hk(hesitate after it hits, then press hk 4 times rapidly)x3


level 3 CC:, qcb+mkx3, qcb+hk


level 1 CC:, qcb+hk, dp+hp

level 3 CC:, qcb+hk, dp+lpx2, dp+hp


any level CC:, bf+hkxN

level 3 Chip CC: bf+lpxN


level 3 CC:, sj.lkx3, sj.lkx3, sj.lkx3

level 2 AA CC:, sj.hkx3, sj.lkx3


level 1 CC:, qcf+lkx2, dp+hp


level 1 CC:, qcb+hk, dp+hp

level 1 AA CC:, dp+lpx2, dp+hp

1evel 3 CC:, qcf+hpxN


level 1 CC:,, dp+hk, dp+hp

level 1 AA CC:, dp+hk, dp+hp

level 3 CC:,, dp+hkx4, dp+hp


level 1 CC:, qcb+hk, dp+hp

level 3 CC:, dp+mpx3, dp+hp

level 3 AA CC: dp+mpx3, dp+hp


level 1 CC:, qcf+hpx3

level 3 CC: qcf+mpx5, 360+hk


level 3 CC: DF+hk, dp+lpx6, ppp+f

level 1 AA CC: ppp+fx3

Tier List

by omni with comments…

Alpha 2 related threads scattered through out SRK

I’ve picked the game up a bit, started playing Rolento.

heres a combo you can do to a crouching opponent:

xu j. mk / s. lp -> c. lk xx HP Patriot Circle

Can be hit confirmed, does about 1/3 damage

But yeah Im mostly a noob, would appreciate some Rolento tips.

Rolento thread.

According to the book, isn’t it:

level 3 CC:, qcf+ FEIRCE pxN, because you want the red fireballs (they do much more damage per hit).

Ps: Nice thread!

Yup you’re right, corrected now.

Thanks :tup:

I’m new to A2 so one thing I’d like to know about A2 is how the damage is calculated. When I do a CC, I get different damage almost everytime I do one (each time on the same character and full life).

Special damage is random.

Can you give me any tips to do chun-li’s lightning kicks faster during her CC.
When I start I do (c.rh then do the piano lk mk hk) really fast but nothing happens or they come in near the end.
And could you give the damage formula/number for the CC’s above
Any help would be good

evil ryu rules all