Alpha 2 Quick reference thread


This thread is a quick reference WIP to be linked to from my other thread. I ask if you have any question to refer to the A2 thread. Each section has a picture next to it to make it fairly easy to scroll thru and find what you are looking for.

Hitboxes available in my dropbox and the facebook page:

Character Basic guides:

The following are basic guides to get you started for each character. The information listed has been gathered from various players through the years both from watching, playing, and talking on GGPO to various online/offline players to include Maxstah, Endy/Endy22, B-IzM, BBH, seh, Dreamfire, Doujinshi, css, purplehaze, Aquashark, randomdps, Agito, TheBee, WOLFwatcher, zoo, blazeu25 and many others I can’t possibly remember.

Charlie 101

Posted: 2008-04-03 1:14 AM MDT
Charlie 101 Oh yeah here we go.

Charlie has an incredibly good defense and offense. He has alot of good thing going for him and a few bad, so we will start there.


AA monster, high priority normals for anti-air (,, as well as lk flash kick which beats anything and his AA cc.

Great projectile, though its not as good as guile’s in other games, not giving frame advantage like guile really, but come out fast and has good speed and trajectory and does allow for combos when thrown from afar. is universal poke with far range and is really annoying


Easy as hell to cc thru his AAs, and due to him being so solid, alot of people will try jump-in cc.

Outside his normals are so-so, f+fp is so slow, and other normals are more for AA.

ACs arent all that great with them being slow and sometimes missing.

CC isnt damaging like other characters.

****Normals Breakdown:


s.lp- Just a normal standing lp, nothing too special about this, can AA sometimes and you can s.lp walking pressure on whoever cant duck this. A really good anti air, he does a quick uppercut. Cancel this ino a sonic boom to keep up pressure. I usually cancel into a lp boom if I AA with this.

s.fp- I straight punch that I havent really found much use for. A quick kick to the shin, I use this rarely, seems to have decent priority but no range :(. Another great anit air when your opponent jumps in fram afar, such as Sagat jumping in with rh. Can cancel into specials. Ugly angled kick which is good or anti-air, same uses as with a little more power behind it.


c.lp- This is your combo starter. Combo’s easily into sonic booms, flash kicks, supers. Limited anti air ability, better to stick with your other choices IMO. Good to cancel into sonic boom for pressure or use in combos. Seems to have ok priority, seems slow to me compared to other characters’s.

c.fp- Probably top ten useless normals in A2. Looks like Guile’s godly c.fp from other games but gets beat by everything. I fucking hate this move. I like this normal, cancels easily into booms and supers. Decent range, I like to walk up and poke with this. His best ground all-purpose poke. Great range, speed, hits low, and has great recovery. Quite annoying when playing a Charlie player because this move can very effectively keep you out due to its range. Seems to leave you on even frames, maybe very slight frame advantage.

c.rh- Eh. This move doesnt really suck but really isnt great. Slow coming out and heavy recovery. I really dont use this at all, unless Someone whiffs a dp, etc from afar.


j.hp- This move is dope, hella priority, speed, and if done close you get the throw. Best air-to-air period. GREAT range on this jump in and pimp cross up, use to punish fireballers, and dont swing if you think a dp is comin, cc their ass on recovery. great jump-in. Great jump-in too, good priority and awesome angle.


f or b+hk- This is his foward moving hop kick. Good range, but slow in this game. Very useful for moving forward after a sonic boom.

f or b+mk- Slow ass overhead which im pretty sure leaves you at neg frames. Use at MAX distance to be safe, I usually will do it after a boom.

f+fp- This normal is best used as a anti-jump. Good in the corner when doing soni boom pressure, toss is out it you think they will jump and it will it them :).

****Specials Breakdown:

Sonic Boom:

The best fireball in terms of release speed and recovery, and a key part of zoning and pressure with Charlie. This is very hard to punish and with good charging techniques you can keep up a while vs ryu’s. This isnt as good as later games since point blank it doesnt leave you with much if any frame advantage, but still allows combos from certain ranges.

Flash Kick:

Probably the best AA in the game, easily beating jumps in with the lk version, and easily beating ground moves with mk version.


Sonic Break:
Very useful super since it seems he first sonic boom comes out no matter what which ean at worst it will trade making it very reliable AA. As far as chip goes I would just cc. Good to push opponent back, can delay booms by spacing punch input. Good AA, but i would cc instead.

Sonic Blitz:
This is the super you want to combo into, decent damage and combos off light attacks at any lvl, safe on block.

Somersault Justice:
Better in A3. When comboed you usually miss hits making it weaker to combo into than Blitz after a cross up, but looks better. Unless going for chip or style points, stay away from this super unless comboing from a jump in (Which gets all the hits).

****Custom Combos:
Oh yeah, CCs, another reason this fucker is annoying. And if they block your cc, or you can see they will, dont fucking flash kick! Sonic boom, its safe. Note that his cc leave him in prefect cross-up position.

Lvl 1:

c.rh xx lk flash kick, hp sonic boom xx hk flash kick
c.rh xx hk flash kick x2

For chip and/or block:

This CC is really good because you can walk behind these unlike other chip ccs. Walk behind these and go for a counter hit, overhead, or throw. Make sure to start out with c.rh, cause if they do get hit they get juggled.

c.rh xx lp sonic boom x4

Lvl 2:

c.rh xx hk flash kick x 3

Lvl 3:

c.rh xx lk flash kick x3, mk flash kick, hk flash kick
c.rh xx lk flash kick, hk flash kick x3

Anti-Air Custom Combos

Now these are very important, specifically to punish people who look to jump after a sonic boom, also allow you to walk after a boom and punish hard, since they arent worried about a charged flash kick. Now in most cases they can jump to where if you try to AA you will get beat, mainly wen theyare looking to jump immeadiately after a boom. That when you hit’em with AA cc.

Activate: if they ae higher up(into any lvl ground cc)
c.lp if they are lower to the ground (into any ground cc)

Now hit them with this a couple times and Im sure they will think twice about jumping >_<.


This section is important to learn fo any SF game, if you use a charge character. This is quick charging, the most effective way to maximie your charge time. Perform every sonic boom in this way:

charge b-f-b+p

Instead of the normal motion you execute the sonic boom ending in back+punch. This allows you to start harging for the next boom immeadiately after throwing he next one.

Sonic boom, SOMERSAULT!!!

This way of performing a sonic boom allows for the execution of a flash kick about a tenth of a second later after throwing the boom. You can actually flash kick while the boom is on screen. Perform it in this way:

charge b-f-b-db-d-df+lp

So after charging you go foward, back, then roll to down foward+lp. Hit up and kick a tenth of a second later and a flash kick will come out. neat huh?

Play Style

Charlie can be played aggressively or defensively, 99% of the players you see will be the latter. Though Charlie can be very effecive defensively, a well rounded player will learn how to use both, thus making it harder to adjust to your play style. Some players are mostly offensive (S4v is an example) while some can go hardcore turtle (Me, guilty). But the problem with that is if you cant play him both ways you are bound to run into some problems. So best to try to balance both.

Patternizing: A no-no

Alot of Charlie players I notcied will patternize a hell of alot more than with other characters. 80-90% of them will boom after a Dont do that shit. Mix up your poke string as well as you can, other wise you are gonna get countered easily. Ever play someone and kick their ass, but about 3-4 matches down the road you are having a hard time or losing? You are probably doing alot of patterns they caught on to. Like in the corner, you throw a sonic boom, most people follo up with a or c.rh. They almost always do. They other options they had were:

  1. Throw another sonic boom
  2. nothing, punish jump attempt or cc a dp atempt
  3. walk up throw
  4. f+fp to punish jumpers
  5. Jump-in and start another poke string.
  6. f+rh to punish mashers

Now the situation is gonna dictate the action, but its better than just or c.rh. You are just gonna get AC’d. Mix it up.

Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, pause Sonic boom…

Using the quick charge technique explained earlier, this ca be very effective versus some characters. As soon as they block a boom throw another one, use different speeds. Just keept booming as fast as possible, you are doing it right if as soon as a sonic boom is blocked, one is coming out. this builds meter very quickly and can force your opponent to jump, eating a CC. When they get jump happy, ocassionally pause, if they jump, CC, normal AA, or Flash kick. Rinse repeat.

Counter CC

Now like I mentioned earlier about jump in cc’s, Charlie get that done alot to him because his solid ground game. If you suspect your opponent plans on this, or patternizes by always doing this, save your cc to counter CC, free damage for you. Some matches I would just sit back and boom and just wait for the cc to counter it.

General Combo’s^^^*^

All these can be done after a cross up mk:

c.lp x2, xx sonic boom
c.lp, xx mk flash kick
c.lp x2, xx any lvl Sonic Blitz (or Somersualt Justice)

Comboing into super is real good with charlie, dont save it for cc, the damage is the same or more.

Corner combos coming to a FAQ near you!

Sodom 101

Sodom is fun, and not enough people use him IMO, probably cause you have to work to win :D. His CC is dope (sorta) and he has decent pokes. Along with good specials, Sodom is well rounded for the most part. Be advised I dont claim to be a Sodom expert, but I think mine is decent :D. Anyway feel free to add any knowledge to this intro duction to Sodom, cause I am not all knowing. So if this ends up like a scrubby gamefaq I blame BBH, just cause I can, lol. If you dont know the terms used in here, sorry Im too lazy to make a legend. Terrible format, but the info is there lol, just read everything. Btw, in the normals section I actually say what they are good for, not just describing looks, so dont skip it. I suck at this.

Normals breakdown (they are all the same, close or far)!!!

s.lp- I dont use it really, just seems like a normal lp to me.
c.lp- Eh, dont use this much, is better just cause it hits low.
j.lp- This has good vertical range, but I havent had much use for it, doesnt seem to have good priority either. This is a decent normal, mainly cause it gives frame advantage. Ugly looking though. A wierd attack, Ive had alot of luck using this as a distance AA vs characters. Either that or everytime I used it they didnt attack. same as j.lp but more damage.

s.hp- Stabs high with both weapons, good damage. Whiffs vs most the cast, very helpful to zone characters that cant duck it. Use that shit vs gief and sagat, good to hit fireballs too.
c.hp- Uppercuts. Decent AA, but not the greatest, will get beat by early jump-ins or chun (whore)
j.hp- Slashes downward with both weapons. I love this move, good air-to-air, good to hit fibeballers, I would love to see the hitbox on this thing. Jump back hp is dope. Gay ass looking kick to the shin, can walk up and repeatedly do these, but not to much if they have meter, seems to give some frame advantage. Little kick to the foot, ok range. This is what I use to combo after a meaty. I use this a bit, good vertical range and priority, I just dont use too much because people like to mash throw. BUT as a CROSSUP, its awesome. I love this, straight kick that beats alot of shit, good poke, decent range, cancellable too. Best whiff punisher, xx hp slash. Bleh slow, cant cancel. All this has going for it is that it hit low. I dont like it. I believe same as, I dont use it. Decent poke, good range, but slow, you gonna get that ass CC’d if you whiff. Kick straight out while moving forward slightly. Use wrong, this move will get you killed. Straight up free CC, sweep, etc if not used right. This move is safe when use as anti-air, though alot of times it gets blocked, but you are safe. Goes under fireballs, which is its best use. Use with caution, is a good move though. Dropkick bitches. Good air-to-air and god priority, overall a good move, but had the same problem as gief, if you use it to punish a fireball, you might get hit in the head with it.

MEATIES!!! is his best simply because it has alot of hit frames, and if you mess up, you are safe. If hit super meaty, you can link a c.fp into combo finisher of choice, I would do qcf+lp, cause if you mess up you are safe. Other than that xx qcf+hp is your best bet. is a decent meaty cause it hits low, but all you can get off is xx hp slash, but the link is so so, have to be sorta precise. doesnt have too many hit frames, but if you mess the meaty up, you still have enough frame advantage to link xx hp slash, meaty or not.

meaty qcf+p, cc setup, safe if blocked or hit, cant combo after, but beats wake up cc blowout attemps. is a meaty but you get pushed to far away to link anything, if you even could. But it is a meaty.

qcf+lp slash- Used right, this bitch is annoying. No one can duck it and is safe on block at any distance.

Ok this move is dope, combos from or c.hp. Completely safe. Hell do point blank and block, they cant cc you. When distance right, you can sweep if you they fireball, do it again, jump up, etc, play with there head. Ive done this move like 5 times in a row csuse i had people scared to hit me. Once they get hesistant, you can even go for a grab super, if in range, and it is only escapable by dp/cc. Since this game allows you to grab jumps (gay).

This is his best move, with good priority. The move sets up his ac and supers perfectly. There are alot of things he can do after this is hit or blocked.

  1. Wait to see it they jump, then mp scrape AA

  2. Slide if expecting a fireball

  3. 720 grab super, make sure they have no meter cause this can be ccd

  4. Scrape super to punish jumpers for 2-3 hits juggle, and safe on block

  5. another lp scrape

  6. jump in fp

qcf+mp slash- Use when you believe someone will jump, risky though, because most characters can crouch this shit. I have not ever been punished when this was blocked, they tried though. Characters who cant duck this have a very hard time (Gief, sagat), because it will catch their jump. Used right you can lock them down. Use this instead of qcf+lp if they cant duck it. NOTE: If done too close it can be punished by cc, but it is safe 99% of the time.

qcf+hp slash- This move is good in far combo cause it knocks down. Always follow up with sweep, in case they safe roll. Beware, if blocked, free CC or combo.

360+punch grab- Yay, I love this move. Cancels and grabs form at any range in corner. Midscreen, point blank, xx 360 will grab.

Set-ups ( what I do)!!!

1.Meaty, xx 360+lp, xx 360+lp
B.walking s.lks, cancel into 360+lp
C.jump up, j.hp xx 360+lp

1.Any tick into 360, qcf+hp to get close, grab on wake-up with 360+lp
2.Any tick into 360, qcf+hp to get close, xx qcf+lp

You can mix it up however you want, just make sure they dont see the grab coming. Also if meaty hits, link xx qcf+hp.

360+kick RUGBURN!!!- This is what yo want to combo into, cause it hurts. Alot. Crazy priority, will grab any limb, even sims from fullscreen, Also grabs yoga flames lol. Combos only off a c.hp midscreen, in corner will work. This is his cc ender. If blocked you aare fucked :D.

j.hp, c.hp cc 360+hk is the only combo you should be doing if the opponent is dizzy.

DP+k Counter- Also known as the move you use to get kicked in the face. Dont use it. Just dont.

qcd+hk safe roll- good to use time from time, can be thrown. 3 hits and safe on block.
qcd+p- Its basically his qcf+mk. Use only vs jump ins and fireballs, good ac.
qcd+k- His sweep, good for ground moves.

f+hp- He tosses you way up and away, fllow up with hp slash to get close if not teched.
f+hk- He tosses you low, can juggle with any lvl super, stick to lvl 1. You miss alot of hits at higher lvls and its a waste of meter. Good to kill off a mofo. Lvl 1 juggle for two hits, all on some (Bison)

qcf x2 +p- Combos at all level from any cancellable normal. Not the greatest super but I do combo off of a crossup, c.fp xx super, because its gets all hits. Safe if blocked, but comboed from a distance isnt too wise cause the last hit usually misses.

720+p- His grab super, best bet is j.hp then super, or meaty, super, but escapable by CC/dp. Not consistent tho, sometime they can just jump. Wierd.

Knock’em down, keep’em down
Thats the rule of thumb, Sodom has a hard time getting to people, so when you got them down keep’em there. Sodom is good vs a cornered opponent. Several thing you can do after a knockdown:

-meaty attack into 360 tick (stated above in 360 section)
-jump up, do nothing, throw
-go for a meaty combo ex., xx hp slash
-jump up come down with fp, tick into super/360
-jump up, come down with hp, 360+lp
-walking lks into hp throw
-meaty, xx 360+lp
-walking lks, xx 360+lp
-meaty, walk up throw
-block if you think they will cc
You will stay in the corner after a 360 ticks, then mix up again with the above options.

-walking lks, xx qcf+lp which leads toooooooo:

  1. Another qcf+lp
  2. If you have opponent hesitant to attack 360/720 (if in distance)
  3. qcf+mp if you think they will jump, (knocks down, refer to knockdowns)
  4. jump in fp
  5. Super if the chip/trade will kill them
  6. c.rh if in c.rh sweet spot
  7. do nothing to bait cc, AC

Unfortunately, his good cc is if they are standing, so blow out ccs are great. Crouching opponents suck. gotta be precise.


Lvl 1 xx qcf++mp x2, c.hp xx 360+hk

This cc does about 45%, which is awesome for a lvl one. Higher lvls just add more qcf+mps, end with c.hp xx 360+hk for max damage. I think lvl 3 you can get 7 slashes.

This sucks, because all you can use is qcf+lp, which at lvl one is fine, because you can:, qcf+lp, qcf+lp, 360+hk

Actually i been messing around a bit and for most cases you can just qcf+lp, end with 360+hk. No c.hp though, you will be too far. You CAN combo into his 360+p grab, but it does less than the combos above.

…but at higher levels (depending on distance) you get pushed away, so you have to trip and juggle with hp slash, which sucks, or you can mash random shit, then 360+hk to end. I usually have them standing, so idk lol.

activate, c.hp, then start juggling with qcf+mp or hp.

Ive had limited success with s.lp into mp scrapes

I’ll add more as time goes on, this is just basic shit, feel free to add info or tell me I suck, either or is fine.

Taunt CC*
End any CC with qcf+hp, and then hit taunt.

Ex. lvl 1 activate xxqcf+hp xx taunt

Um yeah so, E. Ryu 101.

Evil Ryu is fun to use, IMO better than good ol’ Ryu though no one will agree with me.

****Differences from Ryu:

Multihit Dragon Punch: This sucks IMO. Why? Cause the fp version hits anything but wont knock down unless close, leaving you open to get your ass kicked. Lp version is one hit, good for anti-air but low attacks beat it clean.

Hurricane Kick: They all knockdown now doing 1, 2, or 3 hits depending on strength.

Teleport: Pretty dope to have, allows for some nice set-ups or just to get the hell out of dodge on wake-up.

Juggle ability: This is nice to have, thing like sweep xx hurricane juggle.

Supers: Though supers play a minimum role in SFA2, he gets Akuma’s uppercut super, a welcome addition to his arsenal, hurts too.

Infinite Blowout CC: At any range your opponent will get blown back by CC. This is too good, allows you to cc thru any pokes string, things like rolento’s walking jabs etc, as well as combo into cc off mp, jabs etc. To see how good this is have E. Ryu be full screen away and have rolento slide, he will et blown back. You can reversal wake-up with out any fear of being stuffed. Only specials move will not get blown back, to include supers.

Life: Sucks ass.

Dizzy: Happens fast.

Though Im not sure, his f+mk seems better to me.

****Normals Breakdown:


Lp- Quick jab, with small frames advantage, you can walk and do these on any opponent that can’t crouch them.

Mp- Quick one arm uppercut, good anti-air and cancelable to a special move.

Hp- Straight punch which can be used as anti-air in some instances, and stop hurricane kicks etc. Not cancelable.

Lk- Good ranged kick to the shin, cancelable, good priority and range.

Mk- Ugly axe kick which can be used as a anti-crossup.

Hk- A roundhouse kick to the face. Good meaty to whoever cant crouch it, gives hella frame advantage, but despite look isnt a anti-air.


Lp- Little jab to the shin, not really all that great range wise.

Mp- A straight punch with good priority and frame advantage, cancelable.

Hp- Uppercut, probably one of the best normal anti-airs in the game. Also this is a super meaty, allowing link after ward.

Lk- Quick kick to the foot, combo starter, cancelable

Mk- A good reaching low kick, probably overall bset poke, gives frame advantage, awesome meaty, and cancelable.

Hk- A really good sweep with good range, usually a poke string ender. Note that if not cancelled its a free cc on you, and if you cancel into a hadouken, free cc on you if your opponent has a lvl 3.


Mp- A two-hit upward punch in the air, use to juggle after a connecting air hurricane kick on a grounded opponent.

Hp- A fist to the face >_<. Good jump in with good priority, especially when done early.

Mk- His cross-up, self-explanatory.

Hk- Best when used when jumping from far away, good priority.


These are important because if make it alot more difficult for your opponent to do wake-up reversals on you, and allow link not normally possible.

c.fp- this is a real good one allowing comboing of a cc,, or c.rh. really good since its a low hit, can link, c.rh, or cc. this one allows you to easily connect a or c.rh
s.rh- this only works on certain character but gives alot of frame advantage, enough to link a c.rh.

****Specials Breakdown:


A fireball. His best poke, good release speed and damage. Throw a hell of alot of these but be smart with it. Throwing smart fireballs will annoy your opponent, just tossing them out will get you killed.

Hurricane kick:

Used for mobility and to punish fireballers, use lk version to pass fireballs when you cant use hk version to hit opponent. Can be done in the air and has annoyingly great priority, also if connected against a grounded opponent allows for a juggle. Punish whiffs from afar with xx hk hurricane. Air version decent vs fireballers.

Dragon Punch:

His invincible anti-air. Lp and mp versions seem to have no lower invincibility, only being useful up close. At best you might trade with a low hit, which Ive only done with Ken. Dp’s on the ground tend to suck in A2 and this being multi-hit isnt reliable, best bet is to used as a anti-air or wake-up when opponent is right on you.


Completely invincible from the start but vunerable at the end, good to avoid chip ccs, or use as wake-up. Useful in blocked cc.


Shinku Hadouken:

Only real use is to blow thru fireballs, sucks as a AA, and you have better choices anyway. Can combo off light attacks. Lvl 1 does does not knock down, and if to close can be hit.

Hurricane Kick:

Probably the best wake-up super in the game, best used defensively than offensively. Completely safe on block, good chip damage, and good damage. Good anti-cross up when knocked down.


Range is bad, but this thing hurts. Combo 2 point blank lks.

Raging Demon:

Horrible in this game, you can be point blank and they can jump, no invincibility so gets stuffed if a move is out. Go for it at your own risk, definite style points if you land it.

****Play Style:

I like to zone with ryu, fireball away, build meter, cc for chip whatever. E. Ryu is scary cause its hard to rush him when he has meter, after a few eaten ccs your opponent wont rush you so much. This is in you favor since his fireball is so good. Some matches I burn a lvl 1 cc as soon as I get it just to push them back or do some mix up, which is effective to an extent. AC’s hurt E. Ryu, but you can also do his cc mix-up to bait it out. If you are getting rushed, no other super should be used other than hurricane kick super for wake up, or cc.

Lvl 1 cc mix-up:

Activate, 4 lp fireballs, PPP teleport

Now this put you in a shield of Fireballs, the teleport instantly recovers in cc, and if your opponent is blocking this you can:

  1. Throw them, you can actually throw then in between fireball hits.
  2. Overhead, depend when you hit this you can sometimes combo after due to the fireballs hitting.
  3. Nothing, let them AC and block, they just wasted some meter.

What to do it you hit them with blowout:

Well if within or a little outside sweep range go for his cc:

c.rh xx lk hurricane xN, fp dp

UPDATED: Better Customs at lvl 3

  1. c.rh xx lk hurricane x3, fp dp x2
  2. c.rh xx lk hurricane x2, lp dp, lp dp, hp dp
  3. c.rh xx lk hurricane x3, hp fireball x4, hp dp
  4. c.rh xx hp dp, hp dp, lp dp, hp dp.

Neat lvl 1:

  1. xN xx lp dp, lk hurricane, lp dp

Note in CC mode E. Ryu’s specials are like regular Ryu’s.

Now thats not it. Due to infinite blowout E. Ryu can COMBO into CC. How? Here’s How:
meaty c.fp
meaty c.fp
any jump in

Activating after any of these let to continue to combo in CC, starting with a c.rh.


Tired of people jumping on you, well then just anti-air cc. Shoto’s have probably the best AA ccs. If no cc is available, used c.fp or (cancel into hurricane to move close or hadouken to push back). works as a anti-cross up.

Activate, xx lk hurricane xN, fp dp

Now if they jump from afar…

Activate, s.fp xx rh hurricane, fp dp

Congrats! You just made you opponent think twice about jumping on you which leads to more hadouken and cc mix-up fun! This is just a quick overview if you have any in depth question feel free to ask.

Also vs fireballers, if you hit a air hurricane kick…

immeadiately jump activate, xx hurricane, land, continue hurricane kick juggle, end with fp dp.

****Hadouken Knockdown

After a xx fireball knockdown, hold uf, at the last second. Its a safe jump in and if it hits go into x2 fireball. Alot of times they try to throw which leads to x2 xx fireball another knockdown into the same situation. Repeat til and is blocked.

From the blocked, go for throw, or xx fireball if you think they expected your throw attempt. If they jump at you when you have meter, cc them with xx lk hurricanes xN, end with hp dp. If they jump from afar, actiavte, s.fp xx hk hurricane into lk hurricanes, end with dp.

C.fp is one of the best meaties and if it hits you can link a or sweep, if blocked walk forward and throw, or go for a counter hit. is a really good anti cross up, hitting instantly above his head.

(next to opponent standing) (or x2) xx lk hurricane, fp dp

(standing or crouching)
c.fp xx hadouken
c.fp xx hk hurricane (hurts sagat bad) x2 xx any lvl shoryureppa x3 xx any lvl shinku hadouken
Endy22’s Evil Ryu combo exhibition (Thx for the link endy!)

Full video transcipt coming soon.

Guy 101

This one was done by BBH, Im sure he doesnt mind me posting it, I added some
stuff but 95% of this write up is his.

Inspired by Maxstah’s Dhalsim overview, I’ve decided to do a Guy strategy thread - but there was so much to talk about, this almost turned into a FAQ. Ah well, I think it’s for the greater good because it seems like there are quite a few people who want to learn Guy, but can’t find enough good information regarding him. I may not be THE authority on all things Guy, but I’m giving it my best shot!

Obviously Guy was an overpowered character in SFA1 with redizzy combos up the ass, so it was only natural that Capcom nerf the hell out of him in SFA2. I’ve always been under the impression that Guy was pretty horrible in this game, probably 4th or 5th-worst or so. When GGPO came around I started using Guy as a fuck-around character, knowing that I would probably lose my matches but I was determined to use him anyway because he seemed fun. As I played him more and more though, I began to find little things here and there that made him more and more useful. All of a sudden I was winning more games, and it’s gotten to the point where I consider Guy one of my “main” characters now. I’m not sure where exactly I’d put him in the tiers, but I believe he’s got to be somewhere in the middle. He may be at disadvantages against some characters, but he can still win if you know what you’re doing.

General Overview

So how should one play Guy? That’s up to you of course, not everyone has to play him the exact same way. But, I generally feel the best way can be summed up in one word - rushdown.

Your general plan of attack should be to land knockdowns. Knocking the opponent down starts a wakeup guessing game that is mostly in Guy’s favor. Look at the things he can do to someone getting up from a knockdown:

  1. Crouching MK (if they don’t block, they get knocked down again)
  2. f+MP overhead
  3. Throw out a crouching LP or LK, then throw (another knockdown)
  4. Do nothing, then throw
  5. Do a crouching LP or LK, and if you think they’re going to try to reverse your throw, activate CC instead
  6. If in the corner, jump straight up and come down with a jumping HK or d+mp, then proceed to do any of the above options (or if you fear an AC, don’t do an attack on the way down and throw when you land)
  7. Do nothing and bait their wake-up move/super/CC

etc, etc. He has so many options on what to do to someone getting up, so the most important thing to do is to keep all these options in mind and MIX THEM UP! Don’t just alternate between crouching MK and f+MP every time, toss in some throws too. Sooner or later they’re going to pull off some sort of reversal and turn the tide so you’ll have to know when to back off too.

Special Moves

qcb+MK is your friend. Use it. It beats so many normal moves on the ground clean, it’s an excellent counter. It even makes for a great AC reversal if you’re expecting one of your normal moves to be AC’ed (although it mostly only works against kick AC’s). Problem is it leaves you vulnerable to a sweep or CC if they block it, but them’s the breaks. The mk version does go thru fireballs also if the kick hits.

RSX Note* A good way of doing his ac reversal is try to cancel the 2nd hit of

The LK version of the qcb+K hurricane kick isn’t very useful, it goes through fireballs but usually whiffs against crouching opponents, and even if it hits you only get one hit. qcb+HK will practically always miss crouchers because it goes so high - use it only in juggles (especially if you can buffer into it off an anti-air normal move) and CC’s.

The qcf+P Bushin Grab I generally don’t use all that much, because you’re a sitting duck during the jump. If you use the wrong strength button you’ll usually stop short or fly past them, the latter of which is always dangerous. Nonetheless, it looks cool if you can successfully predict a fireball with it and grab them out of it. Remember that it doesn’t grab if they’re stationary in the corner, but if you can grab them out of certain moves (such as… well, a fireball) you will get the grab. Plus you have a potential juggle in the corner!

If the qcf+P whiffs, you get an elbow instead that does pitiful damage. If you land it against a crouching opponent, you can actually combo after it if you’re fast enough. Try crouching LK into qcb+MK for a 4-hit combo that knocks them down. Be careful though, if your timing is off or the elbow gets blocked, whiffing the qcb+MK will leave you vulnerable.

His qcb+P, Northern Mountain Breaker or whatever ridiculous name it has, is useful for applying pressure. Buffer into it off a blocked normal move and you might hit them if they flinch. Unfortunately it’s only a guaranteed combo after a standing or crouching HP, or a standing MP-HP chain. Whenever you get an opening and you don’t have meter, always do Standing HP into qcb+HP to punish, or Standing MP-HP into qcb+HP if you’re close enough. Even if you screw up your timing and they block, you’ll be safe.

His qcf+K wind dashes… first of all, qcf+HK, K is garbage. Don’t ever use it, unless they’re almost dead and blocking low. There is no reason to ever use this if they have a lot of life, because it puts you at frame disadvantage on hit. Garbage. qcf+MK, K isn’t that useful either, but okay to throw into the mix when they least expect it - usually from full screen distance, since it’s so fast.

The qcf+LK, K dash cancel though? Very, very useful. Buffering into it off a normal move is almost always a good idea since it gives you an opportunity to get back in their face, instead of getting pushed back by the normal move. Of course, a great thing to do after a cancelled dash is to throw since you’re so close to them. If you think they’re going to reverse, use qcb+MK or CC. Or just do a crouching MK cancelled off the first hit into ANOTHER dash, etc. Whenever you throw someone across the screen and they’re not in the corner, use the dash to get close to them. Remember, using the dash cancel is free super meter!

Another thing to keep in mind about the qcf+LK dash is that you do NOT have to push LK again to cancel the dash. Either MK or HK will cancel it, as long as you started the dash with qcf+LK. I find it easier to “piano” the buttons and hit MK immediately after the qcf+LK, instead of hitting LK twice in a row. Your mileage may vary, see what method works best for you.

Other Moves

f+MP is a two-hit overhead. Although somewhat slow (of course), it’s still very useful. After it hits, try doing a standing MP into qcf+LK, K to close the distance, or try a qcb+MK since people often tend to throw out an attack after getting hit by an overhead.

Jumping d+MP definitely has its uses since you can use it to stop your jump short, which is good since Guy’s jump is so floaty. Getting tired of shotos Dragon Punching you? Do an early jumping d+MP to stop short and make them whiff. The problem with this move is that if it hits, it’s very difficult to land it “deep” and combo after it, so you might get thrown after one connects. Use it with caution.

df+HK… I don’t know. Does anyone have a use for this move? I don’t. A move that sends Guy backwards is pointless to me. Maybe if you want to turtle a little bit and build meter instead, that’s a good way to make a getaway… I guess.

RSX note* df+HK makes doing his lvl 3 cc hella easy

Bushin Chain

Standing LP, MP, HP, HK is Guy’s Bushin Chain - his classic attack combo from Final Fight. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as useful in this game.

RSX note* I suck at bushin chain

For one thing Standing LP whiffs against 14 of the 18 characters in this game when they’re crouching. That’s not good. Since most opponents are going to be in crouch block when you’re close, this means you won’t have a chance of even starting the chain up unless something forces them to stand.

And of course, the timing on this chain isn’t easy. It’s hard to properly explain the timing, so I would recommend practicing the timing on your own against a dummy opponent until you can get it down. There’s a certain rhythm to it and the only way to get a feel for that rhythm is by practicing it a lot. Of course, you’ll then have to recompensate your timing a little bit for GGPO lag, but it’s still better to get a general feel for the timing on your own first.

Another problem is that the last hit often whiffs entirely if you’re not close enough. Even worse, if done in the corner, the last hit misses most characters for no reason at all, even if you started it from point-blank range!

So why bother doing the Bushin Chain in the first place? STYLE. Well, I think it looks stylish anyway. Keep in mind it does about 25% damage and a lot of stun too. If you don’t have meter and someone whiffs a DP or super or something, bust out with the Bushin Chain!

If you can’t get the timing down, don’t worry about it too much, because it’s not an absolutely vital part of Guy’s game. It’s just there for fun (and Final Fight fanservice, I guess)


For the most part, you shouldn’t be using meter on Guy’s super moves. Save the meter for CC’s or AC’s.

qcfx2+P isn’t completely worthless though - at level 2 or 3 it’s a guaranteed anti-air if you can anticipate their jump and do it fast enough. Don’t bother at level 1, it trades hits most of the time. And of course, you can juggle it after a qcf+P Bushin Grab in the corner if you’re fast enough.

qcfx2+K is garbage, unless you’re really good at hit-confirming or something. Depending on the distance you’re at, some parts of the super will whiff sometimes. You can get much more damage with a CC. Pretty much the only time I ever use this super is to kill someone with block damage.

Alpha Counters

Punch AC is good against jumping attacks and fireballs, Kick AC is good against ground moves. Neither of which do all that much damage, but they do give Guy a knockdown, and those are always good.

Custom Combos

This is where your super meter should be going. Although his CC’s aren’t anywhere close to being the most damaging in the game, they are very solid and give him the potential for an HKD juggle afterwards. Standard CC’s activated against a ground opponent:

Level 1 CC - Activate, Crouching MK, qcb+hp, qcb+hp, qcb+HK - 35% damage or so. You have to be fast to get two qcb+hp - if you’re not fast enough, the meter will run out before the qcb+HK can juggle. If you’re not sure you can connect two qcb+LP’s, do one instead and then the qcb+HK. It’s highly recommended to go for two though, especially if you have about 1.5 meters.

Level 2 CC - Activate, Crouching MK, qcb+HP, qcb+HK, qcb+HK - 45% damage or so. I think the qcb+HP gives slightly more damage than qcb+LP but is also slightly slower - although it’s nearly impossible to tell in a CC.

Level 3 CC - Activate, Crouching MK, qcb+HP, qcb+HK, qcb+HK, qcb+HK - around 60% damage! You have to be fast to get three qcb+HK’s in. If you’re not sure you can do it, try substituting a qcb+MK for one of the HK’s - the damage will end up roughly the same anyway.

RSX note* if you get a blow out of punishing a whiff dp etc, do this cc at lvl 3:

df+hk (1 hit), qcb+hp x5, qcb+hk (about 75%)

An alternate means of starting the CC is to do it with a Standing MK instead of a Crouching MK - this is useful if they whiff a move from a distance. They might think they’re out of range from retaliation, but you can suck them in from half-screen distance with this! Only use a Standing MK if you’re sure they can’t block it though - in any other circumstance it’s wiser to start with Crouching MK because of the whole “Valle CC” effect of catching an opponent in standing block.

RSX note* cc is nasty, it allows you to punish a lot of shit like blocked fireball or sagats on block/hit.

However, let’s say they anticipated your CC and were blocking low ahead of time when you activate. Whoops! What you can now do is his f+MP overhead to break their guard, then do a crouching/standing MK into a qcb+P, possibly followed by a qcb+HK if you have enough meter. This isn’t as good as it sounds though, as the f+MP is still pretty slow, and after you land this once, your opponent will be more likely to be on the lookout for this and poke you out of it. If that starts happening, try to keep doing crouching MK’s to try to trip them up. Don’t do them rapid-fire, wait a little bit between each one. If it doesn’t work and you blow all your meter… well, that’s life.

You can also use CC’s as anti-air, but it’s pretty tricky. Unfortunately most of Guy’s normals are too slow to be able to properly use the short invincibility from the CC. I’ve had some success with starting anti-air CC’s with Standing Jab though. If you get an anti-air CC started, don’t bother with the qcb+P, since they’re already airborne. Go straight into qcb+HK’s. If they’re already in the air, you can get two qcb+HK’s even at level 1!

RSX note* His AA cc is a faggot, Ive never seen it trade, basically there are a few variation at lvl 3, lower lvls just hk hurricane.

AA CC 1: s.lp, qcf+hp, qcb+hp x3, qcb+hk
AA CC 2: s.lp, qcb+lk x3, qcb+hk
AA CC 3: s.lp, qcb+hk x3

Another reason landing a CC is important is because Guy is one of the few characters that can take full advantage of the “High Knockdown Juggle” glitch! Which brings us to the next part…

High Knockdown Juggles

What is the High Knockdown (or HKD) glitch? If you’re not sure on what it is, this old post by GGPO’s endy22 explains it in detail: … 60dbc96cf9

Now the easiest way to land an HKD is to hit them when they ground recovery roll after a CC. So whenever you land a CC, ALWAYS follow it up with a Crouching MK (both hits). If they roll, they get knocked up into HKD state.

If you manage to land an HKD, a qcb+MK (1 hit) or qcb+HK (2 hits) hurricane kick is guaranteed on every character. The HK version is harder to land since it has to be timed perfectly, but obviously it does do more damage than the MK version. I find that the HK version is easier to land on bigger characters like Zangief or Sagat. For the most part I would recommend sticking with the MK version unless you’re sure of your timing - if you whiff the HK version and they recovery roll, you’re in trouble.

Sample of a qcb+MK HKD at approx 87 seconds left in the 1st round of this video. (I’ll replace this with a link of one showing a qcb+HK later probably)

An alternate means of doing the HKD is to do a qcb+P before they hit the ground - if they roll, the qcb+P will knock them out of it and send them HELLA HIGH up into the air, which looks pretty amusing. A qcb+HK is easy as pie to juggle in this situation, if you can actually get the HKD off the qcb+P in the first place. I always forget about it and just do a crouching MK when they’re getting up instead.

Other Juggles

Besides the HKD’s, Guy can also use the qcb+MK/qcb+HK and even his qcfx2+P super in certain instances to juggle people.

As mentioned before, if you land a qcf+P Bushin Grab that puts them in the corner, you can do a juggle afterwards. qcb+MK is guaranteed on every character, qcb+HK seems to work on “big” characters. Or of course you can juggle any level of the qcfx2+P punch super! This looks very stylish and does great damage overall. The timing on this is pretty hard though. I would definitely recommend practicing this offline to get a feel for the timing on these juggles, because it isn’t easy.

Here is a video of B-IzM landing the qcfx2+P super after the grab TWICE in one match (both times are in the 2nd round)

In the corner, Guy’s kick grab (the knee bash) can also be juggled after! But this is pretty pointless because timing a juggle after it is nearly impossible - you don’t know when Guy is going to let go of the opponent, it all depends on how well both you and your opponent mash during it. Generally, Guy usually lets go after the 6th or 7th knee bash if you’re doing a good job of mashing. The same moves juggle here, the qcb+MK/HK or the qcfx2+P super. I would seriously recommend against ever trying for the super though - with the timing being so random, it’s a waste of a super level. Try for a qcb+MK if you’re feeling saucy, and if the moon and the stars align, you might just land that extra juggle hit!

Here is a video of the one and only time I’ve ever been able to land qcfx2+P super after a kick grab in the corner. I’m sorry, VariantX. :frowning:

Another thing that should always be kept in mind is that buffering into any of the aforementioned juggle moves against an airborne opponent will also cause a juggle! Say the opponent jumps at you, and you use Guy’s crouching HP as anti-air. Don’t stop there, buffer into a qcb+HK. You might score an extra 1 or 2 hits, and more importantly it’ll knock them down, as opposed to making them land on their feet. Always try to get into the habit of doing this if they jump at you.

RSX note* grab your opponent with mk everytime and count the hits, dont mash thoough. This should lead to the same amount of hits each time, allowing you to know when to super.

Small/Big Characters

There are 4 characters in the game that should be considered “small characters” because of how small their sprite is when they’re crouching, and then 4 “tall characters” who have problems ducking under specific attacks. This has a huge effect on Guy because the small characters are disastrous for him and the tall characters give him a couple advantages he doesn’t have against the rest of the cast.

Let’s start with the small characters. The 4 small characters are:

Charlie, Rose, Sakura, [another] Guy

So what is the problem Guy has with these characters? It’s just one thing - Standing HP whiffs against any of these characters when they’re in crouch block. This is a huge problem, because Guy’s Standing HP is an incredibly useful ground move, because of the fact that it has good range/priority, and is bufferable (and is one of only two moves that is guaranteed to combo into a qcb+P on the ground). This also affects his Standing MP-HP chain, as the MP will hit a croucher and then the HP whiffs. Another unfortunate side effect of this is that if you go for a throw with Fierce, and it whiffs because you were either out of range or they were in blockstun/hitstun, you’ve just whiffed a standing move at close range and are in prime position to get thrown or CC’ed back. So basically, against any of these characters, you need to get out of the habit of using Standing HP as a poke when fighting them.

Now, the tall characters. These 4 are:

Dhalsim, Sagat, Sodom, Zangief

Yeah, I don’t know why Dhalsim qualifies as a tall character in crouch block and Birdie isn’t, but that’s SFA2 for you. Against any of these characters, Guy’s Standing Jab hits them when they crouch block. This isn’t a very significant advantage, but it means that these are the only 4 characters he’s guaranteed to be able to connect a Bushin Chain on when they’re ducking. Even if they block, you can use the Bushin Chain as a way to keep the pressure on and build meter (although beware of AC’s).

Another nice perk against these characters is that if you connect a qcf+P Bushin Grab against any of them in the corner, you can juggle with an HK hurricane kick instead of an MK one so you get two juggle hits instead of one. Of course, timing the juggle in the first place is really hard to land consistently, and the HK version will leave you a lot more vulnerable if you whiff, so maybe it’s not that great an advantage anyway! (it MIGHT be possible to connect the HK hurricane kick juggle against other characters, but I haven’t found any)

Whew! This is already way too long and there’s a lot of shit I no doubt missed. I haven’t even touched on character matchups or any of that stuff.

If anyone has any questions or anything to add, feel free to post!

EDIT 02/12/08:

Saikyo Dojo Combo Union’s SFA2 Guy Tutorial Video , uploaded by Dai_Akira. Thanks!

Random stuff:, then beats people mashing throw,, c.fp, s.lp all anti air, canel or s.lp into qcb+hk to juggle

Guy is awesome.

Rose 101

Uh man here we go.

Rose. She can be played various ways effectively, so use whateverstyle fits you whether aggressive or x100. Hands down top 4 in A2, no arguing about it. And if anyone wondersm Rose has always been my favorite character way before I even knew she was any good.


Poking- is a all around get the hell off me move and highly abusable, when used smart any way, dont expect to just mash and win, but on top of that she does have a very good set of normals, df+mk for example.

Anti-air-, c.fp, and s.fp pretty much cover almost any AA situation you can run into.

ACs- Hands down best acs, Punch ac is godly and kick ac is too good, more on these later.

Supers- Well, hands down best single super, Soul Illusion. This baby gives you shadows that mimic you and power up all you moves, and is the key to doing unblockables. Fireball and grab super buff as well.

Matches- No bad match-ups imo, being a even 5:5 in general.


No-wake up moves with out super, this is really bad vs gief

Thats all I could really think of lol

Normals Breakdown


s.lp- good little poke that alot of characters can not duck, gives enough frame advantage to link a, and can stop characters from jump when close. good priority poke, but gets over looked since is so much better

s.fp- Works as far anti-air in alot of cases, and can cancel into andy super or special move. Good to use vs characters who cannot duck it, canceled into soul spark. Rose does a shin kick with slight frame advantage and very good range. Good use up close, then counter hit with, xx drill. Very under used normal, even by me. I beats alot of moves and anything low, and cannot be grabbed once she starts animation. This can actually avoid magic grab if the gief players timing is off, I havent tried this vs regual tick grabs. Abuse this vs people who cant crouch it (Gief, Sagat), great range and early anti airs jumper, good AA from a distance if they do swing early.


c.lp- quick fast liitle poke that links into c.fp or All man, if CvS2 Sagat’s c.fp and 3S chuns b+fp had a love child, this is it. This move right here beat a good 98% of the moves in A2 and trades with the other 2%, even works as anti air vs alot of character. Any character wants to get pokey, start pressing this bad boy to stuff their move. If you want to get more advanced, buffer into soul spark while whiffing. Links into itself and very good meaty attack.

c.fp- Her main anti air, just as effective as shotos c.fp. But wait! There’s more! This bad boy can be canceled into lvl 1 soul grab for 40% damage. This move is a very good meaty which you can link a xx lk drill after (drill misses on small characters unless in corner) also can be canceled into any special or super. Vs Gief jumping on top of you, do c.fp LATE to trade, otehrwise you will get stuffed. Very very good lk, offer enough frame advantage to link into or c.fp. Good range, I like to walk up and poke with this alot, and this is what I i usually use to stop tick throw vs c.lp. Rose does a quick low hit, decent priority and range. Nothing too special, but is cancelable into anything.

c.rh- Very good ranged sweep, giving her one of the longest Vallee ccs in the game


j.lp- Ive literally never used this, her other normals are so much better Very good air to air vs high jumpers (Bison, sim, etc)

j.fp- Good jump in with decent priority. This is a very good jump in, awesome priority and angle. Beats most anything when done early, but dont do it early above their head, they can just mash grab, jump from a distance. This normal is a instant overhead, which is…well…badass. Very good cross up and air-to-air. This is the normal I use 80% of the time. Awesome ranged jump in, allowing to punish fireballs from afar, very good jump back normal.

Special normals

df+mk- When done at max distance you can counter hit xx drill, but if not done right you can be hit if you attempt to swing. This normal is so useful once you scare your opponent. Why? Cause…

1.df+mk, block then punch ac, buffer soul spark

2.df+mk (MAX distance), xx lk drill

3.df+mk, lvl 1 or 2 super fireball

4.df+mk, walk up throw

5.df+mk, cc

There goes some options, fun times. Best option is #1, cause it they swing, you ac, if they dont, xx soul spark comes out.

Fun huh?

Alpha Counter

Punch- Best ac in the game, use for any situation, wake-up, anti air whatever.
Now, why so good? Its a grab that grabs anything. Rose will dash forward and grab the opponent and switch side, leaving them stunned. This allows for xx lk drill vs everyone (except chun, drill will be blocked, do soul spark) and s.fp xx hk drill vs Gief. Another reason this is so good is because it BUILDS METER. Yup 1/3 a lvl 1. If you do 3 acs in a row you will have a lvl 1. Fucked up huh? This will not trade with anything, will grab any multi hit move. THIS WILL NOT GRAB FIREBALLS, use kick instead. When alpha countering always buffer into soul spark.

Kick- This is the AC to use vs fireballs and set-up cross up and unblockable.


Hp- She grabs the opponent, goes vertical with her hands on their heads and saps life from them. If done with opponent in corner it sets you up for a meaty jump in.


Soul Spark- Rose’s fireball. Slow coming out but good recovery, when opponent cornered i usually throw like three in a row, try to bait a jump etc. You are not gonna win any fireball fights, dont even try. This has a special property, Rose will actually push the opponent away with her scarf while throwing this out. Ive been saved plenty of times from this, where my opponent did a cc, got pushed back and got hit by the fireball.

Soul Throw- Her grab that isnt AA at all. Dont even bother, cc ender only.

Soul Reflect- These are her fireball reflectors, each with a different property. All version are safe on block and actually useful meaties and good in poke string, EX. cross up mk, xx hp reflect, df+mk.

Lp- Rose will twirl her scarf absorbing any fireball, except iirc, Charlie’s super. This will absorb one hit of supers. This give you roughly 1/3 of a lvl 1 and powers up your soul spark (chip damage also) with each absorb, up to 6 absorbs (i believe). This power up leads to Rose’s 100% cc. Special note about this though, power up last for ONE soul spark only UNLESS you are in cc. So if you absorb 6 soul sparks then fireball, power up is reset to normal, BUT if you are powered up then cc, each soul spark does powered up damage.

Mp- Rose twirls her scarf in a circular motion, reflecting any projectile forward and key to A2 tennis (patent pending) lol, and her 100% corner combo. Good meaty.

Hp- Does a diagonal reflect and main one used in poke strings. This will reflect the fireball at a 45 degree angle. This is very useful vs Bison and Charlie, as Bison tend to try to headstomp after and Charlie tries to jump after a couple mp refelects from afar.

Soul Drill- This is your special move to combo into. This move does very good damage when rh version is used. Lk drill can be comboed from any medium attack and rh version can be comboed from andy hard attack. Try not to do these when opponent has meter or long limbs, because it is punishable is those cases.

Custom Combos

Rose’s cc is very good due to crazy range on her sweep, at they HURT.

Lvl 1- xx hk drill x2, soul throw

lvl 2- add 1 hk drill

lvl 3- add another

Simple enough :slight_smile:

Anti Air- c.fp, let them fall a bit, hk drill, end with grab. Im lazy with her I just c.fp x10000, soul throw lol.


Soul Grab- Buff version of her special grab, beat everything and changes per lvl. Truthfully all you need is c.fp xx lvl 1, and other lvls are not worth the meter, maybe lvl 3 is it will kill or you need a quick 50% damage to catch up.

Lvl 1- Regular soul grab animation, roughly 30%.

Lvl 2- Rose does her c.fp, then soul throw. 40%.

Lvl 3- Rose does a rushing punch, c.fp, soul throw. 50%, can combo off light attacks

Soul Spark- I love this damn super, consistently AA’s for full damage at lv 1 and is safe 99% of the time. Good damage at lvl 1.

Lvl 1- Rose throws a 3-hit version of her soul spark

Lvl 2- Rose gets fancy with it and does some acrobatic shit then throw a soul spark.

Lvl 3- Rose does a reflect then soul spark. The reflect will send back any projectile to INCLUDE SUPERS.

*Soul Illusion

Yeah, this gets its own section. Soul Illusion is the best super in the game, hand down. Leads to tremendous damage and unblockables. When canceled from a normal leave you with a ton of frame advantage. Best time to do the soul illusion is when you opponent is cornered or when canceled from a normal. This super allows rose the pressure and acs will trade. HK drill does about 10% chip, If anything trades with a HK drill, Ive seen the trade at 40%, so not worth it for them.

Soul Illusion make throws whiff. This is SOOOOOO god vs birdie and gief. They try to tick, you SI, they go into whiff animation, free s.fp xx hk drill XD

Instant overhead lk in SI mode does good damage. Another use is to throw, ex xx SI, walk up throw, or point blank SIm then throw. Walk up is good and is one connects you can sneak in a xx lk drill.

If opponent jumps , activate SI, c.fp as anti air does 3 hits for good damage and can be canceled into soulthrow super for a solid 50% life.

Here are various ways and combos/unblockables with the SI. All combos are from point blank or after a cross up unless mentioned other wise. Lvl 2 soul spark does tremendous damage in SI mode. xx SI, sweep xx SI, xx lk drill xx SI, walk forward, c.fp xx hk drill (can just s.fp if they are standing) xx SI, lvl 2 soul spark xx SI, walk forward, c.fp xx lvl 2 soul spark

c.fp xx SI, sweep

c.fp xx SI, activate cc, any lvl cc

c.lp, c.lp xx SI, xx lk drill xx SI, c.fp xx hk drill

Punch AC, xx SI, lvl 1 cc

In the corner cancel any mediums attack into a SI then xx hk drill.

The way this works is doing any meaty to where only the last shadown hits and rose isnt in attack animation from that normal. This isnt easy but not impossible. Here are my set-ups:

sweep, immeadiate SI, meaty df+mk (ub), xx rh drill

c.fp xx SI, sweep, meaty df+mk (ub), drill

You can get creative with it, but like a said it isnt easy. works well also.

Powered up SI

Credit goes to zoo for this. Basically do a cc and only 2 fireballs powers up SI and lets you do crazy shit in the corner. Mp reflect with allow you to juggle in the corner with anything, you can just do mp reflect x6 to kill or get fancy and mp reflect, mp reflect,, c.fp, j.fp, land and super. But also a hk SI drill will do like 70%. Neat stuff

Alpha Counter CC Bug
If you punch ac some while while they are doing a blocked custom, they will get up facing the opposite direction. When this happens they actually have to block TOWARDS you if you do a meaty attack. EXAMPLE:

You punch ac a blocked custom, xx lk drill follow up. Jump forward with a meaty j.rh, xx lk drill. If they didnt hold towards you the rh will hit and you can repeat the process til they block the right way. Also if they know about the glitch you can time your attacks later so they just walk into it :).


Same as above, point blank or after a cross up.

Bread and Butter:, c.lp, xx lk drill, c.fp xx HK drill, xx lk drill

c.lp, c.lp, xx lvl 3 soul throw

Corner only: xx hp reflect, lvl 1 soul throw

General Strategy

Well play however you feel comfortable, you will have to play differently vs different characters, but the basics are the same. Rose can zone very good vs the entire cast so don’t let anyone run over you. Remember to AA, and punish HARD. One mistake and rose can win the match. I’ll add more later Im tired, never write a 101 at 7 am. When in doubt, lol.

If you have any questions just hit me up. Ill update this quite a bit im sure.

Getting good at Third Strike
SFA2: Hitboxes now available

Well Rolento IS pretty badass. I dunno why more people don’t use him, guess they just don’t wanna take the time to get into their own groove with him. You can x-copy some minor things, but overall every Rolento playstyle is different so you gotta do your own thing and develop him on the way, which includes taking a shit load of losses until you get it down.

-Extremely good pokes
-Decent punch AC, awesome kick AC
-90%+ Lvl 3 CC
-Great air priority
-Some okay mixup (much better in the corner)
-Not really any bad match ups (imo) since he can’t really be zoned by anyone and can run away as long as you want basically. If you get stuck in the corner Kick AC and run away some more.

Basic Rolento rundown:
C.jab/S.jab - Real good poke, walking s.jabs can get annoying real fast for them follow them up with a c.fp for a counter hit.

J.jab - Awesome air priority. Can use it for air to air or if you think someone is about to jump in just do a straight up j.jab (think j.fierce with blanka in cvs2.)

C.short/S.short - Overall I don’t really use these, but c.short does hit low. I’d rather use the jabs though.

J.short - Another awesome air to air, with a slightly upward angle compared to j.jab. - The lovely antiair that works wonders vs almost any character’s jumpins.
Can antiair chun just fine with it. Only people that you gotta worry about are like Gief and Birdie, but I can explain how to antiair them further down. - A pretty good poke actually, 3 little hits with his baton that hits low, comes out quick, and looks like it gives you some frame advantage. I use it mainly for mixups. Can do a then go for another jump in or if you think they’ll hit something do a c.fp after it for yet another counter hit. - His usual 3 hit baton air move, pretty crappy air to air so you’ll probably always get beat if they jumped up too, but really awesome as a jump in since it hits 3 times, makes it a little slightly harder to AC I think. This is my main jump in when I’m looking for a hit into combo or CC. - Kinda good antair I guess? Wouldn’t really use it much. - Real good poke, can cancel it into any of his specials (KNIFE) or even scouter jump for some mixup. - His yummy crossup. If you can confirm that this hit, you can land some mucho damage by doing a combo or activating CC after it hits.

S.fp - Fuck this. Never use it, learn to throw with Mp or Mk for him just for the sole reason you’ll die if you get this move out.

C.fp - Probably his best poke to me. A fierce that hits low with awesome priority, use it anytime you’re gonna end a poke string. Can even walk up and do it again, but just becareful of them jumping, be ready to

J.fp - Pretty decent jumpin and semi good air to air, has more horizontal range so sometimes you could beat out an antiair poke attempt.

S.rh - Meh, like a slower, wouldn’t use it much.

C.rh - Pretty good slide, and fairly safe if you don’t do it point blank. Can do stupid things like a meaty slide on their wakeup, then they’ll try to hit and you can Kick AC then as it crossed up go ahead and CC, or into patriot circles.


Where to start…I’m gonna assume you know how to do all the moves, just gonna list some minor uses for some of them.

Patriot Circles - Only good for comboing and you really have to be point blank for it to do that. Can combo from c.jab, c.short, or CANNOT combo from two of them…IE, you can’t do c.short, then try to counterhit c.jab into circles. You’ll get pushed back too far.

Knife - One of the best things about Rolento. Prevents people from mashing, prevents him for being zoned well, and on counter hit does a ton of damage + dizzy. You can throw one of these baby’s off after any c.jab/s.jab or If they hit anything they’ll be hit. Mixup with throws when you’re close, toss when far to zone them/prevent zoning. Once you get into the corner you can do sick things if they don’t have meter. C.jabs into knives, into mk, into knives, into scouter jumps into more pokes into more knives, etc. Toss in some throws/cc’s and you’ll have a frustrated opponent for sure.

Roll back - A nice way to get some back distance and stay away from them. Sometime I like to do is backroll real fast as they are waking up and make them whiff something. Gotta be careful though because some CC’s can still reach you as well as some supers. Sometimes I’ll use fierce version to get way back for some breathing room, if you think they’ll fireball while you do it, go ahead and do the flying attack to hit them.

Flying Back Move Thingie - Your main run away tool, but can also use it to mixup. Use MK version so you don’t fly forward as much then land with so you cover almost no ground and can still maneuver to avoid fireballs. This move can really annoy people. Make sure you use it to fly past them if they aren’t cornered, so you can keep running away. Sometimes it’s nice to just fly back then just go towards them with, or j.rh and start an attack.


Trip wire - Underrated as hell. Level 3 tripwire can catch someone doing a fireball full screen for an easy ass 50% or so. Level 1 can hit low instantly when you’re point blank and it’s perfectly safe if they block it, nice to do on wakeup if people are starting to smother you.

Roll back grenade silly super thing - You can kinda use it for antiair, but honestly there’s much better ways to spend the meter. If they block the grenades they get sucked to you and then you’re gonna get it. Use it for kicks I guess. (Kicks to your face that is)

Custom Combo:

This is what makes Rolento so deadly. His custom is extremely simple, no one should really mess it up. Start with an activate then sweep/c.rh, cancel that into his scouter jump forward and just piano all three kicks, multiple times. High levels get more reps in, generally level 1 is one rep, lvl 2 is two, and lvl 3 being three scouter jump reps. If you’re on pad or something and it’s hard to piano all the kicks, you can just mash for still really good damage, but its not as consistent as piano’ing all 3 kicks.

So his CC - Activate, C.rh xx [scouter jump, piano all 3 kicks] xN. If you do it right, can easily get 90%+ (My best is like 99% I think?)

Antiair custom - As RSX has stated before, easily the best antiair custom in the game. It’s the same exact shit except you start with a standing jab, to antiair them.

AA CC - Activate, s.jab xx [scouter jump, piano all 3 kicks] xN

The way I land his CC:

-Hit confirm crossover into CC.
-Try to counter a throw (People will want to throw you a lot since Rolento has no reversal without spending meter)
-CC instead of going for a throw
-PUNISHING WHIFFS. Strongest thing you can do, stop throwing people if they whiff a dp. Do his CC and just flat out kill them please.

Anyway, I think that’s all I’ll mention for now. That should be a good kick start to anyone wanting to learn him. You’re gonna need to develop your own playstyle yourself.

Ken 101, fear the ac!

Ken is one of the top four in A2. Great normals, crazy roll, pimp cc, and the one of the games best acs. Ken is very solid, naturally, being a shoto, being able to effectively zone, rush, or turtle.


Kick ac is among the best, high damage
CCs are very versatile, easy, and damaging
Good set of normals
Mp dragon punch beats pretty much anything
His roll allows him to keep close and do quick cross ups
Able to punish hard
Very good comboability into shoryureppa


Normals Breakdown

Shotos all have the same set of normals for the most part, Ken having a couple different ones.


Lp- Quick jab, with small frames advantage, you can walk and do these on any opponent that can’t crouch them.

Mp- Quick one arm uppercut, good anti-air and cancelable to a special move.

Hp- Straight punch which can be used as anti-air in some instances, and stop hurricane kicks etc. Not cancelable.

Lk- Good ranged kick to the shin, cancelable, good priority and range.

Mk- A two hit upward angled kick that can be canceled into a special /superon the first hit, super on the second. This is very god to keep characters that cant duck it pinned down, and a quick anti-jump if you suspect the opponen is gonna attempt to jump towards you, as well as a good anti-air.

Hk- A long ranged poke, with good priority.


Lp- Little jab to the shin, not really all that great range wise.

Mp- A straight punch with good priority and frame advantage, cancelable.

Hp- Uppercut, probably one of the best normal anti-airs in the game. Also this is a super meaty, allowing link after ward.

Lk- Quick kick to the foot, combo starter, cancelable

Mk- A good reaching low kick, probably overall best poke, gives frame advantage, awesome meaty, and cancelable.

Hk- A really good sweep with good range, usually a poke string ender. Note that if not cancelled its a free cc on you, and if you cancel into a hadouken, free cc on you if your opponent has a lvl 3.


Hp- A fist to the face >_<. Good jump in with good priority, especially when done early. When done close Ken will do a rolling throw.

Mk- His cross-up, self-explanatory, looks different form Ryu/Akuma.

Hk- Best when used when jumping from far away, good priority.


f+mk- A overhead with very good range, safe on block.


These are important because if make it alot more difficult for your opponent to do wake-up reversals on you, and allow link not normally possible.

c.fp- this is a real good one allowing comboing of a cc,, or c.rh. really good since its a low hit, can link, c.rh, or cc. this one allows you to easily connect a or c.rh

Alpha Counters

Kick- Ken does his s.rh, this thing does 15% damage and has crazy range. Pretty much all purpose as it can AA and hit ground moves with ease. Best part is it is safe.

Punch- His mp shoryuken, no reason to use really, not when kick does the same and is safer.

****Specials Breakdown:


A fireball. If Ryu’s fireball is 10/10, his is 8/10. Slow fireball is much slower than Ryu’s, good to zone with, BUT, does not knockdown.

Hurricane kick:

Used for mobility, use lk version to pass fireballs. Unlike Ryu, this does not knock down, instead does multiple hit and leaves you even or slight disadvantage afterward. Can be done in the air and has annoyingly great priority, also if connected against a grounded opponent allows for ground combo or link into cc. Punish whiffs from afar with xx hk hurricane. Air version excellent vs fireballers.

Dragon Punch:

His invincible anti-air. Lp version seems to have no lower invincibility and trades with a low hit. Mp is a whole different animal, 1-hit, knocks down, and does a good chunk of damage. This is what you should be using 99% of the time.


This move is too good. Cancel off normals to tick throw or continue pressure and is incredibly fast and safe. Start up does not go thru fireballs but will after about half a second. Safely cancel this off c.rh or fp to mount a offense. This move can cross up when close, and it is very hard to see in most cases, leading to a cc or shoryureppa combo.

Roll set-ups coming soooon

Best used after:

A knockdown to cross up
Jump in to cross up
Roll under fireball
Close in on opponent

Roll cross ups: xx lk roll
deep jump in, lk roll
c.rh (hits) xx lk roll, lk roll

Mix all these up when using, do not abuse, and you are almost always gonna hit them. After a cross up roll do a c.fp xx fp fb or, xx super. If you wanna be a douche you can activate.



Probably the best anti-cross up in the game. Not on block, good chip damage, and on counter hit I’ve seen a lvl 1 do about 40%. Using this as anti-cross up is the best use, as ant-air it’s better to cc.


Range very good, and this thing hurts. Whenever you get a chance combo into lvl 1 or 3, lvl 2 is not worth it, doing a little more than a lvl 1. You should be landing theses as much as you can.

Custom Combos:

any lvl- c.rh xx lp dp xN, hp dp ender (if close you can lp dp after c.rh instead of hurricane)

lvl 3 variations

(vs big characters) xx hk hurricane xN, (1-hit) xx hp dp

c.rh xx mp dp, mp dp, lp dp, hp dp

Anti air cc-

Ken’s AA cc is among the best in A2, getting a full damage, same as the ground cc. Anytime you have meter and the opponent jump, hit’em and hit’em hard. xx lp dp xN, hp dp

General things to keep in mind

Ken is real good and can be played suited to any person’s style. His AC is godlike, and can do a large amount of damge alone. 3 ACs is 45% life, meaning if your opponent has that much life or less, you can just AC them to death. Anytime you touch your oppoent you shoul hit them with a lvl 1 or 3 shoryureppa, and cc for big mistake or openings. Roll mind games are very effective, especially in the corner. Thing like roll -> cc or roll -> grab mix ups are a pain. When going to grab after a roll use mp, since if they jumped they get AAd. Ken can mix up effectively, or just turtle to win. He isnt a very complicated character to learn, but hella effective.

Birdman ya heard

Birdie 101

Well, pretty much accepted worst character in the game. Birdie sucks. But if you are up for a challenge, this is for you! Birdie actually can win matches, just isnt easy, but is really fun to play as (but not fight lol)


One of the most damaging custom combo’s in the game, roughly 80% at lvl 3
Good anti-airs
Very good jump arc and air normals
Super is very good vs fireballers


Bitch is slow as hell
grabs are very slow to grab, he is NOT Zangief
Normals are slow and not really too god
Lvl 3 headbutt super can be mashed out of (wtf capcom)

Normals breakdown

s.lp- Nothing great, throw it out if you expect them to jump from a grab. Really good anti-air, real good. I have no idea why, but it is.
s.fp- Awesome range, slow as hell. Not something you wanna throw out alot. Little kick to the toe, good to set up a tick throw Ugly ass kick, short range, no real uses. Limited AA use, but doubles as a overhead, which is very useful and can be comboed after.

c.lp- Your normal crouching lp, nothing special, is better. Decent priority but slow recovery, so be careful when whiffing.
c.fp- The anti-poke/anti-air. Hit fast and 1st hit can be cancelled into special or super. This is the main normal to be used when close due to high priority and good speed, do not whiff. Love this thing. Long range lk good to tick, but same as c.lp you cannot chain these :frowning: A good poke and better anti-air, the latter being very efffective. Not abusable but very nice normal to have. Slow sweep with decent range. good priority and worth mentioning
j.fp- Good range and priority, but a bit slow Awesome angle and great to use to tick, think of Rose’s good air-to-air My main air normal, fast, good priority, and crosses up. Its dope.

Command Normals

d+hp in the air- The typical grappler splash, good priority and crosses up, abusable.

Alpha Counter

Birdie was blessed with the worst ACs in the game.

Punch- Does a quick headbutt, good vs air attack. Ive seen this whiff on the grounf, liitel range.

Kick- does a dumb kick. Doesnt knock down or have any real frame advantage :confused:


Charge b-f+p- Red Head thingy

This moves is very useful when used correctly. Stick only to the lp version, as all other ones are death. When done from the right range it is safe 99% of the time unless they have meter. When they have meter and you use this, you are instantly a moron, jk! But it will be a free cc for them. When done right you will be out of range from attacks and can do another one, and another, and another. Even whiff punish with this.

Hold kk or pp, then release- Heabutt thingy

Very useful. You can have up to 4 of these when all buttons are held down and cannot be punished consistently with a cc. I been punished once. This move has virtually no lag and can be used to get close after a knockdown or set up grabs or super. It even AAs when released right. If you have this move charge and the opponent does a cc, release all buttons to make them whiff, then the headbutt will hit.

360+p or k- Chain slams

His grabs. I stick to kick cause it looks cooler, I believe hk version does most, but lk has the most range (and lp). These grabs are damaging but can be jumped from or ccd easier than gief, use at your own risk.


charge b-f-b-f+p- This super you can combo into, lvl 3 version can be mashed out of. Not worth it.

df df+p or k- Punch goes short range and kick goes full screen. Very useful vs fireballers. Never use a lvl 2 or 3 unless it will kill or you really need to close the gap, cause you really want to land that cc.


c.hp xx mp red head (2 hits)

overhead s.rh, or sweep (2 hits)

Custom Combos

Any lvl-, xN xx 360+rh (50%)

This is your starter combo until you can do his touch of death, and yes its better than reapeated red headbutts, which is…

lvl 1- c.rh xx final, final

lvl 2- c.rh xx final, final, final

lvl 3- c.rh xx final, final, final, final, final (gl with that last hit) (90-95%)

5 finals IS possible and you should always go for it, but it rarely happens. More than likely you will get 4 (80%).

And for those defensive peeps

s.rh (overhead) xx c.rh xx final xN


c.fp xx Final xN

How to do his custom to activate with lp, mp, hp, and lk, and HOLD THEM ALL DOWN. Sweep, RELEASE lp and press lp again BEFORE THE FINAL HITS, then as they hit, release mp, release hp, release lp. Final charges fast in cc mode XD.

^^^Game play time^^

Your main focus is to land your custom. Bottom line, it is a round winner. When the opponent is running away, whiff lp grab for meter. Once you get that lvl 3, look for a opening to land it. Until then you have some tricks to work with.

360 fun! (use light versions)

kkk (hit or blocked), 360,, 360 or j.rh, 360
360 on their wake up

After a grab, follow up with KKK, time it to hit, or not to not and 360 or cc. It is going to take alot of patience to win, but its worth it XD. Ill add more later.

Adon 101

Adon is pretty good in A2, of course he has a few flaws, but he is blessed with good normals and a awesome cc. When Adon hit, he hits hard.


Great set of normals, is rose-lite
Custon combos hurt no matter the level
Great set of supers, both safe on block
Long reach
Jag tooth mind game
Awesome anti-airs


Jag kick sucks, free hit or cc on you if you use this except in certain cases
Jag tooth can be cc pretty easily
Sweep is laggy, can be cc

Normals breakdown

s.lp- quick little elbow, alot of characters cant duck it, ok normals not great quick punch, duckable by most peeps, can be cancelled inot specials, decent far anti air xx hk dp juggles
s.hp- a hard punch similar to shotos, no real use quick shin kick w/ slight frame advantage, good poke up close. a mid hit knee with good priority and limted aa abilities, good poke.
s.rh- Long poke, not duckable, very very good zoning tool

c.lp- low punch with good frame advantage, links into or Rose-lite. Very abusable poke that stuffs aloooot of moves, and cancelleble. Use like you would Roses, links into itself
c.hp- Very good aa, loooong reach, about the same as s.hp, ver very good poke as well short kick to the foot, hits low, not much frame advantage very good low poke with good range, cancellable
c.rh- long ass sweep, but laggy, cc starter very good air-to-air and jump in
j.hp- slow to some out, but beat almost anything when it is good air-to-air Extremely good cross up, decent jump in Very good jump up or jump back move, with awesome range and priority.

)()()()Command normals()()()(

df+mk- godly anti-air
f+mp- far reaching overhead

Alpha Counter

His Acs arent great, but they arent bad. Very useful tools.

Punch- He does a quick flurry of punches with one hand. Use as close as possible or you will miss most hit, good damage. Very safe on block.

Kick- His dp, use as AA or upclose.


Jag Kick- Very unsafe move, on hit they can still do a cc or xx special. Only time it is safe is by distance, ex is hitting Ryu’s hand with a mk jag kick at max distance. Mk Jag kick in my experience is the best version to use to punish fireballs, leaving you far away.

Jag tooth- Nice for mind games and safe on block, BUT very easy to cc and alpha counter. Use to make your opponent whiff a move and punish with a cc.

Jag dp- Very very good anti air, I dont think it trades with anything, lk version seems to have the best invincibility.


Jag assault- This move is safe on block and lvl 3, good wake up super. Combo into this after a cross up. Lvl 2 is not safe since he jumps up at the end. Mash kkk at the end of the lvl 3 to get a stronger version, mash ppp if it is blocked.

Jag kick super- Very good move to punish fireballs at lvl 1. Works w/ lvl 2 and 3, but I would cc instead thru the fireball. Use this super to punish or c.rh xx fireball pokes.

Custom Combos
These ccs can be at any lvl, just watch the meter and end with dp.

  1. c.rh xx lk jag kick xN, end with HK dp

or c.rh xx lk jah kcik x4, lk dp, hk dp

  1. [ xx lk jag kick]xN, xx hk dp (opponent must be standing)

  2. Lvl 3- c.rh xx [hk jag kick, hk dp]x2

Anti-air ccs

  1. lvl 1- s.lp or xx hk dp x2

  2. lvl 2 and up- s.lp or xx lk jag kick xN, hk dp

  3. lvl 3- s.lp or xx [hk jag kick, hk dp]x2

This is where Adon shines his long limbs let him punish from far away, even blocked fireballs mid screen. To punish from far as hell, use s.rh to start cc #2. Most customs you do should be #1 or #4. Also at lvl 2/3, blow thruw fireballs and cc, pretty much a round winner. After any cc, sweep, if the tech roll you will hit them and get a free jag dp juggle.


All these are point blank or after a cross up.

  2. c.lp, xx jag assault
  3., or xx jag dp

General Gameplay

You wanna force your opponent to mess up and punish hard. His cross up is very good, and should be done after any knock down. Adon want to zone the oppoent and be smart with jag tooths to make them jumpy. is your friend, but dont under use his other normal cause they are very good, especially, c.fp, s.rh. His over head had good range but use sparingly since it is slow and can be cc, best used after knocking them down. Just remember hit hard, alway look for a opening to land his cc.

More set-ups and info to come

Akuma 101 by doujinshi

Overhead - f+mp
Dive kick - while jumping, d+mk at peak of jump
Hop kick - f+mk

Go Hado Ken (fireball)- QCF+any punch
Zanku Hado Ken (air fireball)- QCF+any punch while jumping
Go Shoryu Ken (dp) - F, D, DF+ any punch
Shakunetsu Hado Ken (red fireball)- HCB+any punch
Tatsumaki Zanku Kyaku (hurricane)- QCB+any kick
Zenpo Tenshin (roll)- QCB+any punch
Ashura Senku (teleport)- F, D, DF or B, D, DB+ 3k or 3p
Hyakki Shu (demon flip) QCF, U+any punch
Hyakki Fo Zan (slide)- Do nothing after demon flip.
Hyakki Go Shu (demon flip punch)- Press punch during demon flip
Hyakki Go Sen (demon flip kick)- Press kick during demon flip
Hyakki Go Sai (demon flip throw)- Press f+punch during demon flip when close to opponent
Hyakki Go Tsui (demon flip throw)- Press f+kick during demon flip when close to airborne or grounded opponent

Messatsu Go Hado - HCBx2+punch
Messatsu Go Shoryu - QCFx2+punch
Tenma Go Zanku - While jumping QCFx2+punch
Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon) st.lp, lp, f+lk, hp LEVEL 3 ONLY

NORMALS is a good normal to use up close when pressuring since it has a small advantage afterwards. is an all around good poke and works waell when you’re trying to AC reversal AC happy players. Also works OK as a meaty. is standard shoto low medium that can cancel into fireballs. Essential poke when playing foot games. is also a staple shoto normal. Can cancel and is essential poke when playing foot games. Knocks down.

Use the dive kick to start your offense. If blocked, it leaves you at a slight advantage so use it to get in.

Overhead is great every now and then to throw off your opponent from blocking right as they’re waking up.

cr.hp is a really good anti-air for somer eason in this game. It stuffs a lot of stuff clean but it doesn’t beat everything. Do not substitute this for a dp. Use this to stop crossups on top of you. is OK as an anti-air but there are better options.
Hopkick is good for keeping the pressure on the ground but it leaves you at a disadvantage on recovery.

AC Punch - Works good against jump-ins done early. Do not use this to replace a dp because opponents will be able to block if their attack is done deep.

AC Kick - Useful for punishing ground attacks and some projectiles when done close. This is the AC you should be using mostly.

Lvl 1-, lp shoryu, hp red fireball, hp shoryu
Lvl 1 (sweep distance)-, lk hurricane, hp red fireball, hp shoryu
Lvl 1 anti-air - st.lp, lp shoryu, hp red fireball, hp shoryu
Lvl 3 -, lp shoryux3, hp red fireball, hp shoryu

Akuma plays like a mix of Ryu and Ken. He can zone with fireballs like Ryu or he can be in your face attacking like Ken. Due to the amount of normals he has though, Akuma is best played aggressively. A good opening to start off his offense on the ground is cr.lkx2. From this, it can lead to a couple of options:
Option 1: cr.lkx2, throw (if blocked)
Option 2: cr.lkx2, fireball (if not blocked)
Option 3: cr.lkx2, do nothing momentarily then walk up to repeat with a different option.
Since Akuma has access to a roll type move it works in the same way Ken can use it. The best version to use is the lp version. It’s fast and leaves you at an advantage when you add it at the end of your block strings. However, you want to establish a mid-range game early on with properly placed fireballs and air fireballs to kind of “feel” out the match. One of the objects of Akuma’s game is to land that custom combo. It’s very damaging and can turn the tide of the match.

Akuma works best when the opponent is in the corner and when the opponent is knocked down. After this you can begin a series of mixups:

  • Do nothing, if you suspect your opponent will wakeup and punish accordingly
  • Begin a series of block strings, beginning with cr.lkx2
  • Jump straight up, air fireball
  • Overhead

When you’re playing Akuma, always always be thinking about trying to land that cc.

Gen 101 by doujinshi

So-ryu Stance (punch stance or PPP stance)
Hyakurenkou - Press any punch rapidly
Gekirou (dp) - F, D, DF + any kick

Ki-ryu Stance (kick stance or KKK stance)
Jasen - Charge back for 2 secs, then press forward + any punch
*Oga (Wall Jump) - Charge down for 2 secs, then press up + any kick

*Oga Options
After reaching wall, press forward - Gen does a jump kick toward opponent
After reaching wall, press back - Gen cancels wall attack
After reaching wall, press up - Moves Gen to ceiling
After reaching ceiling, press back - Gen performs dive kick to left
After reaching ceiling, press forward - Gen performs dive kick to the right
After reaching ceiling, press down - Gen performs dive kick downwards

So-ryu Stance
Zan’ei - QCF x2 + any punch
Shitenshu - QCB x2 + any punch

Ki-ryu Stance
*Koga - While jumping, QCB x2 + any kick
Jakoha - QCF x2 + any kick

*Koga Options
Lk - jumps toward left wall
Mk - jumps to ceiling
Hk - jumps towards right wall
After reaching wall, press Hk - performs long jump kick towards opponent
After reaching ceiling, press Lk - performs dive kick to the left
After reaching ceiling, press Hk - performs dive kick to the right

So-ryu Stance
st.lp - Good poke to abuse up close. Can’t be ducked and has advantage on block. - Decent poke. Can anti-air in some situations.
st.hp - Slow normal. Can combo into super up close in punishment situations. - Has decent speed and a small advantage up close.
st. mk - Good mid-range poke. Can combo into super. - Also a good mid-range poke. Very quick start-up with nice range.
cr.lp - Pretty much a carbon copy of st.lp, only crouching. - Good ground poke that has more range that it looks. Combos into super.
cr.hp - This should be your primary crouching poke. Quick and has amazing range. - Main combo starter. Verifiable way to land a super. - Good ground poke with nice range. Can combo into super. - Awesome move for playing footsies. Has a LOT of range.

Ki-ryu Stance
st.lp - poke that only hits big characters that are standing. Smaller characters can duck it. - an overhead that’s quick on start up.
st.hp - a “scoop” like punch that’s very slow. Generally not worth using. - an OK poke up close I guess.
st. mk - a pretty good poke that has decent range despite how ugly it looks. - a two-hit kick that only hits big characters when they’re standing.
cr.lp - a normal that’s somewhat slow. - looks exactly like cr.lp but seems to have a lot more priority.
cr.hp - a strange looking attack that has strange properties. If you counter-hit with this attack, it does 2x damage to your opponent. If you get hit while performing this move, you take 2x damage. It’s really not worth using seeing how slow it is on startup. - pops opponent in the air that can juggle into Jakoha in the corner. - decent start-up that has pretty good range. - awesome anti-air that can beat a lot of stuff clean.

So-ryu stance
AC Punch - Damaging, but doesn’t knock down. Hard to use this AC to your advantage.
AC Kick - Works against early jump-ins but will miss against deep jump-ins.

Ki-ryu stance
AC Punch - Deals massive damage and works well against close-ranged attacks.
AC Kick - Has a lot of range making it very useful against projectiles.

So-ryu Stance
Lvl 3 -, hk Gekiro (hesitate after first hit, then press hk four times rapidly) x3

This is the stance you’ll be in the majority of the time once you have meter. Both of Gen’s supers are able to be comboed into from this stance. A simple x2 can lead to a damaging level 2 combo and can set up the perfect distance to a crossup jump mk afterwards. Gen is also able to chain light attacks into heavy attacks in this stance making this more of the attacking stance of the two. The main objective is to land a super once you get a level 2 or level 3. Poke with cr.hp or with some added tick throws then go for a crossup jumping mk for big damage!

Ki-ryu’s supers are not good enough to warrant the use of at all. Koga is generally not worht using because it doesn’t have any startup invincibility and is fairly easy to get hit out of on reaction or by alpha counters. Jakoha can only juggle from the corner off a So this stance is useful when you don’t have meter or are trying to build meter. Gen can be pretty mobile in ki-ryu due to Oga. He can run away fairly well to get meter. Lp Jasen is a quick attack that will most likely hit your opponent many times during the course of the match. If you must use meter, use kick alpha counters to beat projectiles and mid-ranged attacks. Otherwise, save all your meter for So-ryu.

So-ryu x3, cr.hp x2,, cr.hp x2,, level 2 or 3 Zan’ei


Sakura is very high in the tier list, and for a good reason, being right there with Gief in the high tier group, right under the big 4. She is very difficult to fight, and one knockdown can win her the round.


Very good pokes
Builds meter fast
Awesome cross-up
Damaging combos
BnB leads to free cross up
Punch throw leads to free cross up
Only character who can (easily) combo after a overhead
Can rape anyone with 1 knockdown


Can be hard to get in
No reversal outside cc/super
Has problems getting in on top 4

Normals Breakdown

s.lp- Very good poke, with good frame advantage and cant be ducked by most characters, annoying poke tool up close. Very good poke, with good frameadvantage and priority, use to stuff attacks like you would shotos
s.hp- great range and cancellable, good poke canceled into fireball or hk hurricane. good range, mainly used to combo into hp shou’oken. Very very good anti-air, not used as much as c.fp. Very good angle to it, similar to Adon’s df+mk. Sakura’s main poke, good range, priority. Very very abusable :frowning:

c.lp- normal low jab, nothing too special about it. ugly looking attack that usually beats low hits, but not much use other than that, all her other normals are better.
c.fp- A great anti-air, that beats damn near anything. On the ground can be cancelled. Her best normal up close, leading to her BnB and tick throws. I hate this move :frowning: Decent range, good priority.
c.rh- Her sweep, not the best recovery, good range. great air-to-air and great ranged jump in. her cross-up. Uber good, and can hit either in front or behind evne though you are crossing your oppenent up. Such as bs move, abuse it. Great angled jump in. great air-to-air, on the same level of greatness as Rolento’s j.lp
j.hp- Very good air-to-ground move with alot of priority when out.

Command Normals
f+mk- Best overhead in the game. Great range and frame advantage allowing for combos after, does not even have to be meaty, but does have to be point blank, very good when done after a cross-up:

  1. f+mk, link xx hp shou’oken
  2. f+mk, link xx hurricane super

Very underused combos, great move to have.

Alpha Counters
Punch- She does a lp dp, nothing special.
Kick- Does her sweep.

Punch- The only throw you should be using. This throw does decent damage and allows for a perfect cross-up. Forget kick throw exists.

Specials Breakdown

Hadouken- qcf+p (mash p to charge)

Very good zoning tool from afar. Release speed isnt great, recovery is good. This move can be charged by pressing punch, which also builds more meter. The best way to use the charge variation is as anti air, normally in fireball fights. The fully charged version had a huge hitbox, so if you expect them to jump, charge then release. At worst the hadouken will trade, and does good damage. Kara-cancel c.fp into this for meter.

Hurricane Kick- qcb+k

Different than other shotos, she actually travels in a arc, going higher and farther the stronger the button pressed. Hk is the most useful version, going over fireballs and giving great frame advantage on block. Lk and mk can be cc’d or hit on block pretty easily. Be careful when using hk, since it can be cc’d when they have meter (or ac’d).

Shou’oken- dp+p

Her main combo move, and should only be used for that. Lp is not anti-air despite its looks, and all versions are like negative 8 billion frames on block.


Shinkuu Hadouken_ qcf x2+p

Pretty much worthless super. Not safe on block, weak damage. Yes it can anti-air for 3 hits, but thats meter you could have used for a anti-air custom.

Midare Zakura- qcf x2+k

Her shoryureppa type super. Nice damage on this, and worth comboing into at lvl 3. Lvl 1 does good damage, but not so much more than her BnB to be worth it, but still, I aint mad if ya do.

Haru-Ichiban- qcb x2+k

Her spinning kick super. Instant low, and put opponent in blockstun after super is over, letting you continue the pressure. Can be comboed into, good damage.

Custom Combos

Sakura doesn’t have the strongest customs, but still good damage and tool to have.

Lvl 1- c.rh xx hk hurricane, hp dp
c.rh xxhp dp, hp dp

lvl 2- c.rh xx hp dp x3
c.rh xx hk hurricane, hp dp x2

lvl 3- c.rh xx hk hurricane, hp dp x3

Anti air CC-

s.lp or xx hp dps (for lvl 3 use mp dps, end with hp dp)

For her ground custom, getting all hp dps can be hard to time, you can make it easier by:

  1. Replacing 1 hp dp with mp dp


  1. Using mk hurricane instead on hk hurricane.


>>>> x3, xx hp dp<<<<

This is your main combos, easy to hit confirm, great stun, and damage. Anytime you land a, it shoud end in a xx hp dp. Best BnB in the game hands down. Learn it, love it, live or gtfo. More on this in general strat.

  1. s.hp xx hp dp (use to punish)
  2. x2, super
  3. s.hp xx hurricane kick (Hk vesion)
  4. f+mk, link xx hp dp
  5. f+mk, link xx qcb x2+k
  6., link xx hp dp
  7., link xx super

General Strategy

Knock down. Cross up. Combo. Repeat. Thats what it breaks down to, but you have a few options when you get up close and they are blocking. You want to try to keep close to land BnBs.

Starter, x2

If hit continue to BnB.

If blocked you can do a couple things:

  1. walk up throw

If successful, you have a free cross-up. If they blocked your cross up, start back at x2. Another thing to do is empty jump into BnB.

  1. walk up, counter hit,

Do this to counter them trying to throw you. If blocked, walk up throw or go for cross up.

  1. Cross-up

If blocked go back to x2, or hesistate then throw, or f+mk into combo.

  1. counter hit c.rh

Do this if you think they are mashing then go for cross up, if blocked match is reset.

5.counter hit s.fp xx hadouken

This will push you back out.

Basically, try to stay on your opponent to land combos or grab. Her acs arent great but if hit they are non-rollable so, in some cases, a free cross up.

Sagat 101, Tiger UPPERCUT

Sagat isnt easy to use, but is very good once you get him down. He more for someone who likes to zone/turtle, he doesnt really have much of a rush down ability. But when he hits you it hurts :frowning:


Far reach
Great anti-air
Pure Power
Versatile CC


Slow speed
Normal are laggy and slow

Normals Breakdown

s.lp- slow elnow to the face, not any real frame advantage. use up close to combo into tiger uppercut, most characters can duck this, doubles as a close anti-air, but comes out a bit slow.
s.fp- Anti-jump and anti-air. Very good priority. Use to smack someone jumping from afar. good range, but slow to come out and no real frame advantage, decent poke. far ranged poke, real use as a far anti-air. Be careful because if blocked on the ground (or hit) it can be reversal cc’s. far reaching anti-air.

c.lp- slow useless jab. decent priority, cancels into specials or super.
c.fp- powerful hit with decent priority. offers small frame adavantage and can link into itself, usefule poke up close. far reaching low hit, slow recovery, good fram afar.
c.rh, slow sweep, main use as a cc starter.

j.rh- great air-to-air, jump in, his universal air move. His cross up, must be close. has great air to air priority when out.

Command Normal

mk x2 (must be done QUICK)- No real use, and hard as hell to do. Basically a fake (only does first half of his animation)

Alpha Counters

Punch- A hard hitting, one hit, tiger uppercut. Use when close or vs air attacks.

Kick- A very fast mid kciks, safer tha his pucnh ac, but not as strong, use on ground or vs air.


Hp- Mash to get more hit, pathetic damage.


Tiger shot- qcf+p or k

Kick version goes low, punch version goes high (actually goes over saks fireball). Mainly kick will be used, his main zoning tool from afar. Starts far in front of sagat cause his animation, and does good damage.

Tiger knee- dp+k

Use to advance quickly, or combo into. 2-hits blocked is safe, 1-hit blocked (or hit) can be punished, but is extrememly hard to, leading to set-ups.

Tiger knee, then:

  1. CC
  2. throw
  3. block attack, ac

You can also hp tiger uppercut at your own risk, I tend not to because you are gonna get messed up if they block, cc is way safer. I would only cc at lvl 1, cause if they blcok its not too big a loss.

Tiger uppercut- dp+p

Hp does massive damage when done deep as AA or on the ground, I wanna say roughly 20% damage. Always to deep tiger uppercuts for AA when possible.


Tiger Cannon- qcf x2+p

Awesome super to use in fireballs fights, not much use other than that.

Tiger raid- qcb x2+k

Safe super to wake up with at lvl 2 or higher, very comboable. Safe on block.

Tiger Genocide- qcf x2+k

Only lvl 3 is worth it when comboed into, does massive damage.
Custom Combos
If you ever dont knock them down (ex. you mess up a sweep, so they are still standing) the cc still works.

lvl 1- c.rh cc hk tiger knee, hp tiger uppercut
c.rh xx hp tiger uppert cut x2

  • if you have JUST A LITTLE more than a lvl 1, you can get 2 hk tiger knees in, then dp.

lvl 2- hk tiger knee x3, hp tiger uppercut

lvl 3- tiger knee x5, hp tiger uppercut

^^ hard as hell to do, better off doing 4 knees. either way it hurrts, even if you go for 5 knees into hp tiger uppercut.

Anti-air custom combo:

OH so nice. Since sagat has such a far reaching s,mk, you can AA from far as hell away and get his full custom.

Close aa cc: s.lp xx hk tiger knees xN, hp tiger uppercut.

far aa cc: xx hk tiger knees xN, hp tiger uppercut.


  1. meaty, xx tiger shot
  2. point blank s,mp xx hp tiger uppercut
  3. x2 xx super
  4. xx hp dp
  5. Corner, combo into tiger raid, hp tiger uppercut juggle.
  6. j.rh, xx tiger genocide (lvl 3) OUCH!

General strategy
Sagats comfort zone is 3/4 to fullscreen away. From here you can far aa and control the pace of the match. Punish all jump attempts hard. WHen the opponent does get close, ac them, or thow to get them away. His CC is very easy to land and is a round winner. Zone with slow fireballs, and punish far jump attempts with s.fp or, s.rh works too.

Chun 101

Pretty much the best character in the game, she has no real bad matches and the ones that are 5:5 are usually vs people who are pretty skilled. As a whole cChun is pretty dominant and at least a pain in the ass. She has everything you really need, on top of that her normals and acs are so damn good.


  • Great acs
  • Great, safe supers
  • God-like normals
  • Best jump-in and air-to-air normals
  • Many anti-airs, including upkicks which beats anything
  • One of the best ccs
  • Command overhead which has high/mid invincibility and give frame advantage
  • is gay
  • No bad matches
  • Can do unblockable cc after a blocked air-to-air j.rh
  • Kikoken is incredibly good
  • Can combo after super


  • High floaty jump









Ryu 101.

****Normals Breakdown:


Lp- Quick jab, with small frames advantage, you can walk and do these on any opponent that can’t crouch them.

Mp- Quick one arm uppercut, good anti-air and cancelable to a special move.

Hp- Straight punch which can be used as anti-air in some instances, and stop hurricane kicks etc. Not cancelable.

Lk- Good ranged kick to the shin, cancelable, good priority and range.

Mk- Ugly axe kick which can be used as a anti-crossup.

Hk- A roundhouse kick to the face. Good meaty to whoever cant crouch it, gives hella frame advantage, but despite look isnt a anti-air.


Lp- Little jab to the shin, not really all that great range wise.

Mp- A straight punch with good priority and frame advantage, cancelable.

Hp- Uppercut, probably one of the best normal anti-airs in the game. Also this is a super meaty, allowing link after ward.

Lk- Quick kick to the foot, combo starter, cancelable

Mk- A good reaching low kick, probably overall bset poke, gives frame advantage, awesome meaty, and cancelable.

Hk- A really good sweep with good range, usually a poke string ender. Note that if not cancelled its a free cc on you, and if you cancel into a hadouken, free cc on you if your opponent has a lvl 3.


Mp- A two-hit upward punch in the air, use to juggle after a connecting air hurricane kick on a grounded opponent.

Hp- A fist to the face >_<. Good jump in with good priority, especially when done early.

Mk- His cross-up, self-explanatory.

Hk- Best when used when jumping from far away, good priority.


These are important because if make it alot more difficult for your opponent to do wake-up reversals on you, and allow link not normally possible.

c.fp- this is a real good one allowing comboing of a cc,, or c.rh. really good since its a low hit, can link, c.rh, or cc. this one allows you to easily connect a or c.rh
s.rh- this only works on certain character but gives alot of frame advantage, enough to link a c.rh.

****Specials Breakdown:


A fireball. His best poke, good release speed and damage. Throw a hell of alot of these but be smart with it. Throwing smart fireballs will annoy your opponent, just tossing them out will get you killed.

Hurricane kick:

Used for mobility and to punish fireballers, use lk version to pass fireballs when you cant use hk version to hit opponent. Can be done in the air and has annoyingly great priority, also if connected against a grounded opponent allows for a juggle. 1 hit and knockdowns

Dragon Punch:

His invincible anti-air. Lp version seem to have no lower invincibility. At best you might trade with a low hit, which Ive only done with Ken. Lp Dp’s on the ground tend to suck in A2 and this being multi-hit isnt reliable, best bet is to used as a anti-air or wake-up when opponent is right on you. Hp does a good chunk of damage and beats anything non super pretty much.


Shinku Hadouken:

Only real use is to blow thru fireballs, sucks as a AA at any lvl other than 1, and you have better choices anyway. Can combo off light attacks. Lvl 1 does does not knock down, and if to close can be hit.

Hurricane Kick:

Probably the best wake-up super in the game, best used defensively than offensively. Completely safe on block, good chip damage, and good damage. Good anti-cross up when knocked down.

****Play Style:

I like to zone with ryu, fireball away, build meter, cc for chip whatever. Ryu is scary cause its hard to rush him when he has meter, after a few eaten ccs your opponent wont rush you so much. This is in you favor since his fireball is so good. Main goal is to force the opponent to make mistakes by zoning with fireballs, then anti-airing them if they jump. His HP fb knocks down and has great release speed, so Ryu can really get annoying fast.

Well if within or a little outside sweep range go for his cc:

c.rh xx lk hurricane xN, fp dp

UPDATED: Better Customs at lvl 3

  1. c.rh xx lk hurricane x3, fp dp x2
  2. c.rh xx lk hurricane x2, lp dp, lp dp, hp dp
  3. c.rh xx lk hurricane x3, hp fireball x4, hp dp
  4. c.rh xx hp dp, hp dp, lp dp, hp dp.

Note in CC mode E. Ryu’s specials are like regular Ryu’s.

Tired of people jumping on you, well then just anti-air cc. Shoto’s have probably the best AA ccs. If no cc is available, used c.fp or (cancel into hurricane to move close or hadouken to push back). works as a anti-cross up.

Activate, xx lk hurricane xN, fp dp

Now if they jump from afar…

Activate, s.fp xx rh hurricane, fp dp

Congrats! You just made you opponent think twice about jumping on you which leads to more hadouken and cc mix-up fun! This is just a quick overview if you have any in depth question feel free to ask.

Also vs fireballers, if you hit a air hurricane kick…

immeadiately jump activate, xx hurricane, land, continue hurricane kick juggle, end with fp dp.

****Hadouken Knockdown

After a xx fireball knockdown, hold uf, at the last second. Its a safe jump in and if it hits go into x2 fireball. Alot of times they try to throw which leads to x2 xx fireball another knockdown into the same situation. Repeat til and is blocked.

From the blocked, go for throw, or xx fireball if you think they expected your throw attempt. If they jump at you when you have meter, cc them with xx lk hurricanes xN, end with hp dp. If they jump from afar, actiavte, s.fp xx hk hurricane into lk hurricanes, end with dp.

C.fp is one of the best meaties and if it hits you can link a or sweep, if blocked walk forward and throw, or go for a counter hit. is a really good anti cross up, hitting instantly above his head.

(next to opponent standing) (or x2) xx lk hurricane, fp dp

(standing or crouching)
c.fp xx hadouken
c.fp xx hk hurricane x3 xx any lvl shinku hadouken


M.Bison 101.

****Normals Breakdown:


Lp- Quick jab, with small frames advantage. Not great.

Mp- Glow version of his s.lp, with great priority and blockstun, similar to ST Chun’s Can do multiple in a row to counter hit and anti jump characters up close. Serves as far anti air in a lot of matches. This is his up close bully move.

Hp- Upward angled punch, which looks like it can be used as anti-air, but has actually pretty bad priority, though it ok to use sometimes as it’s faster than c.fp. Lots of meaty range.

Lk- Quick knee kick to the mid section, cancelable, good priority.

Mk- Straight kick with good range. Universal poke, not too fast, not too bad recovery. Very good to zone.

Hk- A two hit Anti-air angled kick. Good anti air priority and first hit is cancelable to anything. Use for AC reversal up close.


Lp- Little jab to the shin, not really all that though is has ok range for a jab.

Mp- A straight punch with good priority, cancelable.

Hp- Very good anti air once its out, must do early for it to be effective, lots of meaty frames.

Lk- Quick kick to the foot, can hit meaty, not chainable.

Mk- A low kick similar to, hits meaty and cancelable.

Hk- Great surprise move and safe when distance right, same applications as other games, can be kara canceled for add reach on specials.


Lk- Best air-to-air, quick, but low damage.

Mk- Jumping version of great neutral jump moves.

Hk- Angled jump in with good priority.


These are important because if make it alot more difficult for your opponent to do wake-up reversals on you, and allow link not normally possible.

s.fp- Hits super meaty, but no real combo opportunity cause of push back

c.fp- same as above Hits low and can link a and I think rh, been awhile idr. Heavy frame advantage.

****Specials Breakdown:

Psycho Shot: b charge f + P:

A fireball. Although its a charge, the recovery sucks. What is best about this move is its size, speed, and hitbox. Very hard to jump over (lp version) cause it is so slow, can be super meaty, and change bison’s hitbox (the fireballs anti airs A LOT).

Double Knee Press: b charge f + K:

Ew. NOT CVS2/ST/SSF4 Knee press. Only usefulness is it goes over lows, semi unpunishable at certain ranges and character specific. 100% punishable by anyone with meter by CC or AC. Used mainly in CCs. All versions combo only after

Head Press: d charge u + K:

Very good move when mixed with somersault skull diver, safe as hell and annoying. Always whiffs on Evil Ryu and on Sak sometimes. Can kara a rh into this, mix this with instant skull divers to keep your opponent guessing. Good priority and hard to cc and anti air. If hit anywhere during the move to include recovery results in a air reset. Press P for follow up, safe on block, easy to ac or cc though.

Somersault Skull Driver: d charge u + P,P

Bison goes in the air as if to headstomp but does nothing unless you press p which causes him to punch dive. Slight frame advantage on block and good when whiffed and mixed with stomps. Same properties as headstomp on hit.

Bison Warp: dp or rdp + PPP or KKK:

Very good teleport, great to take you away from your opponent.


Mega Pyscho Crusher:

Meh. Lvl 1 doesnt have good priority, lvl 2 is ok, but lvl 3 is beast. Use lvl 3 version as anti ait to make your opponent shit themsleves. Horrible wake up option as it does not track opponent if it hit a limb, wasting the super.

Knee Press Nightmare:

Great lvl one to blow through fireballs and on wake up.

****Play Style:

Bison is fast in this game. Stupid fast for his size. He can be in your face or turtle, depends how you roll. Walking mp is very effective versus mashers and will counter hit the hell out of them. Utilize his fast walk speed to get throws when close, and counter hit with various normals when you get in. Bison only real combo is off s.rh so you wont be doing combo vids. Harass from afar with slow fireballs, anti air with s.rh and c.fp. Mid range keep your distance with and from far screen you can sweep to close the gap.

Your main objective is to annoying your oppenont into messing up. Constant barrages of headstomp, skull divers, and lp fireballs from a distance will frustrate your opponent into acting rash. Every blocked skull diver (beware of ac) is a guessing game for you opponent. You can go for a throw, ac their attack attempt, or activate a cc, or do another skull diver.

Bison can pressure well in the corner, example of a annoying pattern would be skull diver, [c.lp xx instant skull diver]x2-3. Mix in some walking lks, a throw, neutral jumps, empty jump throw and you can begin to see how annoying Bison can be.

Bison is very versatile with meter. You can blow through moves with knee press nightmare, alpha counter, or cc. I sometimes blow a lvl 1 cc just to get close. Here are some examples:

Activate - lp psycho shot x3, teleport behind or in front

  • lp psycho shot x3, headstomp -> skull diver follow up
  • lp psycho shot x3, empty somersault skull diver or follow up

As for ACs, Bison’s fist of hit punch ac seems invincible. Alpha counter reversals with dps wont work on him unless close. If you opponent does ac reversals use kick ac. Kick ac is very very good. Bison will teleport behind the opponent then you can CC or throw. Buff stuff. If they ac reversal his kick ac, Bison gets a free hit.

s.rh xx hk knee press
s.rh or xx any super


::::Custom combos::::

Sweep xx hk knees press xx sweep xx headstomp -> dive (whiffs unless they tech roll), meaty unblockable sweep follow up.

Add one extra knee press for lvl 2, 2 for lvl 3.

Frame Data

Calculations to best of my knowledge is as follows, thanks to phoenixnl

First of all: Throw invincibility. After knockdown, hitstun and blockstun you are invincible to throws for a short period of time. This time is exactly 6 frames in all three cases.

Secondly I’ve been looking at hitstun/blockstun on moves.

Below follows a list of all the data I’ve collected:

Jump light attacks: 15 frames hitstun, 14 frames blockstun, 7 frames hitstop
Jump medium attacks: 15 frames hitstun, 14 frames blockstun, 9 frames hitstop
Jump hard attacks: 15 frames hitstun, 14 frames blockstun, 11 frames hitstop
Light attacks: 14 frames hitstun, 13 frames blockstun, 10 frames hitstop
Medium attacks: 19 frames hitstun, 18 frames blockstun, 12 frames hitstop
Heavy attack: 24 frames hitstun, 22 frames blockstun, 14 frames hitstop
Command normal: 14 frames hitstun, 13 frames blockstun, 12 frames hitstop
Command overheads: Generally work like Medium attacks. Sakura’s overhead is an exception for working like a heavy attack.
Specials: 24 frames hitstun, 22 frames blockstun, variable hitstop

Now, on to calculating frame advantages. This is a bit odd in Alpha2. Let’s take Rose’s as an example.

The move has 4 frames startup, 7 active frames, and 6 frames of recovery.
But after the end of this move, Rose goes into a crouching state for 2 frames in which she cannot do anything at all, effectively lengthening the recovery by 2 frames. All moves have this 2 frames of recovery, standing moves go in a standing recovery state, crouching moves go in a crouching recovery state. Visually these look identical to normal neutral stance and crouch. Yet they cannot be canceled by anything, not even block, walk or jump. If anyone finds someway to cancel this recovery, please let me know.

Back to Rose’s, which is effectively 4/7/8. It’s a medium attack so it does 19 frames of hitstun. If the move connects on the first active frame, the remaining part of the move is 6+8=14 frames. As the move does 19 frames of hitstun we get a frame advantage of +5 (19-14=5), this is just enough to link it into another as it has 4 frames startup and becomes active on the 5th frame (it is therefore a 1 frame link). Obviously the meatier you hit this move, the higher the frame advantage will become. If you hit it on the last possible active frame, the recovery is 8 frames. 19-8=11 So the move at its meatiest is +11.


This section in need of updating with max reps of some ccs.

Video link of some of the ccs:


Here is everyones ccs:


any lvl- c.rh xx hk dp xN, full dp ender


any lvl- c.rh xx lk hurricane xN, Hp dp ender
aa cc- or into above cc


any lvl- c.rh xx lp dp xN, hp dp ender (if close you can lp dp after c.rh instead of hurricane)
aa cc- xx lp dp xN, hp dp


lvl 1- c.rh xx lp dp, red fb, hp dp
c.rh xx hk hurricane, hp dp (far cc)

lvl 2- c.rh xx hk hurricane, lk hurricane, red fb, hp dp

lvl 3- c.rh xx fp dp, lp dp, lk hurricane, red fb, hp dp
c.rh xx hk hurricane, lk hurricane x3, red fb, hp dp
c.rh xx lp dp, red fb, lp dp, red fb, hp dp (dreamfire cc)

AA CC- xx red fb xN


any lvl standing or on anyone who cant duck mp scrape: xx mp scrape xN, c.fp xx 360+hk

On anyone who can duck it use lp scrape but dont use c.fp, go straight into 360+hk


Any lvl- c.rh xx hk up flame xN

AA cc- s.lp cc hk upflame xN

Chun “fucking I hope she dies what a whore” li

lvl 1- c.rh xx up kick x2
c.rh xx lightning legs, up kicks when meter is almost out

lvl 2- c.rh xx lightning legs longer, up kicks when meter is almost out

lvl 3- c.rh xx up kicks x2, hold db a split second, upkicks
c.rh xx lightning legs, up kicks x2

aa cc- s.lp xx up kicks xN


Lvl 3- c.rh xx rh gale kick, lp dp, lp dp, rh gale kick (thx Gunter)
Lvl 3 (close)- c.rh xx lp dpx4, hk gale


lvl 1/2- c.rh xx SK xN, sweep xx headstomp, p. Land and unblockable sweep

lvl 3- c.rh xx SK x4, xx headstomp, p. Land and unblockable sweep


lvl 1- c.rh x hk drill x2, hp soul throw
lvl 2- c.rh x hk drill x3, hp soul throw
lvl 3- c.rh x hk drill x4, hp soul throw


lvl 1- c.rh xx hl dp x2
c.rh xx lk jag kick x2, hk dp

lvl 2- c.rh xx lk jag kick xN, hk dp

lvl 3- c.rh xx [hk jag kick, hk dp]x2
c.rh xx lk jag kick x4, mk jag kick, hk dp xx lk jag kick x5, or in hk dp (must be standing)


lvl 1-, xN, 360+hk xx final x2

lvl 2- xx final x3

lvl 3- xx final x4 (can add a red headbutt at the end but is hard


lvl 1- c.rh xx hp tiger uppercut x2
c.rh xx hk tiger knee, hp tiger uppercut

lvl 2/3 c.rh xx hk tiger knee xN, hp tiger uppercut


lvl 1- c.rh xx lk fk, hp sb, hk fk
c.rh xx hk fk x2

lvl 2- c.rh xx hk fk x3

lvl 3- c.rh xx hk fk x2, lk fk, hk fk
c.rh xx lk fk x3, mk fk, hk fk


lvl 1- xx hp shoulder x2, hk hurricane

lvl 2- xx hp shoulder x3, hk hurricane xx hp shoulder, hk hurricane x2

lvl 3- xx hp shoulder x4, hk hurricane xx hp shoulder x3, hk hurricane x2
df+rh xx hp shoulder x5, hk hurricane

AA cc:
s.lp xx hk hurricane xN

lvl 3 special:
AA cc
s.lp xx qcf+hp,p, hp shoulder x 3, hk hurricane

Near corner on standing tall opponent- c.fp xx qcf+p, grab, mk hurricane, hk hurricane


Any lvl- c.rh xx [scouter jump piano mash all kicks or mash lk]xN
AA cc- s.lp instead of c.rh into above combo


any lvl: df+rh xx lp gloves xN, ppp
any lvl: xx fp gloves xN, 360
aa cc: kkk, lp gloves xN, ppp


Here is some stuff you need to know about A2 game engine.

Custom Combo (cc)- Press 2 punches and 1 kick or 2 kicks and 1 punch when you have at least a lvl 1. This allows you to do multi special moves in a row, canceling recovery. Once activated you move forward very fast. The high the lvl the more invincibiltiy you get, generally for a normal sized character, at lvl 2/3 you can go thru a fireball.

Valle CC- If they opponent is standing, you can activate a custom combo and start with a low hit which is unblockable into a whatever cc.

Blowout CC- When around point blank to your oponent, when cc is activated and the opponent did any normal attack or was not blocking, they go into a stun animation. This allows you to hit them with pretty much anything for free.

Counter CC- Basically, your opponent does a cc, and you cc right back. This isnt easy but not impossible, allowing you to counter Valle ccs and blowouts.

Air super CC glitch- When is cc mode, as long as you have the meter, you can perform your air super if in the air. Akuma can super fireball from a f+mk.

Juggles- Some moves have juggle properties this move include:

Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut
Akuma’s Shoryuken and Hurricane
Adon’s Jaguar DP
Various Fireball supers
Chun-li’s upkicks, super upkicks, super puffball, d+mk in the air

Note that all fireball super only juggle for 3 hits, so best used at lvl 1 for anti air. As for Akuma’s juggles after a lk hurricane you can actually do the tech roll motion in the air and the dp will miss.

Alpha counter (AC)- b, db, d+p or kick. Varies per character and some are very strong like Rose’s punch ac or kens kick. Piano kicks for best result. Do this when is block stun to cancel out into a pre-determined attack, which has some invincibility and temporarily creates a freeze effect. Knock down acs cannot be tech rolled except by Sodom’s Tengu Walking.

Alpha counter reversal- Delay any safe normal into any invincible move that will beat a alpha counter but will not come out unless the normal was ac’d. Ex. Shoto’s c.fp, attempt to cancel it into a shoryuken right after cancel frame window is up. If the opponent ac’s, your c.fp will be on the active frames since the acs freeze it temporarily and you will shoryuken the hell out of them.

Kara-cancel- Canceling any normal quickly before the hit frames come out. Ex. f+mp xx raging demon or c.rh xx fireball. This allows for quicker meter building, ex. Rolento kara c.rh xx lp roll.

Throws- Forward or back+ mp/fp/mk/hk. Not all character can throw with all buttons, ex Rose and Sagat only have punch throws.

Tech-throw- Basically when thrown, you have a slight window to reverse by throwing, to avoid most damage from the throw. Some throw do no damage at all when tech ex Rolento’s kick throw.

Tech roll- After a non-ac non throw knock down, do b, db, d+lp, mp, or hp. This will roll you torwards you opponent depending on strength used, with lp getting up in place and hp rolling far. These are punishable by any low hit, so be careful when using.

Magic Grab- Gief can spd the first frame of you gettin up or coming out of block stun, giving you and 1 frame window to reversal. Cannot be jumped from or mashed out of, must dp/cc/super.

High Knock Down Juggle Glitch- This is best explain by a old post from Endy 22, so I’m gonna copy and paste. Basically it is a knock down that pops your opponent WAY up in the air, allowing juggles. If you are too lazy just know easiest way to set it up is after a cc, ex Sagat does his cc, opponent tech rolls when Sagat is done, Sagat does c.rh which creates a HDK, juggles with HP tiger uppercut.

Awhile back I posted an article about how special juggle combos could
be done after knocking someone down with a CC(i.e. with Sagat;
couching Roundhouse, juggle with Fierce Tiger Uppercut). Since then
I’ve learned a lot more about how the high knockdown trick works as
well as a bunch of combos that can be done using it.

For those who missed the original article or have yet to see someone
use the trick, I’ll explain how it’s done…

Basically, when you’re in CC mode and you do a move that knocks
down, the opponent is knocked higher than they usually are when you
are out of CC mode. For instance, when you activate a CC and then do
a crouching Roundhouse, your opponent is knocked up in the air higher
than a normal sweep would, so it’s easier to follow up with another
attack during the CC(this is one reason why the Valle CC is so
devastating). The interesting thing is, you can still get the benefit
of a high knockdown(HKD for short) after a CC ends (meaning your CC
meter has completely run out, and your opponent is getting up from the
knockdown your CC caused). In order to get a HKD, you must first hit
your opponent with any kind of CC that ends in a knockdown. Then, as
your opponent is getting up or right after, if you connect with a
move that knocks down(a sweep for instance) they will be knocked high
in the air(much higher than they normally should) allowing you to hit
them with a juggling move before they land. note: You can only follow
up a HKD with a move that juggles, like Akuma’s DP or Guy’s HK, all
non-juggling moves will whiff.

An interesting thing about HKD’s is that you can normally only juggle
an opponent knocked in the air on the way up or at the apex, as soon
they start to fall you can no longer juggle. However, with a high
knockdown, just like in CC mode, you can juggle an opponent no matter
how high they are off the ground. This means, if you do a crouching
Roundhouse that results in a high knockdown, you can wait till just
before the opponent lands and still juggle them. Also, you aren’t
limited to initiating a HKD with a sweep, certain special moves that
knock down will work, too. Another cool thing about HKD’s is that
they can be initiated with combos, as well. So, with E. Ryu as the
opponent is getting up, you could do crouching Jab, crouching Short,
Fierce Red Fireball(HKD), juggle with a Fierce Dragon Punch. It’s
also possible to do repeated high knockdowns. For instance, with
Sagat I could do a crouching Roundhouse as their getting up(HKD),
juggle with a Fierce Tiger Uppercut. Then as they’re getting up from
the TU, I could do another crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Fierce TU,
crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Fierce TU, etc. As long as you keep
getting consecutive HKD’s it can be repeated.

Now, landing a CC and then hitting your opponent with a knockdown move
or combo as they’re getting up will not automatically result in a
HKD. Whether you get the high knockdown or not is completely
determined by what your opponent does after getting knocked down by
the CC. Obviously, if they just block as they’re getting up, there is
no way you can hit them, so there’s no chance for a HKD. So, you can
only get a HKD in certain circumstances(most of which involve your
opponent doing a particular action as they’re getting up). Those
circumstances include:

  1. The opponent rolls after the CC - This is the easiest and most
    common way to land a HKD in a match. If your opponent rolls right
    after getting hit by a CC, simply hit them out of it with a knockdown
    move or combo and you will get a high knockdown, FOR FREE. note: This
    will only work in regular SFA2, since you can’t roll after a CC in
    A2Gold(and I’m assuming, Z2A).

  2. The opponent whiffs a Reversal Attack(“Reversal” has to appear)

  • This means if they do any kind of Reversal Attack(including Supers),
    and it misses, you can hit them during the recovery with a knockdown
    move or combo and get a HKD. i.e. Ryu does a Reversal DP and it
    whiffs, if you do a knockdown move as he lands it will result in a
  1. You stuff their Reversal Attack - Just like #2, except if you
    knock them out of the Reversal Attack with a knockdown move you will
    get a HKD.

  2. You do an AC reversal - If you stick out an attack as the opponent
    is getting up which they AC and you reverse it, you will get a HKD.
    So with Sagat, you could do a crouching Strong(they AC), 2in1 Jab
    Tiger Uppercut(knocks them out of their AC and results in a HKD), then
    juggle with a Fierce Tiger Uppercut.

  3. The opponent is holding ‘back’ - Meaning, if they’re simply
    holding straight back on the stick while they’re getting up and you
    hit them with a knockdown move or combo, you will get a HKD. I have
    no idea why this works, especially since holding in any other
    direction won’t result in a HKD. note: While experimenting, this
    happens to be the easiest way to get a HKD, and is a great way for
    doing repeated high knockdowns.

  4. You dizzy them with a HKD move or combo - If you dizzy your
    opponent with repeated HKD’s, then hit them while they’re dizzy with a
    knockdown move or combo, it will result in another HKD. i.e. With
    Sagat, you do crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Fierce TU, repeatedly till
    your opponent gets dizzy. While they’re dizzy you could do a combo
    like Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Fierce Tiger
    Uppercut. note: This is only really useful while practicing, since
    landing repeated HKD’s on someone in a real match is just about

  5. You counter them as they’re getting up - This one is kinda hard to
    explain, since I’m not exactly sure why this sometimes works, and
    sometimes doesn’t. When I originally posted about the HKD trick, I
    believed that all you had to do was counter your opponent with a
    knockdown move as they’re getting up and it would result in a HKD.
    Meaning, that if your opponent is entering any kind of joystick
    command(besides blocking) or button command, as they’re getting up and
    you hit them with a knockdown move, you’d get a HKD. I soon found out
    that is not always the case. It works a lot of times when your
    opponent is going for a Reversal and miss-times it, and your knockdown
    move hits them, but not always. I guess it’s something specific that
    they’re doing that makes a HKD possible, but I’m not exactly sure what
    it is yet. note: This makes jump-in or crossup HKD combos possible.

  6. You AC their Reversal Attack - AFAIK, this one is worthless. If
    you rebuild your meter through repeated HKD’s then have your opponent
    do a Reversal and you do an AC that knocks down, the AC will result in
    a HKD. Unfortunately, you can’t follow-up the HKD because your
    opponent will have that ‘spinning’ animation and apparently can’t be
    hit. I only mention this one, because I haven’t bothered to try it
    with all the different AC’s, so I’m not 100% sure that none of them
    can be followed-up.

  7. You link a knockdown move at the end of a non-knockdown CC - This
    is a special circumstance where you don’t actually have to knock your
    opponent down with the CC before getting a HKD. Basically, if you do
    a CC consisting of all non-knockdown moves(like a bunch of standing
    normals or stream of fireballs) you can link a knockdown move at the
    end of the CC, and get a HKD. So, with Sakura you could activate a
    CC, do a bunch of standing normals(lame, I know), then just as your
    meter runs completely out, link a normal crouching Roundhouse while
    they’re still in hit stun(results in a HKD), and then juggle with a
    Strong DP.

Here’s a list of moves for each character that will cause a HKD after
a CC ends.

Ken: Crouching Roundhouse
Ryu/E.Ryu: Crouching Roundhouse/Crouching Roundhouse, Fierce Red
Chun Li: Crouching Roundhouse(close)
Rose: Crouching Roundhouse, Soul Spiral
Zangief: Crouching Roundhouse, df+Roundhouse
Sakura: Crouching Roundhouse
Akuma: Crouching Roundhouse, Fireball(close), Red
Fireball(1,2 or 3 hit), d,db,f,uf+Punch move
Sagat: Crouching Roundhouse, Jab Tiger Uppercut
Charlie: Crouching Roundhouse
Rolento: Has no moves that will HKD
Dhalsim: db+Roundhouse, Strong/Fierce Yoga Fire, Yoga
Guy: Crouching Forward, df+Roundhouse
Adon: Crouching Roundhouse
M. Bison: Crouching Roundhouse(slide)
Sodom: Crouching Roundhouse(slide)
Gen: Has no moves in either style that will HKD
Dan: Crouching Roundhouse
Birdie: Crouching Roundhouse

Ok, now there are two basic types of combos that can done using the
HKD trick…

Normal HKD combos:
Combos that can be done by characters who have specials that
juggle(Akuma, Chun Li, Guy, E. Ryu, Sakura, Adon, Sagat) and can be
done after any CC that knocks down(every other character has to
rebuild meter so they can juggle with a SC). Examples:

(pardon some of the generic names for moves)

Adon - Jumping Fierce, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Roundhouse Jaguar

E. Ryu - Crouching Jab, crouching Short, Fierce Red Fireball(HKD),
Short HK, Fierce DP. (vs. Zangief, corner only)

Chun Li - Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Triple

Sagat - Crossup Short, crouching Strong, Jab Tiger Uppercut, Fierce
Tiger Uppercut

After Rebuilding Meter:
Combos that are only possible after you rebuild your meter through
doing repeated HKD’s. Basically, there is no way you’d ever, EVER get
this type of combo off in a real match, but do indeed work with some
setting up. Examples:

Charlie - Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Level 3
Somersault Justice (corner)

Guy - Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Forward(HKD), Level 3 Air Punch

Ken - Jumping Fierce, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), 2in1 Short Roll,
Level 3 Shinryuken

Rose - Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Jab, crouching Short, crouching
Strong, Short Drill(HKD), Level 2 Aura Soul Catch (corner)

Akuma - Jumping Fierce, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Short HK, Short HK,
jump towards Level 3 Air Super Fireball or Level 3 DP

Dhalsim - b+Fierce(headbutt), Jab Yoga Flame(HKD), Level 3 Yoga
Inferno (corner)

Zagief - Crossup d+Fierce, bd+Roundhouse, Level 3 Air Catch
Super(A2Gold, Z2A only)

There’s a bunch of other combos that can done using the trick, but the
examples should give you the idea. Also, it’s possible to juggle
with a CC after a HKD when you rebuild your meter.

Well, that’s about all I have to report on the high knockdown trick.
I hesitated to post all this, since A2 is such an old game, but
figured someone may find it of interest. There’s also another little
CC trick I found that I was thinking of posting in the future, but
this should be enough for now =).

Rahmon Omar DeLoney __

List of Alpha Counters

Supers can be used also, lvl 3s are best.


Punch- FP shoryuken, used vs jump-ins and when opponent is extremely close. Does have a tendency to whiff vs deep jump ins.

Kick- A fast c.rh with good recovery. Use on the ground, his best ac, since even if blocked its safe.


Punch- MP shoryuken, used vs jump-ins and when opponent is extremely close. Does have a tendency to whiff vs deep jump ins.

Kick- Top tier ac. All purpose counter with huge range and damage, able to hit a tiger shot from about 2/3 the screen away rofl. Use in anysituation for 15% damage.


Punch- Multi-hit dp. Only use up close or for anti-air cause if all the hits dont hit, it wont knock down.

Kick- A fast c.rh with good recovery. Use on the ground, his best ac, since even if blocked its safe.


Punch: LP dp, use up close or vs air attacks, good range for a dp.

Kick- A fast c.rh with good recovery. Use on the ground, his best ac, since even if blocked its safe.


Punch- A double palm, usable in any situation and gives frame advantage. Doesnt knock down.

Kick-, extremely fast and great range, good vs any ground attacks.


Punch- A rushing grab. Best ac in the game, allows for a xx lk drill after for a 1/3 of a lvl gain.

Kick. c.rh, use vs projectile, for anything else use punch.


Punch- A grab with little range but great damage, use ONLY when your opponent does a deep jump in or is near point blank or this will whiff.

Kick- A fast that knocks down. Best ac to use for everything, but does whiff vs some crouching attack.


Punch- Probably the best ac vs projectile, able to hit from very far away. Whiffs vs crouching characters, but almost always guarantees a grab or cc when it does. Hits jump ins.

Kick- c.rh, great range and over all best ac for ground.


PPP stance

Punch- A one fisted palm that doesnt knock down with very little advantage, best ac in this stance.

Kick- A 1 hit flying kick thingy, not all that great decent up close.

KKK stance

Punch- a shoulder attack with good damage, only use up close on ground, not vs air attack cause it will sometimes whiff.

Kick- A flying leg kick with great range, awesome vs projectle, comparable to Sodom’s punch ac in terms of range.


Punch- Dan flexes. Not very strong and pitful range. Use close to point blank or vs air attacks close.

Kick- A fast c.rh with good recovery. Use on the ground, his best ac, since even if blocked its safe.


Punch- A headbutt good vs air attacks but can whiff alot of ground, decent damage.

Kick- A boot to the head, pitful range and damage.


Punch- A baton twirl to the face, good damage and range.

Kick- A quick far scouter hop, no damage but allows for runaway or a cc from behind. Ac vs projectile then activate works very well.


Punch- A VERY quick palm thrust, decent damage and good for all situations, safe on block and even avoid some ac reversal due to quickness.

Kick- Telports behid your opponent for a free hit/throw/cc. AC vs air attack then throw works well, or cc. On the ground it allows for a cc or hit.


Punch- and hard hitting tiger uppercut, very good damage. Use vs jump-ins and close.

Kick- A quick straight kick, good overall vs any situation and safe on block.


Punch-, works well up close and vs jump ins, safe on block.

Kick- A slide. Very very well close and midrange.


Punch- c.hp, wokr well vs jump ins, can whiff up close.

Kick- Good range and best ac overall for guy.


Punch- Great up close, deal 4 quick hits gving good damage.

Kick- Does a Rising jaguar, best used vs early jump ins or very clos


Quick guide to simple mix up: Work in progress

Ryu: then:

  1. slight pause,, xx hp fp/lvl 3 super
  2. throw
  3. overhead
  4. slight pause, c.hp xx hp fb
  5. If you know they are mashing cc

Meaty then:

  1. walk up throw
  2. xx hp fb

After a hp fireball knockdown hold uf and last sec meaty then:

  1. Throw
  2., xx hp fb/lvl 3 super
  3. xx hp fb x 3 then:

  1. walk up, xx hp fireball
  2. walk back slightly, c.rh whiff punish anything they do (or cc)

Ken: then:

  1., xx super
  2. throw
  3. cancel it into lp roll, then throw or x2 xx super


Gen: then:

  1. throw
  2. slight pause,,, xx lvl 2 super, if c.lks are blocked, walk up,, xx super
  3. instant lk dp
  4. lvl 1 dizzy super (100% safe super, hits mashers then run away woth wall jumps)

Corner: then:

  1. throw, super grab
  2. any of the above options from
  3. instant lk dp, then
    a. lk dp again
    b. activate cc
    c. into whatever
    d. lvl 2 dizzy super

Guy: then:

  2. s.fp xx qcb+p
  3. throw











Tiers are so close in general in my opinion, here is my tiers based on my own experience and other active players. I stole the format used in Darks translation of VER’s A3 tiers.

Tier List

1996 USA:

  1. Ken
  2. Chun-Li
  3. Rose
  4. Ryu
  5. Akuma
  6. Adon
  7. Sagat
  8. Charlie
  9. Rolento
  10. M. Bison
  11. Guy
  12. Dhalsim
  13. Sakura
  14. Sodom
  15. Zangief
  16. Gen
  17. Birdie
  18. Dan

1996 Japan:

  1. Chun-Li
  2. Charlie
  3. Rose
  4. Adon
  5. Birdie
  6. Rolento
  7. Guy
  8. Dhalsim
  9. M. Bison
  10. Ryu
  11. Ken
  12. Sakura
  13. Akuma
  14. Sodom
  15. Sagat
  16. Zangief
  17. Gen
  18. Dan

Modern Tier List:

Top Tier:


High Tier:


Middle Tier:


Bottom Tier

Ironically, Leonhard the best A2 player (that I know of) in Japan seems to main with Gen lol.

S tier- Straight up can handle everyone and can be played with pretty low skill set and do well.

A tier- All really good, just seem to be missing some vital thing to putt hem in top. Example Rose gets ass raped by Gief if he gets in on her when she has no meter, even though she can handle him, no reversal hurts her alot. And in general you have to be on point with Rose to really do good, nowadays mash mp wont cut it. Sakura can rape anyone, if she knocks them down, due to her cross up being able to cross up OR not even though it does cross up.If that makes sense. Rolento can do a 90-100% cc wish adds to his game nicely since his main goal is to run away and build meter, frustrating the opponent. Zangief simply is a force to be reckoned with and is one of the hardest characters to zone. Highly damaging normals, specials, supers, and devastating ground cc along with farthest reaching Valle cc make him a beast. Due to Akuma’s low health and the devastating power of a cc, 1 mistake he can pretty much die. This is one of the main reasons, along with stun bar, ranked in A instead S. Akuma also lacks a good dp, since the initial hit doesn’t knock down and lp version loses to low hits, he can exactly dp in between pokes when ryu and ken can, and sometimes a mp/hp dp wont fully connect allowing your opponent plenty of time to decide what combo to kill you with. Evil Ryu would fit this tier also.

B tier- Solid. All three do extremely well, but none can do too much direct damage. They all pretty much force you to make a mistake or do something thru pressure. Usually they can pull a win when ahead on life, but can be rough trying to make a comeback. Not super easy to use nor are they real difficult.

C+ tier- Still pretty good, but just not exactly B-tier. None can do real good damage with out meter, and Bison doesnt do good damage with meter (with respect to the game being played). Certain acs hurt Sim quite a bit cause they can hit his limbs. Gen poses no real threat until a lvl 2 is gained, and even still can get zoned out pretty well by most characters, dive shenanigans are useless once opponent has meter.

C tier- Guy has a nasty rush, but easily zoned out and pushed out once in by acs, and his lask of a good ac reversal hurts him more. Floaty jump combined with no real bnb put him down alot, mainly relying on throw/counterhit/cc mix ups. Adon simply cant do anything but poke once opponent has meter, since every move he has is punishable easily by cc. Only poking in a non guard bar game doesnt mix, even if his cc is highly damaging.

D tier- Both have good damage options but take a heavy skill set and amount of patience. Birdie has to rely on hitting his cc to win most the time and Dan just has no far/mid range game. Standing and crouching mk only go so far.


RagingStormX’s Alpha 2 Q&A:
You ask, I answer (well try at least)

Q: Is the duration of any level “custom combo state” consistent throughout the game? Or is the duration of each “custom combo state” character specific?
A: It’s the same for everyone, duration is based on meter available when activated.

Q: Which version of Charlie’s flash kick do I use?
A: Lk is fully invincible as a anti-air, mk version beats all ground moves or trades at worst. Stay away from HK version.

Q: How do I use Rose’s SI?
A: Just activate at anytime to scare your opponent, it isn’t punishable. Cancel it form a heavy attack so they can’t jump away then go for cross ups, walk up c.lks, throw, etc or use HK drill to chip ftw. After a knockdown any super meaty move will be unblockable, but it’s not easy.

Q: Who are the top tier in this game?
A: Chun-li, Ken, Ryu, Rose. Chun is pretty much #1 after that it’s debatable. Rose with a active SI better than all three.

Q: How do I Alpha Counter?
A: Back, down-back, down + punch or kick

Q: Can I punish tech rolls?
A: Yes, but you cant really do it on reaction in some cases so it’s best to just commit with a low attack.

Q: Which is better Alpha 2 or Alpha 3?
A: Based on preference, no real “better” game. Both have flaws, but SFA2 feels more like a SF game to me than A3. Just play whichever you like.

Q: Why does my dp get beat on wake up? It even says reversal.
A: Jab dps in general lose to low hit clean, you have to use mp/fp for Ryu, mp for Ken, hp for Sagat. That’s why the reversal message pops up, you are doing it, but if its lp its getting beat clean.

Q: How do I avoid chip damage from Rose’s Soul Illusioned drill?
A: Best bet is to run away until SI is over, if you block a drill you cant ac it unless you are Gief, Rolento, Bison, or Rose. Any other ac will trade, making you take a ton of damage.

Q: How do I cc?
A: Press 2 kicks and 1 punch or 2 kicks and 1 punch with a lvl 1 or higher.

Q: Are custom combos unblockable?
A: No. Custom combos can interrupt normals if you are near point blank, but if you block they can not break guard. They are unblockable when you are standing by doing a low hit aka “Valle cc”

Q: What is a Valle custom combo?
A: Valle disovered that if you activate a custom combo while your opponent is standing that they cannot block low in time to avoid a sweep (any low hit actually), therefore it was named the Valle cc.

Q: Can you counter cc?
A: Yes, but it is much harder than A3, but I can do it quite often.

Q: Should I always start a custom combo with a sweep?
A: No. It’s all character dependant. Sodom, Gief, Guy, Akuma, E.Ryu as well as others have stronger custom combos if the opponent stays standing. You “DO” want to do a low hit if they are standing, but if the cc is free (missed dp, etc), go for the strongest variation they have.

Example: If I cc with Gief and they are standing I’m gonna do df+rh xx lp dp xN, PPP ender. If they missed a dp, I’m gonna xx hp glove xN, SPD (midscreen) or double suplex (corner) ender.

#####Alpha Counter Reversals#####

The technique of doing a option select on a normal to make a invincible move come out only if the opponent uses an alpha counter.

Example: I sweep with Ryu, buffer HP shoryuken late, opponent does an ac, HP dp comes out and beats the ac. If the opponent does not ac, no special will come out.

Any normal you can cancel, can be used to ac-reversal but you’ll avoid things like c.lks or c.jabs because they don’t have enough activate frames to cancel it late. You’ll want to do meaty things like a shoto c.fp,,, etc.

A quick list off the top of my head, so if I miss any character just lemme know and I’ll add their most used AC reversal:

Ryu/Ken/Akuma - As mentioned before c.fp,,, or, cancelled late into DP. Any of these are easy and probably the most basic and most seen AC reversals. In Akuma’s case you can AC-reversal with teleport and be really safe while baiting their AC in the process.

Adon - Only really has into RH DP

Chun -,, into qcb + k overhead special. Overhead has a good bit of invincibility so it beats a lot of ACs but not everything.

Guy - A bit iffy. I’d just use or really late (2nd hit) into MK hurricane but it can lose to a lot of things. If you wanna burn meter into qcf + P x2 Super should beat most ACs.

Dhalsim - Can bait with teleport just like Akuma, other than that not too much. Wouldn’t even use a super to AC reversal, better off saving the meter.

Gen - Probably the only character I don’t have much experience with AC reversals. I’d assume, into RH DP would work fine.

Sakura - Not a lot she can do since her shoryuken is too slow startup. You either have to AC reversal with a super or just eat the AC. Use or

Rolento - Mainly into qcb + jab. Doesn’t escape everything but it’s pretty nice.

Gief - or d/b into KKK lariat. Will beat pretty much anything :party:

Charlie - I don’t AC reversal with Charlie since you’d have to lose your charge since you won’t know if you’re going to actually AC reversal until the last minute. Save the meter.

Birdie - Pretty sure all he can do is into turn punch? (And cancel into super, but not worth it) Anyone feel free to correct me.

Rose - Surprisingly not much. or and maybe c.fp into qcb + P x2 super is mostly it.

Sodom -,, c.fp into qcf + p x2 super, and MAYBE 720 super but I havn’t tested that so I’m tossing around some crazy theory fighter.

Sagat - Mainly just into fierce DP.

Bison - or into teleport.

Dan -,, or c.fp into (pray to god) a white DP, or just a super.

Sim- b+mp or fp to super or teleprt, but best save the metter unless you have a big lead or it will kill them.

Gen- pretty much anything, but best it s.fp to dp or dizzy super/lvl 2 rush. Lk dp is real good and safe.

Geif- to super or kkk

Charlie- to mk FK, but I rarely do them with him

Rose- c.fp to super fireball or lvl 3 grab

Sodom- only super, 720 always gets hit

Sagat- use for late cancel if they can’t duck it

Bison- anything to immeadiate teleport


Here is a small article I wrote years ago in terms of being new to any fighting game:

A lot of people seem to strive to get good at street fighter I noticed on ggpo, some people played SF longer than me (competitively, I been playing since WW, but was like 6 lol). Some people try and don’t know what they or doing wrong or just don’t “get it”. I wasn’t the greatest at any SF game really until a SRK member (eddiew, you might know him form the 3S forums) whooped my ass and gave me a reality check. Everyone “knows” that they are the shit at SF until they play someone who plays in tournaments for the most part.

Well around the time of CvS2 first getting to the states is when I met him, wrecking everyone with Rog and Eagle in A-groove, both ratio 2’s. I was like “Damn, I been playing SF forever, I don’t get it how is he so good?”. I later find out he played in several tournaments and was constantly playing (and winning) , at the time, Hsien Chang, Mopreme, Fubarduck, and a lot of the austin crew during casuals at the now defunct Einstein’s Arcade. Not saying he owned them, but on their lvl.

So the beatdowns begin and I start learning shit. Anti-airs, combos, what character style I like etc. I think the problem is most people stop at that point and the mentality when playing doesnt change. It was like that for a while with me, yeah, I could just defend/parry full supers, combo you to hell. I still lost. Alot.

It wasn’t long after I met other people and was introduced to 3S and ST. I think ST is the perfect game to get your basic set of skills for any SF game. Just my opinion. So I got beat down in that. With the same mentality, I saw him throw fireballs and dp. Yet I tried and get kicked in the face etc. I don’t think a lot of beginners realize at first that thought goes into everything, or at least should. I realized he isn’t just throwing a hadouken, he is reacting to what the player does and watching before he throws one. So I start to see more things and pick up what other players do. First time we played Sirlin and Choi, Sirlin just destroyed most of us. How? Just walk up mk and RH with Bison mainly. Didn’t do anything else. Then I watched him play better players and saw he did the same shit UNTIL they countered him, then he switched it up. Then I realized, damn he wasn’t gonna stop until we countered it lol. And why not? Cause if you are doing something the opponent cant figure how to counter why stop. So I put that mentality in my head.

Most other games I would watch other top players and saw the match was usually calm until someone got a knockdown and I figured that was a huge advantage. I would blindly rush and just die a lot, I then added the knock down to my repertoire. Now how to get the knockdown. I watched Jumpsuit Jesse in ST as well as Choi in ST and CvS2. They would bait normals. They did this by a series of attacks as simple as 3.clks, anything to JUST put them out of the characters range. I it worked good vs most non-top players and even top ones. Choi would x3 with Ryu, pause, if they swept or he immediately countered with a sweep for the knockdown and bam he was really in control now. Same thing I noticed JSJ would do in ST also.

So I would watch other matches, I really noticed it in one match, I think it was Texas Showdown. Jwong vs Combofiend in CvS2. Combo is known for rushing and Jwong turtles of course. I noticed that when Combo was ahead on life he turtled. I never thought of that, so I learned something else, he who has more life has the right to turtle. Added that shit to my game also. It was also in CvS2 I learned to counter hit well from watching top player use frame advantage well. I use that shit in A2 a lot and its such a older game, still works.

Whenever you watch a match really WATCH and try to think what the player is doing, not everything is just set ups. Watch how they bait, counter, etc. SF is pretty much like chess. Gotta make the right move to out do/out think your opponent. I see a lot of players try, try, try the same shit and it doesnt work. You need to learn the adapt also. If you are Gief and you get DP’D every SPD attempt, next time wait then SPD their recovery.

Experience. This one is big and also why ggpo is so great. Not everyone plays the same characters the same. DGV doesnt play Ryu like Choi and AfroLegends doesn’t play Rog like Graham. You wont get the proper knowledge of how to fully play vs a character until you play multiple people. And with that goes this, play people better than you. I’m not gonna get any better at A2/ST/SF4 by playing people I beat down. They won’t get better either. Play better people, but ask questions and watch what they are doing.

Last thing, training mode. Don’t just use it to combo. Use it to practice set-ups, meaties etc. Best use of training mode in my opinion is to learn how to counter something. replicate what just whooped your ass and find the counter. I see too many Chun-Li’s and Bison’s in ST get splash on in the corner in ST “They can’t do nothing!”. Well if you went into training you would know you can with Chun and psycho crusher with Bison, vs things like t.hawks loop you can take both hits then uppercut with charge characters (if he isn’t neg edging it).

I don’t know I hope this helped someone somewhere.

Here is a must read for new guys, there are 8 chapters so far.

Character general knowledge, pros, cons



  1. Rose has several anti air options in,, s.fp, s.rh, c.fp, lvl 1 fireball, all air throw supers, and s.lp. Be familiar with the ranges and match ups to use them all.

  2. Rose df+mk is a decent escape tool for cross ups. When in SI mode you can escape a cross up and cause the opponent to land in the shadows for a combo.

  3. Rose can connect s.fp after a punch AC on Gief into a HK drill.

  4. Rose best normals to use for alpha counter reversals are c.fp and

  5. Rose can cancel c.fp to SI, activate CC then dp+p for a fancy anti air KO.

  6. Rose’s hp reflector on block leaves you at perfect distance to df+mk when canceled from



  1. Adon’s jaguar tooth let’s you get a free custom on him regardless of version used by most the cast. Simply activate when he is close to the ground. Same goes for any jag kick blocked. Lk jag can be punished by normals HIT or block. Jag kick super can be CC’d by using most standard ant air ccs when the first revolution touches the ground.

  2. Adon’s main anti-airs are lk rising jaguar kick,, c.hp, and df+mk.

  3. Adon’s is highly abusable and beats 99% of normals or trades. Adon’s is even better vs ground normals and sweeps than Rose’s, just can not be used as anti air, while Rose’s can.

  4. Causing a high knockdown juggle (usually sweeping a recovery roll after a cc) let’s Adon juggle with a hk rising jaguar.

  5. When comboing into lvl 3 punch super be sure to mash KKK for MAX damage. Press no buttons is it is blocked.

  6. Adon’s kick super is positive on block.



  1. Birdie’s c.hp is a really good normal and can be abused for anti pressure. Learn the timing to punish with cc on hit or block.

  2. Birdie’s,, and c.hp are his best anti airs.

  3. When grabbing use kick, it functions as an anti jump as well.

  4. Birdie’s kick leap super punishes fireballs full screen. Stick with lvl 1 so you can deter fireball spam. Use lvl 3 to kill.

  5. You can quick charge b-f+lp at max distance and it can not be punished when spammed 99% of the time it opponent has 0 meter.

  6. Punch leap grab super can be timed as anti air.

  7. PPP and KKK leave you in range to lk grab on block. Train your opponent to not attack and sneak in a grab.



  1. In the Gief match up qcb+p goes under gief’s kick ac.

  2. Vs most the cast is a great anti air canceled into hk hurricane.

  3. You can avoid 99% of cross up attempts by staying crouched.

  4. Chun Li destroys all Guy’s normal anti airs. Use instant neutral

  5. Walking jabs on characters who can not duck it is incredibly effective when they are meterless.

  6. You can land his anti air super after a kick throw or bushin flip throw in the corner. Some characters can be juggled with it after bushin chain, mainly Bison.

  7. Instant run overhead has 2/3 screen range.

  8. c.fp,, s.lp,, all have anti air uses, now which to use in various matches.










Just wanted to say that as I try to get back into this game, this thread has been a godsend. No more scanning old threads due to busted links. Thanks RSX!


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Maxstah from GGPO’s writeups on Sim and Gief (copied from RSX’s A2 Thread)

Sim: SFA2: Hitboxes now available

Gief: SFA2: Hitboxes now available