Alpha 3: ANYONE vs Adon

This is really embarassing for me to admit, but I don’t think I’ll figure it out on my own any time soon. :confused:

I have no CLUE how to fight Adon. A big reason for this is, I don’t know how to beat a special-move-whoring Adon.

  • Jaguar Tooth seems to beat out almost every damn thing I can think of, save for Anti-Air supers and Shoryukens. Even then, depending on the position, Adon can feint and make you waste meter (For example, if you’re far away, and he thinks you’re anticipating it, he can do the short version to trip you up).

  • Jaguar Kick comes out really fast, it seems like, and there’s pretty much no way I’ve found to punish a blocked Jaguar Kick, since he can just start attacking immediately.

  • Rising Jaguar is really hard to stuff with meaty attacks compared to other anti-airs like Tiger Blow. This isn’t actually a big deal compared to the other two, but is there something that can be done about this?

Any kind of tips for fighting him would be good. I feel like I’m missing something really obvious; like it shouldn’t be this damn hard. :confused: Particularly, I am wondering how to deal with this when using Guy or R. Mika, but I am definitely looking for some general tips to keep in mind when combatting his special moves. Thanks in advance for helping an A3 Novice.

I used to have the same problem. My roommate abuse that jaguar kick over and over. The alpha counter does not work so no need to try it. I use Ryu so what you have to do is do small shoryuken just when he is near you. A tactic for other characters is just do a jumping attack in one place meaning not jumping forward or backward. Again the Adon player could mix it up and trick you with a LK jaguar kick. Good luck~

u can just dp the kick, and if its not deep, ala your feet not your lower waist neutral jump.if its deeeep just block and whateva.
his dp is really whats enoying since it has dumb ass speed and hit frames, iv seen him cleanly beat out meaty crossup mk from ryu =/

Sounds like you’re using A-ism Ken? Well, Adon is pretty easy to beat especially those that only rely on special moves. The only things you’d have to watch out for are those Adon users who know how to footsie well along with his

here goes;

vs. Jaguar Tooth

All you have to do is, wait for the opponent to perform Jaguar Tooth and let Adon hit the apex of the turn. Then, jump straight up, and with ken you should be able to land a j.fierce right as Adon comes in right under you. Bam, dead adon.

Btw, if you time it correctly, Ken’s standing fierce can get a cross-counter vs. this move; damage wise, your opponent will suffer more.

vs. Jaguar Kick

Walk forward, and get hit by it. That’s right, not block it, get hit by it. Once you get hit by it, you are at a frame advantage to land a combo on him, make it cr.short > dp, or anything you’d like.

vs. Rising Jaguar

This is like any other DP move; if you’re not sure you can time the sweep properly, just retaliate with fireball, fierce, what not. If you land a perfect crossup (and the opponent’s DP comes out), you would not get hit by his DP, instead his DP will wiff and you’d land behind him. Either way, when you’re going to jump, just make the jump deep or stay on the ground.

That’s pretty much it for dealing with him.

use jabs and shorts after blocking his attacks works too.

You don’t want to do a jab/short after blocking the jaguar kick, since you’re at a frame disadvantage. (Try a jab, and you get countered. Bad times)

With Sakura you can stand jab the Jag tooth, clean.
With Gief you can take the hit of the Jag tooth and SPD for free.
IIRC Mika can also stand jab the Jag tooth.

Against the Jag kick, activate v-ism when you see him go up. Unless this is X-Adon, in which case you can block the jag kick as much as you want because it does pitiful guard damage, and does not chip whatsoever. In X-ism the jag kick’s priority is wierd, if you see him go up attack him immediately.

Lemonhead, depends on the character I guess. Ken can easily pop them out crouching.

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Well, I do USE A-Ken, but the most particular matchups that I’m curious about are using A-Guy and A-Mika.

I don’t know much bout Mika, but Slide can cover it for ya. Its his char

As for A-Guy;

vs. Jaguar Kick

Standing fierce and jab. Either of those works.

vs. Rising Jaguar

If blocked, land a cr.forward and trip him. If you can wiff it, walk in and land a full chain.

Vs. Jaguar Tooth

Vertical jump > combo.

Guy’s got a good advantage against Adon since Guy’s standing mk pretty much out-range and out-performs anything Adon’s got on the ground, not to mention Guy’s jab and fierce act as jump suppressors.