Alpha 3 at evo next year

at least have casual, there were a lot of people wanting to play this.

btw evo was great this year anyway.

Ditto. It was here this year, but they needed B-IzM’s impress cabinet (it was his copy of A3) for 3s, which is gay.

maybe if you can find a good copy of console a3, we can do it.

maybe emulator then?

i’d like to see A3 at the next evo. i love that game.

Why must it be on console? Are all the games going to be on console next year?

btw supposedly the best console verson of A3 is saturn.

A3 Saturn is the best. PSX version is awful, haven’t played much of the DC version.

A3 Saturn version probably will not make some people happy, but it’s 99% faithful.

dc is 10 times worse then psx, and that speaks volumes

honestly i couldn’t take an a3 tournament on any console seriously even saturn isn’t that great cause of slowdown issues.

Man, I want to play A3 just as much as the next guy…but how many boards are actually out there?

Did they have A3 in SBO? I dont recall seeing any vids or anything, and i woulda saw A3 vids had they been released. Does A3 have something really wrong with it that prevents it from being played in tourneys anymore? As far as balance goes, its not the best, but its not the worst either.I just can not imagine what basically is the Pope of tourneys not even having an A3 cabinet on site. Sacrilege!

you’re right maybe if you could have convinced me to convince bas to convince choi to convince the cannons to have a3 it would have happened like you said ^_-

and it was there just wasn’t put into any cabinets

are the boards for A3 really rare?

I think we can count on one hand how many A3 cabs there are out there in arcades… lets see… 1 in montreal, 1 in new york, vegas maybe ?

The game is dead, but its still street fighter and alot of people know how to play it. It would have a decent amount of sign-ups at evo because people seem to join any tournament they can play in.

a3 baords are around there’s one at a lot of arcades besides where temujin listed on EC, UP has an a3 cab, the Break has one, and i know in cali at least FF has one. So they are around

Unfortunetly it looks like the arcade game is out. Alpha 3 is no longer a top game. Personally, I would take console over nothing, especially if the saturn version is really that close (saturn version has slowdown?), but I play in a lot of t4 and ttt console tournies. Is the idea of alpha 3 console really that bad?

Getting 4-5 boards isn’t the issue here, it’s people playing it at all. I doubt ST would be a thought if we couldn’t pick up the DC version and play, Anyone that I know that even plays ST (aside from 5 players that were actually playing ST when it was out 400 years ago) does it on DC, to a local tourney that’s and extra 4-5 players from an area that only has 10-15 to begin with. Add up the different areas and you have a good 30-40 ST players that weren’t there before at a regional. Go to evo and you get an extra 100. Take them away and you have VF4.

VF4 IMO demonstrated what would happen to A3… people blamed it on the fact that it’s not americas game… but i don’t think that’s the entire reason. If FPS can still get thousands, every fighter can get 250+ IMO. Now after evo, VF4 comes out as a greatest hits PS2 title, if the VF people can promote that, i wouldn’t be suprised if their attendance doubled or tripled next year.

One in the middle of Nowhere, Washington:D, at one quarter per game, with working sticks:D

10 times worse? WTF? I have the DC and PSX version but when I play it’s usually the DC, I just assumed it was better. What makes it so bad?

There is a perfect CPS2 emulator on the X-Box which can run Alpha 3, you just need a modded X-Box (which isn’t hard).