Alpha 3 at evo!

Cmon cannons bring the classic back…

You said you switched to consoles so you can add more games. What about A3 ?
Put it on superguns or something… Last year you said you couldn’t add it because of lack of cabinets. I’m assuming you can get enough boards. Heck I don’t even mind playing it on playstation.

I’ve been ranting about this for a while now. It would be great to put A3 up, and as much as I want it, they always point at the low turnouts the game gets. I think Evo would beg to differ though. It would be a great place to start a comeback.

Ppl aren’t going to play it if it’s not at Evo. Evo sends the message that it doesn’t matter.

If a good game is getting low turn-outs, that’s exactly when Evo can use its’ influence.

I mean, SSBM? No A3? Having ALL SFs represented would soften the blows that we’re getting smacked with.


I doubt SSBM will be at Evo.

lastg year people bitched because there was no A3 at ECC so we held it and had 19 people and most of those people didn’t want to enter it was more of i’m here so why not, i think mr wizard posted mwc had 20, so like maybe that’s why they don’t have it

What about the last Nor Cal tourney… I think it had like 25 ppl and it’s a tiny tourney compared to evo. And I think west coast has more A3 players than East.

But does it really matter if we don’t reach 100 players ?

why not just throw an unoffical tourney then does it matter if it’s offical, espically if there’s a lot of casual machines you can just take over a couple TV’s for a while

As much as I’d like to play A3 there, there just isn’t enough interest in it/A3 is sorta hard to practice since there are no good console versions of it. I’d play it if they held it, but I’m really not counting on it.

I love Alpha 3 as much as the next guy, but I can’t honestly argue for it’s addition as an official game at Evo. Have you watched professional Japanese play in that game recently? It’s so infested with Crouch Cancel infinites that last from the Timer at 80 to the Timer at 10. And with the Japanese coming over, we’ll be certain to get our share of watching Crouch Cancel infinites all day.

It’s still a great game, outside of Crouch Cancel Infinites, and I’m all for a side tourney at Evo. If anyone decides to organize one, lemme know! I’d love to enter. :slight_smile: I still like Alpha 3.

  • James

I actually love the level of bullshit that A3 has, but that’s just me. I love my bullshit straight out.

Some people argue that crouch cancels actually add another level of depth to the game, like roll cancelling. I’ve seen videos where all V-Sagat has to do is jump up and punch over and over, let alone crouch cancelling. Do you think all this breaks the game at high-level play? If not, I’m all for it.

I think what you guys are doing right now will help the sfa3 cause. No other players for a game not included in Evo has shown this much interest and initiative in making it happen. I could see it as like a test, if people bring A3 boards like they say, then it would be a good gauge of overall A3 popularity in the future. Official or not, sfa3 will be at Evo2k4 :cool:

Well theres a thread in the Fighting Games forum about who is bringing A3 boards to evo, I guess it won’t be official though.

You’re wrong there… I was in japan and played BAS and all the players… I doubt you’ll see even one crouch cancel infinite at evo exept maybe daigo’s ryu.

BAS is the top player and he doesn’t use crouch cancel infinite characters.

Besides those two I doubt there will be many more top japanese players attending, and there’s barely any people doing infinites in the US, so that issue is negligible. 95% of the matches will be very similar to B5.

But one thing’s for sure, ALL the japanese players will join A3 because they all played it hardcore at one point. Just look at B5, there was like 8 japanese players and they all joined A3. This year there will be more and they’ll all join. If you don’t believe me I’ll ask Kuni to post and tell you himself. I’m sure many US/CAN/UK players will join as well because we all played it at one point and people tend to play as many games as they can at evo since they made the long trip.

So anyway I assure you that your apocalyptic vision of 100 V-sagats doing infinites the whole time is not going to happen. It will be mostly like B5 because that’s where we left off.

Just want to add my support for a3 as well. I’m really glad people are making the effort to bring it to evo this year (major fucking props to Sabre and B-izm). I’ll be happy to help run any side tournament for a3… but i think it would be really great if it could be added to the official line up of games. Since other people doing all the work to bring the boards, i don’t think it’d be too hard for EVO staff to help coordinate and give a3 ‘official’ support. I could see a3 getting a HUGE turnout if this happened (100+entrants), especially with japanese players there.

rsigley: Its kind of hard for ECC a3 to get a big turnout when a3 is always called an unofficial game that may or may not happen and its planned at like the last second. I mean, weekly break tournaments are fucking sad, but just because only 12 people show up for marvel 2 (counting myself and i don’t play, and a couple of others who don’t play) doesn’t mean the game wont get a good turnout at a tournament where its officially supported.

Temujin: Long time no see (gonna be even longer cause i wont be at ECC :frowning: ). Glad to see you’re still playing a3 though!! :smiley: Good point about the level of A3 play that we’re gonna see at evo. It seems that people see some of the acho matches and think thats the only way the game can be played.

Gandido: When are you coming to NY man? Glad to see you backing a3 :smiley:

I’m really looking forward to some good a3 tournaments this summer.

Actually I haven’t really been playing A3 lately… doesn’t matter just a few casual games in the tournaments and I’ll be back on track.

I’m currently learning VF4:Evo

I’m gonna be there from the 8th till the 13th of april, but I think my friday night (i think it’s the 9th) is pretty full because I’m gonna try and go see Armin Van Buuren @ the Roxy. Plans are possible to change though.

nibor: dude, we can cap the matches and do whatever too, that will be a must! im so rusty on a3 tho, i went to play it with a buddy like a week ago, i felt so lost. i really didnt like that feeling on my favorite sf :frowning: i’ll have to get a lot of warmup games at evo before im content in the tourney :smiley: this shit will be fuuuun

who knows, maybe we’ll get a ton of entrants and it could be enough to convince the cannons to support it next year?

All I can say is I think its a great game and I would enter it if they had it, and I think all of the Japanese players would enter it if they had it.

My biggest concern is having my favorite game at EVO: GGXX

just adding my support for a3 at evo… hell, even if it isn’t a tournament game, i just want it to be there for casual play. We’ll make our own tournament if we have to

Im sure there will be tons of casual play at evo…

and my concern is about GGXX #R at evo…
even if its not the official one, at least there will be plenty of casual play…