Alpha 3: Fei-Long

Has anyone ever come across any particularly challenging Fei Longs, as I have? I figure that he probably has a harder time against the grapplers, but he seems to be able to hang with most of the other characters. He seems like he’s got one of the fastest ground speeds in the game. Just about every FP, with, perhaps, the exception of his jumping version, seems to have the nastiest priority imaginable. The hit-box on his crouching FP is probably quite large, as it seems to take out any Jump-In short of the body-splashes that characters like Zangief, Birdie, and R. Mika possess. With the quick ground speed he’s able to follow up on most of his juggles without any real difficulty. This doesn’t even cover the special moves, but I’ve found that he can hold his own without resorting to them, for the most part. The flaming kick super has great priority and even does extraordinary damage despite its limited range. The other supers seem fairly poweful as well, but the super I just mentioned seems to be the meanest in his set.

Has anyone else had any experience with Fei-Long players?

Too bad fei isnt in the arcade edition only on the home systems and upper.:o

All I know is that Jesse “Jumpsuit” Cardenas (was interviewed on the B5 DVD and placed fairly high at Evol2k2) is supposed to be one of the best Fei Long players out there, if not THE best. Haven’t seen him in action, just heard through the grapevine.

Black Cyclone

uhm, the guy is talking about alpha3, not super turbo. read the subject again

you don’t say?:rolleyes: I know which platform he’s talking about, dude. I’m just saying, whether it’s ST or A3, “Jumpsuit” is the Fei Long expert.

Black Cyclone

Jchen mentioned somethign about doing the rekkaken chain but hitting kick on the last one so only 2 rekkaken comes out, they can still see the qcf motion but nothing will come out. good mindgame.

My friend uses the Rekka-Ken quite sparingly. You’re likely to see it used about once per match, if that often. He draws his damage from juggles, but mostly with the fierces and the occcasional Flaming Kick juggle. You’d be surprised with the amount of damage a decent fierce juggle can do, and since he’s got such a nasty priority, it isn’t hard to turn an ill-timed jump into lots of hurt.

I think X-Fei Long in Alpha 3 is probably one of the more deadly characters against players who are just below top tier. An expert Fei Long in Alpha 3 (X-Ism) can absolutely destroy their opponent in a few seconds if played correctly. Between his no-delay Overhead (Towards + Forward Kick), the Rekka Ken (which is waaaaay too fast, can be used as a punishment on reaction to almost anything that misses), and just insane strewngth thanks to the X-Ism, Fei Long is terrifying.

Of course, against top tier players, it’s not as simple. But I use the Rekka Ken all over the place. As someone else mentioned (and this is only a trick that works when two players are playing next to each other… it’s a cheap tactic, but works), do Rekka Ken + Punch and don’t finish it. But if you don’t plan to finish a Rekka Ken when it’s Blocked, do a Fireball + Kick instead. The opponent will “see/feel/notice” that you are doing another Fireball motion. And that slight pause will be JUST enough (against non-experts) to make them hesistate for half a second so you can recover in time. Otherwise, do two Blocked Rekka Kens, and then do the third one so that it DOESN’T COMBO. If they even twitch trying to hit you after two Blocked Rekka Kens, you will smack them. Just make sure to give them enough rope to hang themselves. Don’t do the third one too soon (so they block it) or too late (so they hit you before you do it).

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