Alpha 3 for PSX

Is alpha 3 for the ps1 tournament playable

Technically anything is tournament playable if it’s your tourney, if you only have ps1’s or that game for some reason go for it.

But with everything else equal, Alpha Anthology for PS2 has replaced the ps1 port. If you like something in the ps1 version you can probably set it with dipswitches anyway.

PSX version had hella ugly hitsparks. (Yeah, not Deep and Technical ™, but still…)

Tournament playable, but not arcade perfect. Still good in its own right.

If you have a ps2 outside for collection purposes there is no reason not to get the one in Alpha Anthology.

wtf, where is all the bitching and whining about it not being 100% like the arcade?

I didn’t see anything wrong with it back when I played it, but it is notably different from the arcade version regarding v-ism. So go for it! Until you find out it isn’t tournament playable(if it isn’t) you’ll probably be having fun.

Well, Vism for one is seriously nerfed, and dhalsim is toned down crazy like. So dumb characters like Xchun and X gief become monsters.

It sounds like i need to get anthology, the reason why i asked ,is because alpha 3 for the psx port is only like 6 dollars on ebay after shipping

Seeing as how v-ism is a staple in high-level A3 play, it would be detrimental to even learn the console version. Sure, a lot of us kind of “grew up” with it, but why go for a lesser port when you have Anthology?

Thats what I was wanting to know, if it was stable of enough to learn from u have answered my question E-bortion


What’s wrong with V-ism?

They took out crouch canceling which directly affects V ism. They also slightly changed acouple things as far as timing goes and they raped Sim.

Crouch cancelling is possible in the PSX1 version of A3.
V-ism was weakened by reducing the amout of invincibility granted upon a VC actiavtion.

I grew up playing Alpha 3 on PSX too, but when I got Anthology, I’ve never even touched my PSX copy since then. Since Anthology is out, it will be used used as the standard for tournaments since it’s much closer to the arcade version.