Alpha 3 frame data?


I’d still consider keying it up into a text file, and keeping it in a zip to send people on request.

But maybe I’m just crazy like that.


Sounds like a plan.


Some of the things I’m interested in is general stuff like how tick throwing is affected by frames (like in CVS2, you can’t throw until 7 frames pass out of block stun), how fast throws are, etc.

Character specific? I’d like to know the frame data for Adon, Ryu, Gen, Karin, Rose, Charlie, Sim, Guy, Bison, Rolento.

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yousendit? rapidshare?


I am actually very interested in this now that I have taken up X/A-Sim. Been playing my buddy who is a strong A-Guy player and I’d love for the information on them two.


It was on stabby’s ftp server, someone deleted it. I’ll up it (again :bluu:) when I get home.


i just upped it at

it can stay there for a long time. hooray!

credit to rocklee for original upload.


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I am glad I checked this section today. Just lookin around and all about a3 has been upped. Thnx man.


This is a very helpful tool, thanks for the upload.





haha thanks for that, i actually forgot about this topic.

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Thanks a lot!!!

I have some questions though… does anyone know exactly what each column refers to? I don’t know any Japanese but I’ve made a few guesses; here’s what I’ve figured so far:

Normals/command normals/throws

Moves: (from top to bottom)

1 - standing close
2 - standing far
3 - crouching
4 - jumping up
5 - jumping back/forward

6 - command moves
7 - alpha counters?

8 - throws

Move Properties: (from left to right)

1 - ism in which the move is available
2 - damage
3 - ???

4 - something to do with how much meter you get?
5 - something to do with how much meter you get?

6 - chainable into itself
7 - cancelable into special moves
8 - cancelable into super moves

9 - ???
10 - block type (high, low, airblock)

11 - start-up, active, recovery

Throw Properties: (from left to right)

1 - ism in which the move is available
2 - damage
3 - ???

4 - something to do with how much meter you get?
5 - something to do with how much meter you get?

6 - range
7 - ???

8 - Start-up, active, recovery


Top Table (from left to right)

1 - damage
2 - ???

3 - something to do with meter?
4 - something to do with meter?

5 - ???
6 - block type

Bottom Chart

start-up, active, recovery, plus any other property worth mentioning (invincibility, if it’s an airborne move, etc)

So, could anybody help me out with that? Maybe tell me if any of my guesses are right and/or fill out the stuff I couldn’t figure out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


apha3 zip

Thanxs for the file man :slight_smile:


Thanks for the bump caracancel, I just stumbled onto this.

#23 . The character names are at the bottom.

Quick key with Ryu’s normal move data:

Using Ryu’s frame data as a reference, the rest of the headers in bold blue text read:

  • Command Normals
  • Alpha Counter
  • Special Moves
  • Super Combo

And below that is a description of what links are possible using the advantage-on-hit data.


Nice that the file is still available after such a long time :smiley:

I was surprised that the frame data is so similar to sf4 and ssf2t, despite the three games feeling so different from each other. I guess what makes the difference in alpha is the huge pushback of the moves that makes blockstrings so short and tick throws almost impossible; and for sf2 it’s the turbo setting that cuts away random frames in the moves making them look faster.