Alpha 3 frame data?





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I have some questions though… does anyone know exactly what each column refers to? I don’t know any Japanese but I’ve made a few guesses; here’s what I’ve figured so far:

Normals/command normals/throws

Moves: (from top to bottom)

1 - standing close
2 - standing far
3 - crouching
4 - jumping up
5 - jumping back/forward

6 - command moves
7 - alpha counters?

8 - throws

Move Properties: (from left to right)

1 - ism in which the move is available
2 - damage
3 - ???

4 - something to do with how much meter you get?
5 - something to do with how much meter you get?

6 - chainable into itself
7 - cancelable into special moves
8 - cancelable into super moves

9 - ???
10 - block type (high, low, airblock)

11 - start-up, active, recovery

Throw Properties: (from left to right)

1 - ism in which the move is available
2 - damage
3 - ???

4 - something to do with how much meter you get?
5 - something to do with how much meter you get?

6 - range
7 - ???

8 - Start-up, active, recovery


Top Table (from left to right)

1 - damage
2 - ???

3 - something to do with meter?
4 - something to do with meter?

5 - ???
6 - block type

Bottom Chart

start-up, active, recovery, plus any other property worth mentioning (invincibility, if it’s an airborne move, etc)

So, could anybody help me out with that? Maybe tell me if any of my guesses are right and/or fill out the stuff I couldn’t figure out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


apha3 zip

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Thanks for the bump caracancel, I just stumbled onto this.

#23 . The character names are at the bottom.

Quick key with Ryu’s normal move data:

Using Ryu’s frame data as a reference, the rest of the headers in bold blue text read:

  • Command Normals
  • Alpha Counter
  • Special Moves
  • Super Combo

And below that is a description of what links are possible using the advantage-on-hit data.


Nice that the file is still available after such a long time :smiley:

I was surprised that the frame data is so similar to sf4 and ssf2t, despite the three games feeling so different from each other. I guess what makes the difference in alpha is the huge pushback of the moves that makes blockstrings so short and tick throws almost impossible; and for sf2 it’s the turbo setting that cuts away random frames in the moves making them look faster.


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I am as we are posting mwahahahaha. I can’t read japanese though so some number I dont know what they mean. I know it for the most part though.



How do you read this frame data? Please respond!


Linky no workie. Does anyone still have this file?


That link doesn’t work anymore. :frowning:

Is there any way I can find frame advantages of characters’ moves? I can’t find them in the Alpha 3 guidebook.

Also, wasn’t there a translated version of this site ( or at least this page ( I forgot its url.


Yeah I can’t find it either but there is this site that has most of the characters frame data. You have to figure out the Japanese symbols for your characters unfortunately. I can figure out the columns though. The first two in the blue are standing and crouching normals. The normal strengths go from light to medium to heavy. In the green, the first column is the startup frames for the move. The second columns is block advantages. The third is hit advantages and the fourth is counter hit adv. I only listed what I know from Karin’s page. Other characters might have different sections but the ones I talked about seem to be universal for everyone.


I hate to exhume a dead thread, but I’ve been playing and watching a little Alpha 3 lately. I was wondering does anyone have the frame data available?


@Jaguarandine It seems they drastically updated their website but I found the data. On the main page, click the category button on the upper left corner. Then select the second to last option. Then choose the first option. It should now show you the list of the characters’ frame data in japanese letters so you’ll have to let google translate them. Read my above post to find where certain frame data are. If you want to find data on your character’s special moves, I might be able to help differentiate among the special moves.