Alpha 3 gba question

just picked this game up so i have somthing to play while im at school between classes. didnt come with instructions and the only thing i cant seem to figure out how to do is the air recovery in this version. any help is appreciated.

I have no godly Idea.

I hate alpha 3 on GBA.

I knew I should have gotten super turbo revival.

I think it’s L,B, and A for the flip
R,B, and A for the roll.

Throws went back to SF2 style (just hold towards and fierce/roundhouse) same goes for the air throws.

Yun,Maki, and Eagle are hidden. They use there CVS2 sprites.

Although World Tour isn’t on here you can unlock all the options you obtain during that mode.

i use ken, and roll is still qcb punch. i still cant seem to figure out this damn air recovery flip :sad: