Alpha 3 Gief questions


What are some good recommendations for Vism?
Giefs been my fav char for years, and I love him in A ism usually, and occasionally x or classic.
But my V-ism is lacking. I feel ill never be complete until I learn some good v loving for Gief.

Also, Any one have any strats they recommend for fighting Blanka?
He jumps higher than my splash, and when he spams rolls, I can usually lariat them away, but sometimes Im forced to block and Ive yet to find something to punish him after wards.
Best bet thus far is to jump back and hope I land next to him to SPD him. But if he spams electric, its usually a gamble.


Crappy Recommendations:
Just jump from a safe distance and hit with Fierce, this way u can hit them but they cannot. And about Blankas roll, just VC it, after that ur oponent will be scared of doit alone. BTW, jabs stops the roll move, i think. After a blocked roll, u could Kattobi cancel, knock & grab.
BUT if u r new to V-ism all that probalby wont happen ^^ . Well, thats all 4 now, bye.

PD: Sorry 4 my english…


Yea, my vism is sloppy. usually consists of spamming banishing flats.


First off, here’s a link to the All about Zangief thread.

Try crouching jab for Blanka rolls.

A good VC to start with is:

[VC1]: KKK Lariat -> FP Banishing Flat -> [ (whiff) C.SK * FP Banishing Flat ] (repeat)

If you’re unfamiliar with how the VC system works you can read the Systems Guide by James Chen on Basically you can’t have neutral state in the combo or the opponent will be allowed to flip out. So, in that combo above, you’re doing crouching kicks in between the green hands to prevent the opponent from flipping.

To explain that one above you’d VC, kick-lariat, then do HP green hand (hits), then start doing crouching LK’s (miss) 2-in-1’d into another green hand (hits). Keep it up till you hit the corner. This will work on a ground-based opponent or as an anti-air.

Hope this helps.


Nod, later on I found the gief thread.
I know the mechanics behind all of this, I just never got into it.
The neutral states, crouching infinites, etc.
But im playing solely on psx, so i dont get the kuuchuu headbutt goodness.

also, the standing Jab into Air Super, does it combo, as in 2 hits, or what?
Ive been doing it for years, but only ever as a counterhit on the jab and most people cant time the flip recovery to avoid the super.


If you cancel the jab directly into the super, there will be no nuetral state in between the 2 attacks… Meaning, the won’t be able to PP flip.

If you put a space in between the two, it is much easier… but they can escape (like you said). Maybe you could try waiting for the flip?

One thing to try is to tell your comp that they can airbock the KKK lariat if they don’t know about it. “Excellent!” they say! So now they will try to airblock your CC, so you start with a jab green hand instead. :slight_smile:


Im guessing gief cant do anything fun when the enemy is already in the corner? I VC, lariat, and nothing hits. Im guessing due to the KKK’s 2nd hit messing me up.
And does the triple spd work on psx?