Alpha 3: Juni


Aren’t those hidden moves for when both Juni and Juli are on the same screen??? =?


Something like this my good man, yes but there are some moves which they have by themselves.

Here’s one


Does Juni have a fighting chance against Adon at all?


You mean like in canon, or like against someone in the game?

I’d say yes :smiley: tbh

but that’s just me.


I’ve been looking for Cammy matchups in the entirety myself. I still have no information on ANY of Cammy’s matchups. Let alone, Juni D=


Im looking for Juni & Juli ones. Nothing else. You could try the Warrior’s Fate Thread on the FanFic Library, they could probably help.


I meant for matchups. I could care less about canon or fanfics >.>


You could look around in other SF forums.


That is if Xenozip or Sabre doesn’t know =P


Juni’s a pretty badass chara, the only thing is that she’s hard to master. once you master her, you’re gonna kick a lotta ass, matchups i don’t pay much attention to, but I just wanna know about her matchups.


Sorry I should have been more spicific in what I was asking.

Alright how about this then. Does she stand a chance in the game aganist a X-ism Adon? How would/should the match up go?


Should be pretty easy for Juni.

Adon only has one “safe” means of approaching her (hcb+k).

I don’t see why Juni can’t turtle this match away.


Me either, she’s a pretty badass character also.


Alright thanks, Ill try this against my friend who mains X-ism Adon. He also uses X-ism Sagat. How about some tips for that match up too. Oh I forgot to say, I play Juni on V-ism and I do abuse her vs. push back move so much. And its funny to see my friends X Adon’s super miss so much chip damage because of it.


Two words.

Don’t Jump.

Jumping is bad in that fight.:shake:


Thats three words :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah Juni is super badass.

Im totally back to SFA3 nowadays.


We should play on GGPO sometime~


Does anybody have any match vids I should look at? I have seen a few of Alioune from GGPO but any other suggestions?

Also when I watch his matches I notice he doesn’t use the command grab much or at all. Does anyone know why? Is it worse than the regular throw somehow?


Alioune is one of the better players I seen in A3 on ggpo, he would wreck most people. Watching him should be fine. I don’t think I seen any good Juni’s in ggpo ever.


why is she not considered better? is it damage? she seems to be able to stay out of a lot of bs while having some of her own. either way i’m having fun with this again, doing ok vs akuma minding my spacing and abusing push block, wondering about the 'gief matchup seems impossible to keep him out