Alpha 3 Karin


is she totally useless? I mean, i play a mean akuma and rolento in alpha 2, but when i moved over to 3 my gameplay changed, but i struggle with almost every character when using Karin. Shes kinda like the fei long type character with the down forward circle that does the three hit combo, but still, she just sucks, or am i doing something wrong?

Oh and whats with rolentos nerfed super jump? He barely reaches the edge of the screen to jump off and usually jumps into stupid places…


Haha NO, Karin is an almost top tier character. She could very well be considered top, but has never gotten that much followers because she’s VERY demanding of the player. Her VC ability is outstanding and right up there with Gouki and Sodom, watch her vids in the sticky “Vid Clips of SFA3 V-ism Character VC’s on Youtube” thread to see what she’s capable of…

…But that’s high level execution stuff. When looking at her basics Karin has a lot of things going for her, but even there she expects the player to know what he’s doing. Her footsies are strong because of her fast walk speed. Walking her into position is crucial to exploit her strenghts, since her best normals (near/far s.MP, s.MK, LKs) are mid-short range. You have to dance in and out of mid range a lot with her, which is a tricky place to be (lots of characters will try to keep you out with their longer ranged attacks) but very rewarding (she can cancel all her good normals leading to knockdown + set up her VCs in a multitude of ways from there).

In short: she’s an expert character which takes YEARS to master, but if that doesn’t turn you off and you are willing to go the distance you might end up being unstoppable :karate:


“Years to master”


ill check out those videos asap.
The world has enough shoto players, its time to do something different (why i mained guile in the first street fighter 2)

super new newbie question. What do vc and cc mean? And oh the ism system is confusing at first, but i think i got a hang of that