Alpha 3 Kawaks replays

This is the thread to leave your alpha 3 vs. replays. I’ll get the ball rolling by leaving a few that i recorded tonight. I’m hoping more of you will record some 2 player sessions.

I’m player 1 in all the replays, i tried to split them up into 6 or 7 smaller files. Think this is the way forward. Btw i’ve not watched these yet and i’m open to criticism on any of my characters.


think i’m cody in these:

lol voted on my poll wrong i meant ok. here’s part 2.

I’m charlie and dhalsim in these 2.


part 3

Zangief and gen i think.


part 4:

i’ll edit in who it is in a bit,


Are these games played over kalierra?

you cant record online matches with kawaks. only mame

My replays

Here’s some replays of me playing online. My screen name is “Vega V-ism” :slight_smile:

You might need to get an older version of Mame from early last year, or something… Just check the date of the files…

Download Vega V-ism Vs. Sub (Mame)…
This one is fairly recent - about 5 months ago when I was playing at my best against Sub. I think I lose at first, but get better towards the end, but Sub has always had an edge against me. Now he destroys me because I’m out of practise, and I use a shitty pad on win2000… I wish I could still play atleast this good! :stuck_out_tongue:

Download Vega V-ism Vs. VYong (Mame)… Erm… This was very ambitious of me!! I was very bored so I played somebody in the USA, with a 100 ping!!! And I even won some matches!! :lol:

Download Vega V-ism Vs. CEM (Mame)…
CEM, the notorious cheater, has always been better than me, but in this encounter I think I beat him a few times!! WOW!!! Undefeated CEM beaten by me for once! haha

**[Download Vega V-ism Vs. Psi (Final Burn Alpha)…]( V-ism Vs.**This was a long long time ago!!! I played so crap (just try and compare my style with the matches above and you will see!). But no excuses… Psi is the best online player in the history of SFA3 Kaillera! I think we played for about 3 hours in this replay (I’ve never got to the end of it before), but at the time I remember only wining about 3 matches in those 3 hours. Actually, don’t even bother watching this one… :bluu:


  1. Download and install Mame32 0.59 or 0.6 with Kaillera support. (2.8Mb).
  2. Download Street Fighter Alpha 3 USA roms ( (23.2Mb).

Playback Input

  1. Download any of the zip files and unzip to c:\program files\mame32\inp (about 15K each!).
  2. Run Mame32 and select File Menu => Playback Kaillera Input…
  3. Open sfa3_xx.inp and wait for game to load.

Final Burn Alpha is more simple…

haha cool, thanks for posting.

I’m off to see what i was doing in that replay. btw mantis, get yourself signed up :slight_smile:

looks like Ino, Izu, and and Kiyo wil be attending. And there’s alpha 3 too. I’m hoping, assuming Ino will enter A3, I’m going to infinite his ass. (hmm)


this is me vs cpu on expert, i think it’s worth watching just for the ending. and mantis wanted to see me fight chun and akuma and this replay has both. anyways it only small.


Just wanted to say thanks for the replays. I couldn’t find any new match videos anywhere and these are the next best thing.

Could anyone post replays for Sodom Or Sagat (Mame rep plz) ?
Thx in advance

Well, this is a rec of me using V-Dhalsim Vs Expert CPU (expert my balls…). So, hop u all enjoy it, and comment it… bye

PD: Great struff SubUk… just seeing part 3 right now

Thanks for the replays guys. Keep 'em coming.

Nice replay but it stops after your fight against Rose.

If you want something a little more challenging try survival mode.

i have tried already… its the same but longer, and the cpu characters have the same handicap that Bison… anyway, thx 4 the advice…

Is just that i got bored… so i stopped playing… if u wanna se a longer rec, just say it… Bye.

BTW: I have tried to play online with Mame32 0.67… and it sucks, too much lag (alot more than kawaks), and the recs werent syncronized (dunno how to write this)…

I just made a quick Final Burn Alpha replay with A-Cody, for some reason Kawaks doesnt like any of my XP controller drivers… :bluu:

Oh yeah I usually have the difficulty set to Hard 4 or Hard 5, for some reason the computer seems a bit more tricky than expert. I find Expert does more damage but seems to be easy to predict with its all out aggressiveness.

Nice replays everyone, wish I could be bothered to learn the V-ism combos, but theres so little comp theres almost no reason to.

Here’s the file

If it doesn’t bore you too much I’d like to see more. Maybe with a different character.

There should be a .trc file which MAME will use to sync the playback when you select “playback kaillera input”.

Thanks for the replay. This works with Final Burn Alpha v0.2.94. I had to try a few different versions before I found one that worked.

I’d especially like to see replays with characters that you don’t see often in match videos.

Anybody good with Guy?

Different replays work only with certain versions? Thats sucks

Oh here’s another Final Burn Alpha replay I did with A-Honda, I posted it in my Honda thread but I doubt anyone will check it out so I’ll post it here to see if anyone can tell me if I can improve my Honda game.

Here is me doing survival mode with ryu about 4-5 months ago. Final Burn Alpha v0.2.94