Alpha 3, one killer throw!?

I don’t know how its possible to throw someone and takes away all their health except for the last pixel. I played someone at svgl in alpha 3, I nearly beat with with a 3/4 life left then he throw me with Karin Vism, and all my life was gone execept for the last pixel and he chipped me and I lost. I don’t know how he did that. Does anyone knows?


He is cheating and that’s no V-ISM. Don’t play against people who play the “cheat” version of Karin. Ricky did that to me once.

its called L-ism. and vega can do 99% air throw too. its banned from tourney play

yeah, SLOPPY’s a fag when he does that. oh well, he can’t do it in a tourny at least.

L ism is a fool but its stupiiiiieed

I heard somewhere another character had a 99% throw in L-ism, not sure who though, maybe Dan or Honda???

hmmm… never heard of this glitch… how do you get L-ism?

Guy, iirc.


Vega has 100% throw too (mr claw.)

I’ve also seen Gief’s Final Atomic Buster do 0 pixel damage too. Im pretty sure these glitches are just in the 980629 rom revision which was the US beta.

speaking of glitches Middlekik was doing some weird Zangeif full screen grabs on Super (not st) last night. Countering fireballs with 360+k grab :confused: weird i tell ya.


yeah thats the old magiic throw in ssf2 with gief. he can 360 anywhere on the screen when he gets out of blockstun animation. i think it only works if the move is executed the first frame or 2 out of block stun. its really retarded.

block stun, getting hit animation, and also getting up animation.

Haha! I used to like playing against bs like that! Now I’m too lazy, heheh. Remember having to jump everytime you caused a block?(since Gief couldn’t glitch you if you were in the air)

They took the glitch out of later versions of Super. Just a heads up to those who may be trying it somewhere unsuccessfully. It may not work on the version you’re using.

That was the ALPHA alpha counter! (uh…the first AC, hehe)


Actually it called Low gard cheAP MODE!
u can see vega or karin at a very low guard crush…
but if they trow you it take away almost all your life at the first trow…just be carefull for thr trown that all…

it is Banned from tourney coz is cheap!:smiley:

I remember reading the Gief glitch thing in gamepro YEARS ago. I kept trying it at our arcade but never worked. Now I know why. :slight_smile:

Here the Trick LOLZ!

I think its hold mp+mk and press start… either that or fp+fk.

One is L-mode, one is mazi mode. Classical mode is lp+lk start, 3p+start is survival, and 3k+start is team battle.

this might Work on some arcade and maybe some Not…
anyways actually is some cheap code that all…:lame:

Have fun!

how to do these glitches

I’m sorry to reply to this old thread, but I’ve tested these bugs and I can’t do some of them.

Karin PP and PP (air) throw doing 99% damage is ok, Guy’s hcf,hcf+P (Bushin Musou Renge) 100% damage is ok. But I can’t do Vega (claw) 100% throw, Balrog (boxer) PP and PP(air) throw bug (I’ve read that these throws involve glitches too in Kao Megura’s sfa3 FAQ). Can someone help me?


dhjdfhdfjkbvjkdfbkdbjkdbjkbdjk this means i cant help u Holla

It’s Vega’s Z-ism super (not his throw), as well as his izuna drop.


Thanks! It’s working fine.