Alpha 3 P2P

What happened to all the A3 players here?

When I first started out on this board, I talked like I was Big Shit of the dookie hole and everyone owned my scrub ass.

I’d like to play you guys again to show how much I’ve improved since then. I don’t use any instant messaging, so hit me up in the IRC chat room sometime.

I’d be down for some games. Can I ask why you have not migrated to ggpo with everyone else?

I have and the sucker won’t connect with other people half of the time. I’ve forwarded my ports and everything but the functionality of it is still random.

are you using a wireless router?

Yeah, a Linksys one.

have you tried plugging your router right in your internet moderm

I played alot of A3, trying to get back into it, would like to play some euro games.

alls i play online is a3 really.i see ya a few times but u never join my game. just get at me im always in gw. i was on most the day yesterday and nobody playd. there all gone.

Because GGPO and nFBA took that shit over. Fuck GW.

Well, I also have a Vonage phone router that’s connected to the modem and the wireless router, so I can’t really just connect the wireless directly to the modem.