Alpha 3 players!


Where are youuu? =[




Ayee there’s 1! We need more =[


Play on GGPO? I’m up, just need to port-forward my new router.


hit me up on aim, I’m always down to play. :tup:


Do we have to be… Decent? Haha

I’ve played but I suck.


I’m ass at A3 but I have pretty good fundamentals, just need to learn the engine and game mechanics themselves, I’ll add you on AIM and fuck around with the game a bit before I ask to play :lol:


Not at all lol just need more players that’ll like, talk in game haha


I guess Upper players don’t count. =[


I’m on GGPO and Supercade all the time. Hit me up for some SFA3 anytime!