Alpha 3: Q & A


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Can anybody post the character rankings for an A3 n00b plz? I know I’ve heard lots of good stuff about V-Akuma and V-Sakura but I wanna know some others because I just started to play(I know I’m really late:p ).


This is going to sound inane, but check out the previous Zero 3 thread (page 65, for example). Sorry, but there are repeated requests Z3 rankings (more than all the other games combined). There is also a dedicated V-Akuma thread.



OK, many random questions.

  1. Runaway Vega: is his best runaway Ism V-Ism? When Sabin said his air defense was KK throw, did he mean the airthrow? Is it ill advised to slide when people jump at you to get out of the way? When you use his off the wall moves for runaway, do you just fly away and not hit punch, or do you hit punch and try and land far away (whiff the attack)?

  2. What other characters are good for runaway? Rolento, right? What about Guy?

  3. What are Charlie`s best air defenses? Crouching strong, crouching fierce…standing rh? Should I bother with the short flash kick?

  4. What regular/special/super move does the most guardbreak damage in the game?


could u post links to the other individual A3 threads at the TOP post of this thread? they’re small… but i think that’s just why they need to be mentioned. i recall one for each of the ff:

  • Gouki
  • Sakura
  • Nash
  • Zangief
  • Rose


State of Nature:
i really don’t know… i’ll answer your questions with questions…

  1. yes the KK airthrow; i recall him mentioning it’s good because it throws the opponent behind him. i’m not sure about its other properties tho; maybe it has larger range than his PP airthrow…?

  2. Rolento for runaway, yes. Chun works too i think (hit and run?). does V-Akuma qualify for this position?

  3. IMHO, stand jab and low strong if deep, low fierce and stand roundhouse if up high. short flaskick isn’t bad, i use it a occasionally; i personally use c.FP the most, JP second most. but take a second opinion. top priority anti-air of course would be his VC.

  4. hmm… i wouldn’t know…

my own questions.

  • i’ve been playing Ryu a lot lately. i must ask if this is reasonable; c.FK xx hadoken. this is probably a ST era question but i never learned it’s importance until now. as Ryu i constantly need to use walk up c.FK xx hadoken. but often one of 3 things will happen;
  1. c.FK > red hadoken (most frequent)
  2. c.FK > shoryuken (second most frequent)
  3. c.FK > blue hadoken (least frequent)

i’d like to know how to maximize the frequency of #3 while minimizing that of #2. if that’s not possible i’d like to know how compromising for the (much) slower red hadoken is likely to get me killed (who can VC or reversal through it) if ever. or maybe the difference between using the red and blue in A3 isn’t even worth worrying about?

  • why does c.FP/FP xx shoryuken hit some times and not others? what makes the difference?


I think Apoc should probably have a SFA3 character of the month where he comes up with a new hardly used character with secret techniques that suddenly put them into second tier lol


HELLO ALL! im back:)

if you want, i can make a technical video for lot of character (when start OC, how to escape OC, etc…). then, there will be post on

please, tell me what kind of strategy you want in it. (i already have some idea. but tell me what you think about).

ps: there were too much post…i couldnt read them all T.T

Ill post this message on all character’s thread.

ps2: maybe it would be good to create a new thread “A3 technical idea” with all your ideas. then, i wont have to check every thread to see what you wrote;)


In all honesty, I think dan may be 2nd to last tier.


what ism is best for Rolento ? Is it X or V-ism ?


What are Rolento’s Vism combos?:smiley:


Here’s what I find easiest. And I do believe accuracy of these basics are key to playing a good Ryu.

This may depend on your type of stick but the idea is the same. While walking, let go of the stick as you go down or tap back(tapping back will slow your momentum a tad) before going down. Thing is, if you tap back and then roll to down, you will get the red fireball. If you go neutral then down, it will always be the blue fireball.

Also, be sure of when you press the button. You may do the motion for a fireball properly, while walking, but if you hit the button while the stick is at down/forward, you will get a dp. Be sure that you don’t press the button until you are directly pressing towards.

Another method requires no stopping(not that going neutral is even noticeable to the opponent, heheh) just walk, then down+forward, complete the fireball motion fast ending with towards and hit the button AFTER you are holding towards. Kind of a delayed thing. You cancel the end of the forward but the delay helps you NOT to hit the button at down+forward(getting a shoryuken) since you pause for a split after it’s already at the towards position.

Letting go is what I do. If your sticks are very loose I recommend delaying the button so that you avoid the dp command completely.

The reason for getting a dp is because the button is timed wrong and the computer uses walking as the towards part of dp motion. Then, hitting the button a 10th of a second off leaves you in the down-forward position which is specific to a dp even if you do complete the fireball motion. The mistake comes at when you hit the button.

Getting the red fireball comes from over compensating or doing the 2in1 from a blocking posture. To avoid this, simply avoid going past down on the stick before a fireball. Going passed down(meaning to down back and further) leads to cpu misinterpretation. That’s why letting go is suggested. When you let go, you’re less likely to grab the stick and pull it back to do the fireball and more likely to tap down and go into it.

Hoped this helped some.

Woohoo, all this a3 info. We need to do a collaborative a3 guide. With all of the info on these sites? sheesh.



I don’t understand. c.FK knocks people down right?
you must mean c. MK. Or maybe i just learned some new shit :lol:

no seriously c.Fk can’t combo into anything right?!?! ( unless it’s akuma’s OTG )


no, cr.RH can’t cancel into anything outside of vism. can cancel into anything.

Allow me to tease for but a second.

Fk does not mean “Fierce Kick”. There has never been a fierce kick in streetfighter. It has never been light kick, medium kick, fierce kick. There isn’t and never has been a fierce kick.

Now, for streetfighter, the buttons are as follows(for the past 11+years) jab/strong/fierce for PUNCHES. Short/Forward/Roundhouse for KICKS.

Once you understand this, it’s easy not to be confused. could ONLY mean crouching forward kick.

You’re confusing 2 things here.

#1. There is no fierce kick.
#2. You understand things as light medium and hard. Problem here is you mixed true button names with light-hard and came up with fierce kick. One or the other would suffice. SF button names or light-hard for the newbie. Confusion only comes when you mix the two somehow:P

K…done teasing.

Past posts should make sense now=)



FK means Forward Kick.

The equivalent of that is Medium Kick or MK.
Jab Punch (JP) = Light Punch (LP)
Strong Punch (SP) = Medium Punch (MP)
Fierce Punch (FP) = Hard Punch (HP)
Short Kick (SK) = Light Kick (LK)
Forward Kick (FK) = Medium Kick (MK)
Roundhouse Kick (RK) = Hard Kick (HK)

Capcom used this terminology when they released SF2. They switched to LP, HP (I believe) with CvS and MvC2 since there was only 4 buttons (not sure what they’re using for CvS2).


lol I understand now. stop it !!! :frowning:


Actually, I never saw Apoc’s post when I posted mine. I did edit it after I saw it though. :smiley: No worries, a lot of people are used to MvC2 terminology, so they look at me wierd when I use the old SF terminology.

Apoc: You’re my hero for that bigass post on A-Rog from the old “Everything about A3 thread”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet! Gracias js2756

Bushin:It’s no biggie, everyone does it. I was just teasing because of the confusion.

For those interested, on #gamecombos on efnet PSX2000 uploaded some Vegas A3 matches as we were getting ready for Evo. It has me and Danny Leong(team usa A3). I’m using some Chun and some Rog in A-sim. Danny is using his sick V-Akuma. Psx joins in to give us some comp for characters we don’t get to face often by throwing us some A-gief and some A-Sim. There’s a bit of humor added as well. It’s a good 235mb.

It showcases Vegas style which is completely aggressive.

This was prolly a week before Evolution. I hadn’t bothered to add crouch cancels yet and Danny hadn’t perfected the crouch cancel vc finisher at the time neither but the play is top notch. For those that haven’t seen a good A-Rog in action, this shows him in high level comp.

If you need help getting on irc you may refer to and I think Dr.Funkenstein may add it to his hub.

Also, during spring, A3 will be one of the main events in the Vegas tourney being planned so I’ll keep ya posted for those interested in having spring break in Vegas=)



My biggest problem matchup by far is my usually A-Cody (sorry, can’t do customs on a keyboard) vs any Vega. All of cody’s moves seem to have just a LITTLE too much start-up time (all the ruffian kicks, bad stone, criminal upper, shall i continue?), and vega just jumps all over my as. Plus, without a dedicated normal anti-air really worth a damn (IMO), i get rushed like a mother. Any help from a cody freak would be much appreciated.

PS: How come blanka isn’t rated any higher in this game? I always seem to do quite damn well with him against people of my own skill level (semi-noob - bta noob). Is it his lack of a decent super? His VCs not quite good enough? I want answers!



Blanka is a pretty decent character, I think. A lot better if you can crouch cancel well. Good air priority (which of course is good for ccs), but he’s pretty unspectacular. I actually found out that if you’re one of the like 3 characters in the game that can’t beat his rolling ball attack (Rose is apparently one of them, sans super), you actually have to start thinking. And having to think, while someone else can just be on auto pilot, obviously puts you at a disadvantage.

Rolento is REALLY good, in all modes. I’d probably have to say A or V is best.

Nature- Sabin meant the air throw, because it has crazy range.


First I’d have to say go to the arcade, but i’m sure you’re answer is that you can’t, but let me make it known that it is very possible to do customs on keyboard so just practice.

Anyways, the Cody Vs. Vega matchup. Vega definately has the upper hand especially when its A-Cody. Vega can hit Cody with c. strong after a blocked mid screen jab criminal upper, so be sure not to get screwed by using that on a blocking vega. Cody’s main problem in this fight is that he’s not really fast enough to catch or corner vega. Use c. fierce -> short ruffian as a poke (somtimes even c. fierce -> jab stone even though there’s a small window against vega to get punished) Cody can’t really safely use stones to zone in this match, between vega’s high and fast jump and his long limbs he’ll be able to punish Cody when he tries to use his projectile. Use s. forward too because it will stuff vega’s c. strong. For air defense use the normal s. roundhouse, but if you find yourself in a jam use c. fierce. The c. fierce might end up trading a lot but if you trade with a j. short its worth it, plus, they are still hit up into the air giving you plenty of options. An earlier c. fierce will hit clean though.

Crouch Cancel is your friend in this matchup. Vega jumps around a lot and Cody can outprioritize most if not all of Vega’s jump attacks with a jump jab. Not only will cc do massive amounts of damage and dizzy, but it will also corner vega. This is exactly where Cody thrives, when his opponent is in the corner. Playing Cody you probably know all of his corner traps. Also, when you hit with a jab criminial upper, go for the counter it j. fierce a lot. This way you can utilize crouch cancel to bring vega to the corner once again.

Jumping in you can have problems. Against V-vega, his flashkick will beat most of your air attacks. So i’d recommend if you know he’s going to go for flashkick then jump in and block the flashkick and then f + roundhouse him out of his recovery. J. roundhouse will stuff vega’s c. fierce if timed right but be sure not to become too predictable with it because then Vega can start using his air throw for air defense.

Also, throw a lot. Cody’s kick throw is great, it does good damage every time and it puts the opponent into or close to the corner. After a KK throw you can walk up and c. fierce -> short ruffian (or jab stone) for even more pressure. Oh and Cody has a small trick which really isn’t even a trick but it’s great. Hit j. roundhouse, when blocked (or hit even), doesn’t push him that far away from the opponent compared to other peoples jumping fierces + roundhouse. After a jump roundhouse just walk forward a small amount and throw. It really gets on people’s nevers especially when you hit with the j. roundhouse and you go into throw anyways :lol:

I strongly recommend though, trying to get Cody’s customs down. It will give you a 50%-100% air defense option which is really valuable especially against a tough fight like vega.