Alpha 3: Q & A


You commit during the first DP.

Yes, the back ( :l: :2p: ) air-recovery after a corner Jab DP leaves the opponent unable to block the immediate second DP. However, the forward air-recovery (:r: :2p:) allows you to block in time. Granted, it’s a quick :r: :2p: :l:
motion, but it’s not difficult. This this type of recovery can also be used to escape situations such as Akuma’s corner, post VC standing Jab-> vertical jumping Short to CC series and probably his (non-vc) corner Fierce Demon Flip grab-> Fierce Goushoryu combo.


bleh, I’ll just take your word for it. it was only something like 7 extra points in the end. but I did those by buffering on the way down i didn’t press punch until I recovered otherwise it doesn’t come out. commit free =)

now on to something else.

1.)sometimes I see things that shouldn’t combo (like a non-meaty, actually comboing/linking. Is this a counter hit only thing or is distance and hit boxes invovled.

1.b)I also see people comboing/linking into activation (, activate, fireball, hopkick etc) does that follow the same rule?

2.)Is the invincibility for every character the same upon activation? (assuming a full meter on 100%). I ask because every character has a different personal action/taunt when they activate but I don’t know if the invicibility frames are also different.

2.b) When does the invinciblity stop? I often I can walk for like 0.5 secs through a fireball or poke and VC the other guy. Other times if I activate and immediately press an attack button,I sometimes get caught by the other player. Are you only invincible if you are neutral (standing still) or using the directions and not the attack buttons?


Most likely a counter-hit. It may also be possible depending on the character, just with a smaller window for the link to work.

Pretty sure invincibility time activation is the same universally. However, some non-charge characters are at an advantage, since they can start doing special move motions when the screen is still frozen. So for example, Sodom gets be invincicible while moving almost all the way across the screen (FP Jigoku Scrape), and most other characters can’t. So even if all characters are invincible for the same amount of time, some characters get more use out of it.

Charge characters can’t do that, but they can cancel a regular move into a special. The Vega player(s) in the a-cho vid appear to be doing the flipkick immediately after activation for anti-air, but if you pause the vid you can see that he actually cancels a crouching Short ASAP. Flipkick has invincibilty at the start anyway, so even if it were a slower move, it would be pretty safe.

Like with the Sodom example, you have to take speed of movement into acount, and also distance traveled. Like, wallking through fireballs- if you attack instead, you may get hit, even if your attack reaches. a) time stops a little when you hit someone, and b), the attack (fireball in this case) is still there, and your invincibilty has run out.

On the other side, if someone does an attack, but the move doesn’t actually begin until after the screen unpauses, or continues for a long time anyway (like 'Gief’s splash or Gen’s hand slap move), your invincibility can run out. Likewise, there are some moves which hit later/for longer than they appear… Let’s say Shoto sweep is 5(5)9… hits on it’s 6th frame and can hit up to the 10th, but after that has 9 frames of recovery.

So you walk forward and activate V-ISM (with 50% meter) on it’s 1st frame. You’re invulnerable for 12 frames after that, so you can do whatever- let’s say the BAS OTG, which starts with Akuma’s sweep, which also has 5 frames of startup. Basically, you’re safe up until the 12th frame, and he can only hit you up until the 10th…because you activated V-ISM a frame later than he started the sweep, you have 3 frames to spare instead of one.

But Guy’s sweep is 7(19)18. You can still activate-sweep, but if you activate at the same time as Guy sweeps, that only leaves you with a two-frame window to actually hit- and that’s assuming you did the sweep as soon as possible, hitting the button on the first possible moment it would register. The attack isn’t over, is the point. So if you’re off by a milisecond or have to walk forward or something, Guy’s attack is still active, and you can be hit or trade. Even if you activate one frame late like in the example vs shoto sweep, that only gives you a 3-frame window which is really small- if press jab with most characters, the time between when the attack starts and when they actually get hit is about 3 frames.

Yeah, anyway, short version: sometimes you have to activate late. Using quick attacks helps, like crouching Short xx sweep into the OTG.

Invincibilty time after activation does vary depending on how much meter you have, though. Starting from 12 frames if you activate with 50% meter, up to 18 frames if you’re at 100%.(**)

For examples of time in frames- there are roughly 60 frames in a second, but since the game is played with Turbo 2 as the default setting, it gets harder to tell, I think.

-Sodom’s sweep is 43 frames
-whiff Jab DP with Ryu is 48 frames
-when you activate V-ISM, the screen goes dark for 30 frames
-Sakura’s whiffed b+FP is 20 frames
-Ryu’s hopkick doesn’t hit until the 20th frame
-hitstun/blockstun from a Jab is about 13 frames
-when you throw a fireball with shotos, it takes about 12 frames before it can hit. A regular fireball with Akuma is 12 frames before it hits, the red one, which seems like it takes forever, is 18.
-Most standing/crouching Jabs hit on the 4th or 5th frame

**(you have 144 “dots” in your super gauge, altogether- To find out how many frames of invincibilty you get, the equation is that number divided by 16 plus 8 (n / 16 + 8). So for example if you activate at 50% (72 dots out of 144), you get 12.75 frames, but rounded down to 12. At 100% you should only get 17 frames (144 / 16 = 9, +8 is 17), but you get an extra frame thrown in for being at 100%, I guess.)


wow, thx alot for all info :tup:


I think the actual minimum charge time is 5 frames during VC mode. So that makes sense to buffer it off a 5-frame Jab/Short post-activation freeze.


Ok, so here’s a little bit more info on V-Cammy’s counter moves.

This move is so freaking worthless it’s incredible. Here are the stipulations for a catch:

  1. Has the be an overhead (jump-in or command normal)
  2. Can NOT be a special move (has to be a normal)
  3. Has to hit in the right spot depending on the strength of the button pressed!
  4. She will not turn around if the opponent crosses up (she will catch but then the follow up totally whiffs)

Now, regarding (3):

  • The JP strength will only catch attacks that are high in the air, like a very early jump JP/SK (head level).
  • The SP strength will only catch attacks that are about head-to waist high (basically mid)
  • The FP strength will only catch atacks that are very deep, which is roughly knee-high and lower

Lastly, she does different things depending on the strength you used.

  • JP will cause her to do a Cannon Spike (dp+K move)
  • SP will cause her to do a close FP (b+FP in V) then a far FP which will launch the opponent horizontally across the screen
  • FP will cause her to do a c.RH and juggle with a close RH (b+RH in V) which will launch the opponent almost vertically

So yeah, it’s totally worthless. It doesn’t beat crossups, it doesn’t beat special moves, it has a lot of start-up, and the opponent has to hit you in the right spot on Cammy’s hitbox, and even when it does hit it’s pretty weak.


CPU Guy did a proxy cancel on me today. Didn’t know it even knew what one was.
Or is that how they were discovered in the first place?


I’m a fucking useless scrub when it comes to R-mika

I have a few very basic (for you lot here) questions…

-What is hewr best cross-up?

-What are her good basic combos?

-What can i link to supers?

-Is there anythin I should watch out for?

-Can i have Transcripts for her VCs please?

**Thanks for that… **





I cannot figure out a consistent AA for Rose after activation.

I have set Dummy Gief splash over and over (kaillera? lol), I activate and i’ve tried qcb+mp, cr.fp, qcf+k nothing seems to work well. =(


I don’t think she has a reliable AA VC to be honest.
Those reflect moves come out too slowly.
You can maybe soul spiral them if they’re jumping from farther away.


2 things:

  1. Jab reflect (qcb+p) works best, but you have to activate super-late. Which is OK because:

  2. Rose’s startup time for VC activation is shorter than everyone else’s. So something that may work with another character has to be done quicker with Rose, because the clock is already ticking. Important because:

  3. You can do move inputs while the screen is still frozen, and they will still register. So if you use the same timing as with another character, you’ve lost time, and the move won’t come out ASAP, like it needs to.

Also helps to crouch before you activate, and if you wait until the last second, so they’re low to the ground.

I don’t know if you can VC through Akuma’s divekick or Dhalsim’s drills, I probably just haven’t had enough practice as of late.


ok cool. is jab reflect still off VC1 though?


It sorta depends on what combos you wanna do, but for the most part the kind of activation doesn’t matter until you get to the corner.


the only one I got down is the b+fp, qcf+mk


I’ve got a question about invincibility frames at super activation in A/Z mode.
Is there a same generic number of frames for each super for every character according to the level?or does it vary according to the super?


Re: Rose.

Eh, my opinion doesn’t change. Jab Reflect is good for when you’re either laggy or your timing is off. But if your timing is spot-on, then Strong Reflect hits faster and sooner vertically – larger vertical hitbox, and hits before opponent’s unfreeze – and it combos just as easily.

The problem with activating early and doing an early JP-Reflect is that the opponent has the opportunity to unfreeze and activate, which means they can blow-through your Reflect. But if you activate into SP-Reflect right when they are in range, then the Reflect should hit them before they unfreeze.

The transition from a Reflect to the regular [b+FP, whiff Drill] is simple since you just need to treat the Reflect as if it were a b+FP (whiff SK-Drill).


I concede that SP reflect may be better, but I’m an old man, and am set in my ways.

Jab reflect is actually a little faster, but since they may have to fall into the Jab one a bit, the timing is probably about the same. They both work best if you activate late, but the Strong version is almost-competent anti-air outside of V-ISM, so it gives you a bit of a wider window that way.

I’m pretty sure Jab would be better vs deep attacks, and worse vs Akuma/Dhalsim/Gen/Adon’s divekicks.

Those Japanese players need to start hocking some Zero 3 DVDs through SRK, so we western barbarians can get our hands on them…


After having time for some A3 again latly I still have probs with Charlie against Sak (can keep me away nicely with poking) and Cody (destroys completly my Sonic Boom and Corner Game). Anyone with some hints?