Alpha 3: Q & A


After having time for some A3 again latly I still have probs with Charlie against Sak (can keep me away nicely with poking) and Cody (destroys completly my Sonic Boom and Corner Game). Anyone with some hints?


Against Cody:

Look for chances for him to block your crouching Forward so you can inflict guard damage. When closer, you can use a crouching Short-> crouching Forward sequence to pressure him. Use your superior range on your crouching kicks – mainly your Forward but Roundhouse can also be used depending – to punish whiffed pokes such as his standing Forward or crouching Strong and move in and poke as he’s recovering. He’ll be able to block, but the point is to score guard damage. Speaking of punishing whiffs, you might have noticed that smarter Cody players will use a spaced Short Ruffian Kick when you might be walking and simply standing. Expect this, and try to bait this and punish by either walking backwards out of its range and tripping Cody with a crouching Roundhouse as he recovers. Once Cody is knocked down, you can further work on his guard bar. As he gets up, jump in with a deep Roundhouse then follow with b+ Roundhouse as he’s in block-stun for solid guard damage.

When closer, Cody players might try the Crack Kick (t+Roundhouse thingy) in an attempt to sail over your low pokes and combo or throw you as they land. If you can anticipate this, make him land on your crouching Roundhouse for that all-important knock-down, then go for the guard damage sequence described above. Cody has poor cross-up abilites, so when you’re very close and you anticipate a jump-in and are unable to use your crouching Fierce, you can walk towards him and throw (always in the direction closest the corner) him from behind as he lands.
If Cody jumps from outside your crouching Fierce range, take a step back and make him block a crouching Forward as he lands.

One more tip: at a medium distance, when you throw a Jab Sonic Boom, and the Cody player uses the dodge, follow the Boom in and make him block a crouching Forward. or Roundhouse


Thx for the reply Middlekick, I’ll try to incorporate more low forwards and take more GC attempts. At least I think I get something out of your hints, like I said thx.^^


Sorry that I dig this old post out right now, but I need some serious help with throws (special throws). Xenozip I hope you can help me.

I know the stuff you wrote about the normal throws. I know a Ken player and he’s using the same tactic. I’m forced to jump back and stuff. It’s sometimes a guessing game. I often get hit. I knew that I couldn’t jab out.

But this isn’t the thing I’m asking for. What is with the special grabs? Like Gief’s SPD?
Can you do a jab. Wait til Geif recovers and then you do a 360 and again the opponent can’t do nothing but jump? Or can the opponent for example jab me out of the 360? I did “testings” on my own. I set the Alpha collection dummy in A3 on cr.lp autofire. (I even set the speed on “normal” to avoid frame skipping. I heard that this can be a problem with exact timings.) Now let me explain you what I did. I jumped at Sakura and attacked with j.down mk landed did in combo timing the cr.lp (a 2 hit is displayed) now I wait til the cr.lp is recovered and do the SPD. The thing is that Sakura did cr.lp and is able to hit me out of the SPD. I did it again and again she beats me out of it.(after the cr.lp) But lets say 2 times out of 10 tries I could SPD her and she could not cr.lp me out.

The thing is I had this discussion with someone and he said that Sakura (or in general all the charas with quick light normals.) can always jab out of the 360.(he said he tested it via emulator with macros.) And I’m totally not sure what to believe now, because I always thought you can only jump away or get thrown? And like I said, I tested it by myself in the trainingsmode today and it seemed possibil to get the right timing so Sakura had to get hit from the cr.lp and after it she could not stick the cr.lp out fast enough to stuff the 360 (ok, or do a invincible or air born move, like you said.)
And the thing I’m cofused now. Can you jab out of the 360 if you already blocked a cr.lp before? Or can you again only jump out? Please somebody help.

(I hope could explain the situation clear enough. Sorry if someone has a hard time to read my post. ^^)


Different throws have different speeds. 'Gief’s SPD starts up quicker than any other throw in the game, so he can SPD people in situations where another throw may be too slow.

That I’m not sure about. I think there are times when all you can do is jump or get off of the ground/do something invincible, but I can’t say 100%.

The rapid fire test is sorta faulty, I think, especially if you’re not using a macro. Rapid fire is basically just jamming on a button over and over, even if it’s not a human player doing it. So it may be possible for there to be a gap in between button presses, which could screw things up.

Likewise, if you’re not doing the SPD at the first possible millisecond, your results could be off.

A macro would be a better way to test it.

I don’t know- it takes a few frames to get off of the ground when you jump, so it makes sense that if you have a Jab that hits after 3 frames, that you could knock someone out of an SPD. However, there’s an unthrowable period when you begin a jump, before you even get fully off of the ground. So it would make sense that you could jump, but not attack.

I’ll check the frame data in the Zero 3 book, but I assume there are certain situations where you can’ t Jab your way out of an SPD, or at least where you’d have a freakishly short window of time.


There’s a few factors to consider.

First, Gief’s standing and c.Jab’s both actually have frame disadvantage. If Gief hits Ryu, for example, with a JP/c.JP then Ryu can hit Gief with a JP/c.JP before Gief is even able to block. And this applies to weather Ryu was standing or crouching and it also applies to both hit and block.

I don’t know the exact numbers, but I think the opponent recovers 3 or 4 frames before Gief does, which is just enough time for the throw invulnerability to ware off – which is technically what makes the trap so good. EG. The trap works so well because if your execution was perfect then the grab frames occur on the exact frame that the opponents throw invulnerability ends (I think). Also, if Ryu mis-times his JP by a frame or two, then Gief’s SPD will land successfully – Which means Ryu can’t standing Short out of this trap because his SK is too slow.

So the short answer is: yes, opponents with quick light normals can jab/short out of most tick-throw 360 setups, but only with perfect timing.

However, I don’t know if this applies to resets or wake-ups (but I assume it applies to wake-ups). I only know for sure that it applies to ticking.

Also, I say “most” because VC tick-throw setups are inescapable.


anyone know the odds for a ‘shiny’ koryuken for dan?

also i remember someone posting a vid of a Dan v Gief match and the dan player was building meter off something “odd” looking. that’s a pretty vague description but if anyone remembers it could you tell me how it’s done? thx


Mummy-B has the answer (check Kao Megura’s SFA3 FAQ on GameFAQs).

It’s not random. If your 23rd action from the start of the round is a Kouryuu Ken it’ll be a flash. After that it’s every 15th action.

Anyone who hasn’t browsed/read through that FAQ, should.

To build meter quickly you can do his air qcb+K very low to the ground. EG. reverse Tiger Knee his air Dankuu Kyaku.



what happens tho if the 23rd or 15th action isn’t a koryuken does it reset back to 0?

I dunno if Dankuu Kyaku close to the ground is what I saw. it didn’t look like he even jumped. it was in this thread but alas the vid has been taken off youtube. maybe i’m wrong


No, the counter starts from the beginning of each round and increases with every action. Your Kouryuu Ken will be flashy only if the counter is at the right number when you perform it. Check the Kao Megura FAQ on GameFAQs for more details.

Yes, he was using repeated RTK Dankuu Kyaku’s to build meter.


I thought 'Gief could only use his normals from jumping straight up during a kattobi cancel, but I’ve been able to use his splash/knee and other air normals.
Not entirely sure how, but I can get it to work maybe 50% of the time.


4 Videos for the Single Tournament are on right now on A-cho! They’re so great. I’m mean really great. This Dhalsim is played in V and and Chun-Li is played in A btw. I just can say it again, great matches.


Kattobi Cancels have really weird properties. Guy is also able to access either his vertical or diagonal jumping attacks depending on a mysterious trigger.

I can’t really explain the trigger with any great detail, but I do know that cancelling a normal into a special is how to set Guy’s trigger so that he floats forward. Which makes no sense.


Krasher is pretty impressive in those videos. It’s easy to see why he won.
The beginning of his match with the Tosa is the best shit ever.
He ain’t fucking around there.


Krasher for president. Guy is fucking ruining people with Sodom. Too good.

thanks for the links!


More vids up. Looks like the exhibition matches this time.
A-Bison and V-Guy.


Chikyuu’s still still No.1 imo =x


Japan needs to start doing 2/3 instead of best of 1, if only for the entertainment of the people watching.


Yeah, I don’t know why you guys are cheesing over that Sodom player. His game was good, no doubt, but we’ve all seen better.

What caught me were those A-Charlie and A-Bison(Dictator) players who were both really fucking tight on their mechanics. Maybe their execution wasn’t so good but they were just on the ball with their mechanics.

I was totally breathless when that V-Guy activated and did oc.RH. Makes me want to cry tears of joy. He totally should have refrained from using Bushin drops and jumping. Meaning, staying out of the air in general. Still, makes me feel all warm inside when I see a good Guy player use V combos effectively.

Overall that batch of vids was great. That A-Akuma was scary the way he forced so many 50//50’s.

Anyone know how to buy that Zero Direction? I need to know details.


I don’t think there is a better Sodom player at the moment considering that this was the latest large scale A3 tournament and he was the winner out of like 76 participants or something.
He’s great because of the way he’s able to improvise. He has some very very creative VC’s in some of the other match-ups I’ve seen him in. Saw him start a VC from Sodom’s throw before, and he has an A2 style CC that he uses against Dhalsim players when he can.

Never seen any other Sodom open up on a Dhalsim player like that before either. Plus he takes full advantage of all of Sodom’s crouch cancel combos which you don’t see very often.

That A-Akuma played a ‘sloppy’ first round against the dictator player. It looked like he kept trying to activate out of habit at first. That A-Charlie did have a pretty tight game though.

I’m curious to see some of the other exhibition matches.