Alpha 3: Q & A


Ok thx for the repley and yes in Alpha 2 to it was quite nice to cancel it into the kick super or qcb+K.^^


scratch this part. I’ve confirmed that holding back, up, or up/back, you can still FFchain. But holding those directions are pointless as far as any progression is concerned, atleast in my opinion.

The strong - fierce chain comes out when holding any direction but down, down/back, and offensive crouch.

Directions you can hold:

FF chain: :l:, :u:, :ub: back, up, up/back

strong - fierce: :l:, :r:, :u:, :ub:, :uf: back, forward, up, up/back, up/foward

Directions you can’t:

For both FF chain and strong - fierce: :d:, :df:, :db: down is the universal no chain direction for Guy.

Too bad, cause that limits the buffer zone alot I think. *note that it’s still very lenient though, you can still end up holding the “bad” directions if you time it properly.
This is why IMO it’s better to go neutral whenever you chain, that way there’s no risk of screwing up the chain and you aren’t making your motions longer(by using back making more inputs) comboing into his level 3 kick.


2 new 3-on-3 vids up at a-cho


there’s that crazy dan meter thing again.


Does anyone know exactly what codec and bitrate were used to compress the acho_uz6_* videos? Meaning, the Zero Direction vids posted at a-cho.


Yeah, I have to say, those videos are pretty good quality given their size.


The bitrate varies vid to vid from about 230-310 kbps.
video codec is wmv9


I think it’s just called Ultimate Zero 6. Only one tournament was called Ultimate Zero Direction.

Windows Media Audio 9.1, 32 kbps, 22 kHz, stereo 1-pass CBR

Windows Media Video 9 (FOURCC: WMV3), 230 kbps VBR


LOL at the dude playing A-blanka. You gotta be so on point to win with him, it’s kinda sad.


Yes you’re right 2003 it was called UZ:Direction (actually being the UZIII iirc)

UZ:IV/Shodown (having for the first time special extra east vs west japan event)
UZ:VI (this year)

UZ: Dircetion Website (
UZ: Showdown Website (


That’s the first video i’ve seen of Maki struggling a bit…



Where are the videos?


I think you’ll like this one.


eaten up like lucky charms.


Nice vid!

Don’t fullscreen though or your eyes will melt. :wgrin:


A-cho updated.

NG13- go to, click “arcade,” and hover your cursor until you see something called mov.html in your status bar at the bottom of your internet browser window.

It’s the icon in the frame on the left-hand side, right under the text, and right above the VF5 icon. The last red one before the blog one at the bottom.


Thanks, man. I was looking around in those 2 links posted on the previous page.

Seems you can’t download them…


Wow, what year that was, 2k6?
Can anyone please give at least one source of A3 vids, besides a-cho and youtube? I love this game and thats not enough :sweat:


I doubt it. I don’t think Daigo even plays A3 anymore.


Could anyone help with the Karin cc infinite? I’ve looked through threads here with the search option and didn’t find anything that adequately explains it for me.

Edit: Nevermind, got it. Wasn’t cc-ing right.