Alpha 3: Q & A


TS, thanks man for the videos. Also is there a place where the characters are ranked per the ism they can select? I know any version of Sim is supposedly good but I want to know from good to best how Sim’s ism’s rank. Thanks.


Like most characters, his best modes are V, A and X-ISM in that order. X-ISM is the weakest mode because it has the most problems fighting V-ISM characters, but it is viable when that is not a concern.

Also like most characters, when you first start playing the character you are probably going to get more out of A and X. You’re giving up damage options by playing V, and you don’t get them back until you learn how to land your VCs etc.

In general, there are tier listings at Zero Gravity 2 (Japanese A3 website which should give you the general idea. There is also a match up chart where different players will give matchup opinions on a character, but those are all in Japanese.




A-ISM matchups only:



TS- Thank you for the help.

I meant Aism Chun Li mix up game. I was told to start with Chun to get used to the game.

OK what is charge partitioning? IS there anyway to store charges? (Sorry im very new to SF)

Im going to stick with Karin, Sodom/Chun Li and Juni. Yes Juni, im actually starting to like her more than Karin.


By your questions, I’m guessing you come from an SF3 background?

No charge portioning to speak of in the Alphas.

Guard meter is a bit like the stun gauge in the SF3 games, except it’s stun damage that you take for blocking. So characters with high-priority attacks get an automatic buff because they’re basically still doing damage on block. Also like the stun gauge, when people’s guard meter is about to break, they sometimes start to get predictable, which can work out to your benefit.

Chun mixup is mostly based on her priority as opposed to high/low. So it’s more frame trap vs throw than high/low. However, Senenshu (hcb+K axe kick) is an overhead and is pretty decent. The general strategy for learning Chun is to be a brick wall of pressure and keep moving forward, and then mind your anti-airs when people jump to escape pressure. After a knockdown either do block strings for guard damage (meaty close standing HP into crouching HK) or throw.

You may want to start with X-ISM Chun Li. All of her normal are as good or better than A and she does more damage. She loses the fireball, but that’s not a main part of Chun’s gameplay in A3. She gets the Hakkei (charge b, f+P palm strike) which does more damage. She loses Tensho Kyaku (flash kick upkicks) since X-ISM Chun can only do this as a reversal and not on demand. But her normals are good anti-air on their own. She loses the Senenshu as an overhead, but you can live without it. She gets Spinning Bird Kick instead, which isn’t great, but can be useful for getting out of trouble since it has crazy invulnerable frames at startup. The biggest loss is probably the fireball super.

Chun is good at pressuring with her normal attacks (standing MP, close standing HP, crouching HK), and her jumping LK crosses up and can be hard for characters without invulnerable anti-air to deal with on the ground, or beat air-to-air. She can also do an attack string of crossup jumping LK, close standing HP, crouching HK. The HP and HK don’t link, but it’s a frame trap, and the string does a lot of guard damage if blocked. The loop can be repeated on hit or block. Her walk speed also allows her to get away with walkup -> throw more than some other characters.

Defensively, she has good anti-air with her normal attacks (mainly crouching HK, or standing LP (counter hit) xx jumping attacks, etc). The primary purpose of early Kikosho (fireball super) is anti-air. Senenshu has invulnerable frames at startup, and can be used to beat counterpokes, though her normal attacks do a better job.


What is the general strategy for using Adon?


Never really picked up Adon. Seems to be based around pressure with normals and keeping track of your spacing? Haqq215 is the best GGPO/Fightcade Adon, you can look up some of his matches on YouTube:


And here is a playlist of matches featuring Adon:



TS- Im more KOF than anything. I did try 3rd Strike but I tries Elena. I saw a charge partitioning video regarding remy. I thought it applied to all charging characters. Since ive never played a charge character (even in KOF/FF), I was looking on tips to charge/store moves.

Hmm that X-ism Adon is looking mighty nice.


Hey whats up guys, I’m new to alpha 3 and want to be good at this game.
The characters that interest me are v-ism juni and v-ism honda
but on the fight cade version I dont see her on the character select screen is she not in this version ?
I dont understand how the game works is there some videos I can look at to learn the basics of alpha 3 the only site
i know of is: and Xenozip videos on youtube
also is there and videos showing how v-ism juni supposed to be played


Juni / Juli / Balrog are all in arcade version of Alpha 3 but you have to enter a code at the select screen to use them.

I don’t know that there’s a basics video for new players. There’s some stuff on GameFAQs in terms of written guides.

Juni videos:
Basic links and V-ISM combos





Honda is pretty simple to pick up. Would suggest you start with A-ISM for both Juni and Honda just to get a feel for the characters.

Honda basic combos


Honda matches:

@ 03:26:
@ 01:23:40:



Does ken have a crouch cancel infinite or a 100% Vism combo?


1P Ken has a recharge infinite with jumping HP, I don’t know if it works for player 2P Ken because the corner crossup rules are different.


I’ve not seen anyone pull it off in a real match.


Are you sure the ken player had enough time to activate Vism and do another j.hp? I’m new to a3, how are the rules different on p2 side?


I just tested it, and ken has enough time to activate Vism and continue the combo.


Corner crossup rules are different between Player 1 and Player 2. This is mostly an issue when it comes to infinites- characters that need to jump up-forward will switch sides if they are 2P. Ryu can do jumping MP as a V-ISM infinite, 2P Ryu can’t because he will change sides when he lands/whiff.

Charcters with neutral-jump infinites (Cody, Vega etc) aren’t affected as much, but characters who have to jump forward have to use different combos, though most of them still have infinites, they just involve crossing into/out of the corner.

@ 01:24



Thanks for the info bro.


How do I deal with Guy as Rose? This matchup always ends in a loss for me and pretty much stops me dead in arcade mode.

I try defending and only attacking after he attacks but he always manages to deal so much damage with just a single move or combo. Plus I don’t deal that much damage myself so defensive probably isn’t too good on its own.


Has anyone seen the new ken full screen AA vc? It’s similar to ryu’s. I’ve always theorized it was possible but was never able to find a timing to prevent flipping. This would also probably be the best vc against Sakura since the traditional AA VC does not work against her.


So Karin can do a 70%-100% Vism combo after any knockdown and the only way to escape is by doing a frame perfect tech flip? Why do I never see people do this at high level? Is it possible to plink the tech flip for easier timing?


TL;DR- All of this stuff is harder than it looks.

A ) The timing can be pretty tight at every step- the OTG window, the juggle after OTG, the crouch cancel juggle reactivation etc- , and Karin doesn’t build meter particularly quickly, so if you mess up a combo or it turns out you were a hair too far for slide -> OTG to connect, it can be real bad. You are more likely to see players go for this sort of stuff when it can decide the round, or as a Hail Mary comeback.

B ) You can’t guarantee OTG after any knockdown, it’s specifically just hard knockdowns- sweeps (close range), air throw, regular punch throw. Other knockdowns have a window where the opponent can recover either in the air or on the ground.

C ) Most infinite/crouch cancel VC setups require corner positioning with a certain amount of meter left. Not all characters can juggle you into the corner at the same speed, which means there are essentially positional limitations on landing these setups, as well as meter restrictions, because the amount of meter you have dictates how long your VC will last.

For example, you can activate at 50% meter, but to set up an infinite or extended juggle you would generally need more than that unless the opponent is already in the corner. If you look at the very first combo at 1:05, that only works if Karin has 100% meter (even then, it’s a modified version of the setup shown right after). Activate into OTG command throw uses almost 40% of the timer by itself. Also, only command throws can OTG, and Karin’s will always toss the opponent behind her, which means that if she has you in the corner she’s actually bouncing out out of it. It’s still a good option for landing regular V-ISM combo damage, but it’s not always ideal for setting up infinites. For that, the other standard options are a better use of meter (anti-air VC, or regular activation to punish something etc).

D ) You only need 2 punch buttons to do an air recovery, so technically you would be able to piano/plink to expand the window. I’ve definitely seen players pop out of this setup before, can’t verify that the 1f window is practically real or just on paper (or if the setup itself requires perfect timing). There is a frame trap version of this combo that uses jumping jab, in order to catch people if they air recover, since you can’t air block instantly after air recovery.


I appreciate the help bro. I have a few more questions.

A) If you cannot air block instantly after air recovery, what can you do in that situation?

B ) How bad is Ken in this game? According to wiki any player below B tier is not tournament viable.

C) How is this akuma doing a crouch cancel infinite after an air tatsu? Does it have 0 recovery frames and can Ken do the same?


A ) What can you do as the attacker or defender? On defense you can still do air specials and supers. The most practical version of this is to counter-activate to avoid getting hit with an crouch cancel setup.

@ 1:10

Other characters can try to cancel into air specials in order to change their hurtboxes. Ken and Akuma are basically invulnerable below the waist when doing air tatsu, so immediate cancel to air tatsu out of air recovery can sometimes help them get out of setups, but not always.

Other than that, air recovery can be done forwards, backwards or neutral. So there are some setups which will catch two options but not all three, or vary by how late you do the air recovery, etc. There’s an aspect of rock/paper/scissors with those.

B ) Ken is good. B tier characters are solid, like the rank suggests. The problem with tournament viability is that most tournament footage you’ll see will be coming out of Japan, and they tend to be character specialists. So while certain characters may not be good on paper, it’s not uncommon to see a very skilled Juli or Birdie player. The fact that Japanese tournaments are traditionally single-match instead of 2/3 also changes viability. So I would say that he’s technically viable, but at the same time if you’re thinking about tournament success you’d be better off putting the same amount of effort into learning Sakura or Akuma. I would advise against only playing for tournament viability, but YMMV. Ken is still a good choice at a beginner through fairly high level.

C ) I’ve only seen that combo done in Alpha Anthology and not the arcade version of the game or other ports, so I don’t know.