Alpha 3 Strats thread

I’m gonna start playin A3 but I want to play Cody and I don’t really see whats so top tier about him. I jus know he’s good. I can’t really understand why? I can fight wit him but I lose. I jus don’t understand what is so abuseable with him to make him cheap or top-tier. So if someone can tell me that would be great and sorry if there was already a thread with this title. Didn’t really care to look.


cody isnt top… ermmm, cody i relly good at getting CH in the air… so, u know what comes then right?, YEAH CC MADNESS!!!(cc j. jabs and shorts.)… just that, only jump when the enemy do soo… and if u didnt jump, receive them with a standing fierce, dont do s. RH cause if the activate the VC u r dead…
Cody Vc’s r not that great, and i have a tendency of screwit so, i only d 5 hits or so and send the enemy to fly -> CC MADNESS AGAIN!!!.. as u see, if u r going to play cody seriusly ull have to get confortable with the ccs…
Dont rush with cody, but dont turtle … just keep them at bay, u have tons of moves to do that, like, s.fierce, c. short XX qcf+Short, Stones, and blocked strings that i dont remember now :stuck_out_tongue: … and, if u want to be deadly, Corner the oponent. BTW try to search for a guide writen by nibor or something like that, it has nice bstrings… if u want ill post a rec later… bye

cody vc’s are not that good? are you crazy? his vc’s are retarded as hell. even has a super deadly gc vc. you dont need to turtle with cody. it works but his strnghth is flip out setups into crouch cancels and corner traps. then infinites shit. if he stays inside, hes extremely deadly… but uh, this thread is not needed, there is an a3 thread at the very top that is sticky, go there for a3 related info

Yeah 50 man Nibors Cody is pretty good. Cody takes a lot of work but as Sabre says is pretty good if mastered. Yes he must stay inside and with his Ccancel stuff etc it makes him a force. Technically though no he aint top tier. Yes the A3 thread is the be all here at least.