Alpha 3 super problems

I cant get a QFCx2 super to work on SF alpha 3 for the life of me.

I’m using a TE round 2 stick. What am I doing wrong?

Does alpha 3’s training mode have input display? Check it, and try and make sure that you see the :qcf::qcf: arrows. There’s a fair bit on leniency on the input, but that’s generally what it should look like. Practice getting the motion to go comfortable and quickly.

Another common issue on Japanese-style sticks is that people tend to get stuck in the corner of the stick’s field of motion. Try to think about moving in a more circular motion rather than riding the edge of the stick.

Its hard not to ride the edge of the stick when trying to do a QFC. How do I not ride the edge?

with a flick of the wrist. think of it like your using a shortcut and skiping the corner…

That happens to me when I play too much Street Fighter IV before I hop onto a different 2D fighting game. I know it. I just blame Street Fighter IV. You’ll get the hang of it though once you start getting used to the execution in other games. I don’t know about anyone else but Street Fighter IV usually makes my execution rusty by the time I switch to a different game.

try doing this movement instead :qcf::d::df:

It really does. I tried to play ST after such a long time and I had never felt so defeated in my life >.>

Treat SF4 execution like there’s no leniency. Just pretend. >_>

What is happening when you attempt to super?

If you jump, you’re doing the motion too hard. You probably hit upforward when trying to hit forward. The stick is really sensitive. Just stop at forward.

If you did shoryu, you probably stopped at downforward. Make sure to go all the way to forward.

Yeah that’s what I’ve gotta start doing. Gotta pretend. I was thinking of that. I wonder if all the top players do that in SF IV.

Are you just trying the super or are you actually cancelling an attack into the super? That changes a lot of things.

Also, if you are having trouble using a square gate, you can always switch it out with an octo gate.

Is there an easier way to do the HCBx2+p/k supers? i can never get akuma’s fireball super to come out when i want to (at least not all the time).

just practice it. as far as I know, there’s no shortcut for that one. the important inputs there are very obvious. F, D, B, F, D, B… no way to do it without the circle motions. Can’t do a full circle because of the jump. Can’t do a whiffed attack because you’ll get a red fireball or a hurricane kick.

you trying it on stick? On stick, I get that 100% of the time. On pad, even after years and years, I’m still about 80% on it.

I do know a “shortcut” on pad though.

How do I do that? I already bought this stick over the internet. (TE round 2)

and usually, most of the time, when I try doing the super, I end up just doing the first QFC special.

Buy one.

Thats not an option. Im not buying some more shit, I just spent money on this tournament stick.

Then shut up and deal with it. Or suck somebody off and they might give it to you for free. But seriously? It’s $5.

:lol: You went in.

Hey man, I came back to this forum to get some updates on SSF4, sell my Blaze Twin Sticks (Already done) and see what’s lurking around, and I find out that the 09ers really did nicely. What’s going to happen? I get banned?