Alpha 3 Upper on Arcade

Is this available in arcade? Or only on Playstation?

It was only released in Japan, and the arcade version has a few differences from the PS2 Upper in Alpha Anthology.

Please elaborate because I have the arcade version and also the PS2 Version. I would like to know all the differences. From the major differences to even the minor ones.

Sure I will look it up. I never saved it on my PC, it just on the original japanes forum and a copy on
This (is) the german beat’em up site, but it’s down at the moment. The restart is soon to happen. But I will look it up for you, no prob! =)

Double Upper Tiers. (the original japanese forum isn’t online right now, or anymore.)
But Hardedge is back on and there was a copy of it.

[S] Sim, Ingrid, Ryu
[A] Deejay, Yun, Guy, Gouki, Gief, Blanka, Gen
** Sakura, Sodom, E.Ryu, Eagle, Ken, Rolento, Adon, Rose, Boss
[C] Maki, Sagat, Karin, Cammy, Chun, Nash
[D] Guile, Juni, Feilong, Claw
[E] Honda, Cody, Birdie, Boxer
[F] Juli, Hawk, Mika, Dan

This list got two updates this year.

  • Note that many character with ex infinites are very low now. Sagat, Sodom, Cody (!), Claw (!)

  • Note the high rating of some charas. Ingrid for ex. I would love to try her out.
    Look at Dhalsim’s raise again. Ryu is one tier better than Akuma. Blanka is an A-class character now. (I remember reading about a mean trick going on for him in this edition.)

  • Look how good Ken is rated.
    And how bad Fei is now.

This always makes me want to play Double Upper/MAX even more. But don’t own a PSP. ^^

Interesting information and that’s prob. the tip of the Iceberg. On what board is Double Upper released?

What makes Ryu so good in Max? Has he had any significant changes made to him in this version? Is his rave more powerful than before?

What’s the mean trick that’s going for Blanka in this version?

i thought double upper was only released for the psp:shake:

and that the main difference was that it had ingrid , eagle and yun in it.

What does make you think otherwise?

I know this is an old post but if you had only one arcade cabinet and you had to choose between the CPS-2 arcade version of Alpha 3 or the Sega Naomi version of Zero 3 upper, which would you choose.

I like Upper so I could use Guile and the other characters but I like Alpha 3 because you could do the combos.

Well what’s the more balance game???

So that leads me to another question…

When the fuck is hardedge gonna be in english?


this is actually a good question

^I’d like to know to, but sadly this forum is pretty much dead, maybe ask in the fighting game discussion forum?