Alpha Ant. What GLITCHES will be allowed in HSFA mode tournament?

The question I want to pose to the community is the following:

What glitches will be deemed normal gameplay and what glitches will be gamebreaking? IMO the creator’s of this version tried to make HSFA balance and the default setting’s “SHOULD” be the way everyone plays HSFA, but I know people can’t or won’t learn how to play a new game. That why so many people were bitching about it not being arcade perfect at 1st untill some people started to tweak with the dip switchs. Well IMO most arcade version are rushed, unfinished version of the game and the home console version are usually the finished product. Now this becomes a BIG problem if the programers change the gameplay of the game you spent years learning and mastering just to try and balance the gameplay. I don’t care what way you prefer to play. I just want us as a community to put our heads together to make a FAIR tournament settings.

What will be the standard setting for HSFA. Will some glitches be deemed too gamebreaking and be ban from tournament play or will all of the glitches be turned on to be abused to the fullest?!?!?!?:confused: :confused: :confused:

In the following months this mode may become a popular tournament game and we need some guidelines, so everyone can play and train on the same level. We don’t want to pratice with or against glitches that won’t be allowed in tournament play.

my .02

I would be more worred about CE-ism breaking the game then any glitch…

I think we should just use the default settings - granted, the balance may be better with certain dips on, but a choice has to be made and this seems like the one that causes the least problems. If it’s decided to have certain dips on, you then get into most likely ceaseless arguments over what dips should be allowed, even after a standard has been agreed on.

The fact that there’s no arcade version to provide a standard for competition is enough of a hindrance to this game’s prospects as a serious game already, I don’t think we should risk endangering its chances further by getting caught up in arguments about what settings to use. We need a firm standard, even if that standard is arbitrary; to have one is more important than the reasoning for it. The easiest way to achieve this is just to use the default dips, IMO.

The ONLY alternative to this (and even this is not a good idea imo, simply because it’s more cause for disagreement) should be to have ALL dips on. One or the other, all on or all off; both of these avoid arguments over which dips should be turned on or off, which only allowing specific dips will almost definitely cause.

As for people complaining of arcade-perfectness, that’s a totally moot, and furthermore ridiculous point, imo. This game is not SFA, it is not SFA2, and it is not SFA3. Any attempts to make it more like them are entirely without reasonable basis.

edit: I was assuming here that by default all the dips are off, which I guess might not be the case (I haven’t checked). If it isn’t then I guess we have three options: defaults, all off or all on. Rest of my post still stands ^^;

All games on SFAA as default have all stars OFF. Which means picking up and playing isn’t arcade perfect. You have to actually go in and pick a revision set to get what most people will attempt to agree on as arcade perfect.

As for HSFA, the dips are similar to SFZ3U, and IIRC the only revision set there is the same date as the Z3U revision set. SO, if peeps still have a hatred for the Upper dip changes (CC stuff, meter building from whiffed throws, etc), I suggest they start finding what all the dips do. As of right now most of the big ones have been found(as compared to the MONTHS it took to find the Vampire Collection dips), so these choices should be easy.

im not a big fan of this mix and match style of games. but i think default should only be used and i think the S-ism modes with a3 characters should NOT be allowed since they were not a3 modes, and this game should be treated as a crossover game with the real games. not these added modes for characters that have probably never been tested

We will be having a tournament here in Portugal (EFT 2006) with several fighting games and one of them will be Hyper SF Zero, there is 2 modes that will be banned already: CE groove and Marvel groove, but there is still a questions that we dont know the answer at 100%:
does teh 3S groove and DS groove are overpowered?

Man, you’re banning stuff already? It’s WAY too early to tell if things are overpowered yet, and honestly it’s laughable if you’re basing your decisions on other people telling you something is overpowered.

Im not the one who is saying that it will be banned, this is what we have come to an agreement between the people who is working on the tournament, but nothing has come to and end until we post the final rules for Hyper SF Zero, many of us see that CE groove takes close to 100% life bar with a simple combo: j.HP, s.HP, DP = dizzy, repeat

This is why I kinda agree with the stuff that Sabre just posted: “this game should be treated as a crossover game with the real games”

So for the tournament deal stuff should be allowed onle the real alpha grooves, doesnt that makes more sense?

Yeah, i’m with polarity here. It’s very early to be banning stuff. Have some big get together or some small tournies first then make a decision. At this point I wouldn’t ban anything. Personally I think it’s going to be sweet to have silly damage CE characters face off with insane V-ism characters. The fact that their are so many character variations should make the game interesting. Plus no ism is 100% broken, Capcom aren’t totally stupid.

Having said that I think it goes without saying that shin akuma should be off and also possibly shin-vega too (not sure about that one, haven’t used him).

why would you ban marvel ism anyway?

EDIT: in reply to MA, the CE characters can’t air block, can’t parry, can’t recover and they take hella damage. That’s what I ment when I said no ism is totally broken. They have good points and bad points.

my whole point is that i, personally, look at the game as a faceoff between all alpha games. marvel,3s,ds,ce ism is not alpha in any way. were never in the original games of any sort. of course this whole subject is debatable considering theres no established arcade/tourney standard to follow by since its console only. plus just from the feel of playing those s-ism modes, they were obviously just throw ins since they are pretty half assed versions of the respected games they aree mimicking. so im sure that the modes werent thoroghly playtested either.

why are people talking about hsfa if we cna finally play an arcade port of a3… who cares about hsfa…=(

i say stick to the arcade verions. too much weird, non-alpha stuff going on. however, this is just based on what i’ve read since i haven’t played it yet

“I think the game was meant to be played this way” arguments haven’t worked for any other SF games so i don’t think it’s going to go over well here either.

In addition, A2 and A3 weren’t excatly examples of refined playtesting and bug free gaming either. The only real concern wrt game balance is whether CE is going to be dumb, but as usual, there’s only one way to find out.

To allow all the modes is probably the only way the game is going to make sense, and to be honest, is most of the reason people are thinking about this game at all competitively or are still interested in getting the US version of the collection.

We already know how the A2 and A3 stories end, and i’m not sure everyone is all excited to relive those games again (or that they will be excited once they get reminded), it’s not like 3s where the game died before people really knew how to play it.

It’s funny how people who haven’t even played the game are already making assumptions about it.
Chill out fellows, give it a few months, play the game against good players and then decide whether or not stuff should be banned.

I agree with FMJaguar; the only sensible thing to do is allow all the modes in HSFA. From what serious A3 players have told me, it’s not as if A3 is a gleaning example of balanced gameplay. The same arguments that are used against the added Isms can be said about V-ism with its unblockables and so forth. If anything, the CE Ism’s strengths are seemingly tailored for dealing with V-ism characters. They can’t airblock or do AC’s, nor can they air recover. Without it’s obscene damage potential, choosing CE-Ism would be asking for death.

uh having no air recovery is a VERY good thing against a3 characters

Like I said before, I personally don’t think HSFA is suppose to play like A1, A2, or A3. It’s a new game and should be played that way. The new ism’s aren’t apart of any alpha game, but that the fun part IMO. IMO the new ism’s will draw players from other games into HSFA. This game could get other players besides the hardcore alpha players to compete in tournaments again. People that just started to play fighting games don’t know about the goodness of the Alpha series. Matter of fact if they started playing in tournaments for the past 3 years all they know about is 3S, MvC2, CvS2, tekken, GG, and ST.

It won’t be a bad thing if a 3S only player picks up this game and tries to learn how to play his favorite fighting style in the alpha series. IMO if you want to play the original games you should not play HSFA. Just pick your favorite version of alpha and run the tournament in that version. I think all of the ism’s should be used to add some spice to the alpha series. I personally think CE-ism might be the best ism in the game, but I have noticed that they lose mad chip damage against the V-ism combo’s and they lose mad damage when they get hit by supers. So they deal it and they also take it bad.

CE characters are the easiest to zone because they are bound by the old school rules of fighting games. No air block, no alpha counter leads to corner death. The darkstalker-ism may end up being the best if you can air chain, land before they do, into a crouch cancel infinite. I personally think X-ism and Marvel-ism are the worst ism in HSFA, but then again I don’t play the characters that make those ism’s great. A2 seems to be the most balance ism in HSFA to me. death CC’s. Good priority on normals attacks and no gaurd meter. A1 chain to the special move or to the super and no gaurd meter. If you take the new-ism’s out of HSFA tournament play you might as well play the other versions of alpha and skip over the HSFA mode.

Let’s give this game mode a chance before we start banning ism’s:sweat:

Can you do crouch cancels with the default dip settings in Hyper?

Let’s not banned the new isms, nobody banned the god tiers in MVC2 so let everyone stay as is. I won a few matches in HSFA fighting the CE characters. The biggest threat IMHO is CE BIson from what i seen. Shin Akuma and ShinBison aren’t that bad in thisone so they can be used in tourneys. Shin Bison’s biggest threat has always been is psycho drive, and Shin Akuma’s can be dealt with in the new isms.

I figure with enuff play something can counter the other. THe DS ism can counter when you block chains from A1 characters with infinte Acs or the push block. Although I’m a good gamer I still never knew what Valle’s CCs was or how to do crouch cancels but from what i’m reading those r good counters for some CE characters. This isn’t A3 this something new and it should be treated like it, and the CE characters seem strong for now but that can all changes. U still have features from previous Alpha games that are still a threat like a turtling Ken and his kick AC among the other things that r possible.

As for the Marvel ism it’s not as bad as it sounds, from what I can tell only a few of the characters benefit from it. Doesn’t do much for Ryu,Dan, and Shin Bison as far as I can tell. May make use for Ken,Sakura,Sim, but it’s still early to tell. Let’s just give it time to tell cause certain modes give u certain effects (ya I had my brother playing CE Ken duck right over my A1 Bison’s fireball)

Fair enough, nor should A1, 2 or 2G characters because they’re not their A3 versions. :rolleyes:

Are you honestly for real? Why the hell would you ban Red S-Ism, if anything you want to be banning Green.

The new Isms aren’t even broken, CE-Ism yeah fair enough, that should probably go down the drain, but banning Red S-Ism? Come on…

This is Hyper Street Fighter Zero, NOT SFA3. They didn’t design 3 completely new playable modes for nothing, removing them’s just retarded.