Alpha Electronics

I wanna order a MAS from you with my specifications. How long will it take and how much is the shipping to NY.

You can order on my website and pretty much choose everything how you want it. Here is the link.

As for shipping times, it usually takes MAS Systems about 3-5 days to complete a controller if they have what you need in stock. If it takes longer than that I would email you and let you know of any delays, but thats round about how long it takes on average to make a stick. Then the shipping time would depend on what shipping method you want to pay for. It can be shipped either ground or 3 day delivery, both options you can choose on my website when you’re checking out. If you dont feel comfortable with the online ordering, you could give me a call and i’ll take the order over the phone. My phone number is listed on my website. Post here or email me if you have any other questions.

Hey, Soulhadou did you get the Money Order yet?
Have you’ve talked to mas systems yet about my arcade sticks?

Yes, the money order arrived this morning. I called that same day though to put your order in, so im hoping that it will be ready early next week. I will call them on Monday morning to follow up and see how everything is coming along.

Thanks, I need to practice once I get my sticks. I got my ass owned today 4 times in a row. With Magneto,Cyclops, and Iron Man. :sad:
Let’s see what will happen once I can play again. :badboy:

i put an order in on your site and i hope it’ll get here soon!! or :lp: to your face!!!

Was that you that ordered on the 10th? If so, I sent you an email. I cant process Discover card payments, only Visa or Mastercard. Check out your messages so we can wrap this up. :slight_smile:

Hey SoulHadou, can you please reply in this topic once you finish talking with mas systems about my order today?

wouldn’t it just be faster to go to MAS dirrectly?

Its going to take the same amount of time to order from me than it would to order directly, with the exception that my shipping charges will be less than theres. I have a discounted shipping structure which I pass on to my customers, so thats why people order from me instead of ordering direct. Not only that, but we are currently in talks to make Alpha Electronics their official online store. They may be stepping away from selling directly alltogether so they can focus on manufacturing and on creating new products for the marketplace. Things arent final yet but we are working things out daily.

I just spoke with them about an hour ago, and your stick is still being put together. I was told Thursday or Friday is what they are aiming for in getting your order shipped. I will call again on Wednesday just to make sure they are on schedule.

ok thanks and uh what how about i just give you a call?

Yes, call me asap cause I cant complete your order til I get a different credit card for payment. :slight_smile:

Have you called mas systems today? I just wanted to know the status on my sticks. :smiley:

i’d say expect a call this saturday or so because my mom is doing the order and she has work blah she gets tired. saturday night most likely.

actually she’s probably gonna take care of it online so no worries ^^

I know I bug alot I just want to know the status of my sticks.

I sent you a PM a few minutes ago. Check it out.

It’s been 2 weeks since I sent you the money. I thought it was going to take 3-5 days to make the arcade sticks. You haven’t updated my status online or on your site and e-mails. So why is it taking so long? IS there some sort of problem? I’m not mad i’m just concerned.

Does anyone know if a MAS stick will work with an Innovaton X-Connection? Alpha Electronics used to list them along with the MAS sticks so I bought one. It took two freakin months to get to my house and now that its here I find it doesn’t work with my stick. I checked their site today and I saw they don’t carry them anymore. That makes me kind of nervous. I tried it with a regular PS2 pad and it works but with the MAS it is a no go. If it doesn’t work then a pox on Alpha Electronics!