Alpha Generations - Gokuentou connection

Tiamat once again you are quoting me out of context, when i discussed canon (a concept which i am aware of but don’t agree with) it was actually in response to sano’s answer which dwelled into cannon.

err… street fighter work of fiction… granted… but it cannot ahve a canon?? So what you are saying is that Akuma may have and may not have killed gouken hence all the “ryu seeking Akuma…yaydayayada” thing during SFZ2 might be a ton of bull-manure eh??

It is a work of fiction granted but it still need some amount of backstory and reliable info… Retconning past events and reintroducing histories would result in what SF-storyline is now… due to capcom’s constant fiddling with Street fighter II, we don’t even know what happened except Gouki killed Vega (or M.Bison)…

anyway… I think your question has been answered MBthomas… so better let this thread die…

No, I’m saying yesterday bison killed gouken, today akuma killed gouken, tomorrow gouken may still be alive. But you know what? It doesn’t matter because it is just a story and rather than trying to find the “truth” of the story by narrowly restricting the story to limited sources deemed “official” in order to determine past and current events in the street fighter universe and label them as “fact”, it is much better to simply acknowledge the ever evolving nature of the story and include a broader range of works, such as those contained in comics and animes. My ethos is to be inclusive rather than exclusive. As best described in wikipedia, having a definitive canon in a fictional setting is not necessarily useful, desirable or even possible. Hopefully, I can leave it at that.

Gonna post in here once.

Being “inclusive” is all well and good, but being “coherent” is another matter entirely. You can mesh together all this crap if you want, but if none of it sticks together, or makes any sense, it all falls apart. There’s a limit to just how much you can include before it gets ridiculous.

Generations is a train-wreck that I have yet to witness. Getting it for christmas but only to point and laugh at the stupid mistakes.

Meh… I swear, Capcom needs to let the Udon material become canon.

Let WHAT Udon material become canon? A lot of the comic doesn’t really deviate from the canon so much as take what’s already there and ‘extend’ or emphasize it a little more than what happened in the canon (such as Chun-Li interacting with Yun, Yang, and Gen more. Canon indicates she knew all three, just possibly not to that extent, but the general direction is the same anyways)

The only stuff that really deviates from the canon in a different direction rather than just take the canon and extend it further so far are things that, if you’d really think about it, I don’t think anyone really cares THAT MUCH about, like Shadow. …at least I hope not because while it didn’t make me want to kill puppies, I certainly didn’t think it was so uber that it would make me scream “ZOMG THIS SHOULD BE CANON!!!1”. Ditto for Delta Red’s increased ‘role’. Or brainwashed Dee Jay and Blanka. Some of those I think are cool, some are stupid, and some are so-so, but none of them really make a big enough difference that it’d make me rush to Capcom and petition them to make it canon (especially when the storyline for all those games involved ended long long ago, anyways). Even non-robo Dolls and Kei being a grumpy surly bitch instead of a cheerful shy scared girl I find really cool, but neither are to the point where I’d care to make them canon when both of their storylines basically ended long ago anyways (…if you could even call Kei as having a storyline). Also, the ordering of SFAlpha then SF2 where Bison becomes weaker which makes things more anti-climactic and strange from a chronological standpoint, but that really isn’t something that can’t be helped without a remake of SF2 anyways (since Alpha’s bigger cast and non-tournament format allowed for a more climactic canon storyline with that all-out battle royale against Bison. …not that the games did a very good job of portraying that anyways, but eh)

I guess I’ll have to watch that DVD now. :wink: