Alpha Generations is a month away - Any Info?

I can’t believe this flick is only a month away and I haven’t seen one screenshot or concrete synopsis of the plot. Anybody got anything?

Release date: 10/25/05

Yeah but the japanese version is 26th of July

Street Fighter Alpha Generations trailer

i checked out the trailer, I dont know the art looks really americanized its not as anime as the street fighter alpha movie. For some reason akuma dont look right something wrong with his face and i notice that the level of details on the characters is not that great. Well that just my opinion. but im looking forward to watching this.

ARG! I can’t watch Quick Time Movies on this PC I’m using at work, (rejects free downloads too, it’s power source that runs this PC, the hamster running in a wheel don’t likey quick time), have to wait until I get home to my good PC to watch it, work sucks… Oh well, we are gonna sneak some booze in here after our bosses break out early for the July 4th Holiday, work’s not all that bad, heh, heh…

world premiere at evo!

the animation isn’t bad, i dont’ mind the american feel to the animation, i think it gives ryu and Akuma (from what it shows in the trailer) a much more…i woudlnt’ say realistic … but a more thought out look… Ryu seems a bit more… how do i put it … he has a more human look to him (he’s not too buffed out)… and Akuma just looks bad ass… i mean… maybe we’re not used to him looking like that (his face)… but i mean he’s supposed to be a Demon/Master of Fists type being… so it kinda justifies making his face look kind of twisted… i think this movie is gonna be alright… from what i’ve seen anyways :tup: the only thing i didnt’ really like was the way Ryu’s Hadouken hit Akuma… it was more like a beam than a ball of energy…


cant seem to find the link for the trailer, can anyone post it?

edit: its alright, i found it… and yeah… ryu looks a bit :confused:

Click on ‘The Art of Anime’ in the center and then click on Street Fighter Alpha Generations on the above link.

Finally saw it. Didn’t care much for fat Gouki and that water gun Hadouken. I liked how they drew Ryu’s face, very Fist of the North Star like but not the anatomy, he doesn’t have big hands and big feet Bengus style as he does in the Zero/Alpha games like Umakoshi was drawing in the last one. Or even how Shuko Murase drew the DS characters in the Anime. However I’m still pretty excited to see Ryu and Gouki fight in an Anime. Two months to write the story and I’ve heard good things about Dead Leaves. Very interesting… and I’m always happy to see the creative team switch up so we can see how they hold up to the others and compare.

Ugh. Didnt care for the first Alpha OAVs, and this looks even worse.


ughhhh looks absolutely horrible. what was up with ryu’s hadoken, i cant judge much on that little preview but it doesnt seem to have that anime style. omg, gotta go wash out my eyes and pretend like i never saw that.

Excellent, i dig the style and not a shun or doctor saddler in sight. Whilst it may not be up to the standard of the first movie, it is an original, refreshing take none the less. It still remains to be seen about the old smoking man, possibly a teacher of Ryu’s similar to the one in V.

Anybody else think Cammy when the sketches of the girl in the bathtub crop up from the start?

Looks good. Better than shitty V and Alpha…although Alpha used Bengus’ style, which I would’ve preferred to make a comeback for this anime. It looks more like the first sf anime. And that’s Chun Li in the tub, judging by her hairstyle. I think I’m gonna enjoy this.

Man, i cant get over the way they (and specially Akuma) look. “Akuma, by Rob Liefeld”

The girl which they focus on is Sakura. A box with her name appears right in front of her. Theres another person with her in the bathtub, but we dont see his/her face or anything.

Don’t really have any huge problem with the animation. I liked the more realistic animation in SF2 better than Alpha’s anyway. My only complaint is the fireball Ryu throws at Akuma. What the hell was that? Alpha had normal fireballs, blasts, and then that big tunnel of energy “Dragonball” blast at the end. 2V had the 10 minutes to fire Hadoken. I always liked the way fireballs were done in SF2. You see the blast coming straight at you, but not the actual projectile.(Ryu vs Sagat/Ken vs Bison) The Alpha Generations fireball looks pitiful, like Ryu turned a weak hose on. And what was up with Ryu trying to break Akuma’s neck? Not a very Ryu-ish fighting tactic.

All in all I guess we really shouldn’t complain. Capcom doesn’t care enough to put out actual Street Fighter games anymore, so it’s nice to see an anime.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that it’s Retsu.


It would be nice to see Retsu in here since it’s been said he was a friend of Gouken, but he kind of reminds me of the old man who was sweeping out Ryu’s dojo in the first Alpha.