Alpha nd haters

I will never understand how people will harp that this game is broken because of CC infinites [Despite the fact that only mid tier characters have them and they are more demanding then tradtional infinites] and VC dominance. But, turn around and play a game like marvel.:confused:

You knew from jump street xvsf,mvsf,mvc,mvc2 was going 2 be broke because when XVSf dropped it was hella broken. Cant really say the same on the follow up mvsf, but mvc once again you see more broken combos. Then mvc2 everything was broke.

Alpha1 had chain combos like the vs system basically.
Alpha2 had CC’s that did 80%, just an estiamate
Alpha3 brought in a juggle system and vc/ crouch cancel infs and etc…

The alpha series always changed up something in the fighting engine, so why people were upset with A3 would be because of the way the engine kept changing. Thats why u have soo many a2 lovers and a3 haters.

Vs Series : followed same format, and all the games (excluding mvsf) are broken.
Alpha: Constant changes, hard 2 adapt to new gameplay from the old gameplay.

So marvel brokeness being compared to a3 brokeness shouldn’t of even been brought up cuz its 2 diff definitions of broken.

but thats just my opinion.

correct me if im wrong

marvel is SO broken it goes back to playable! (almost magical)
Alpha has broken hitboxes and just feels clunky. you can’t play it counterpoke/footsies and you can’t re-pace the round like in marvel. also marvel isn’t broken in the high tiers. you just can’t play amingo vs. sentinel and expect to win. but no one does that.

personally as a 3rd strike player i just can’t relate to alpha. other people might like it and thats all good but i just don’t. i feel like most people probably feel similarly in that you can’t counterpoke as intelligently b/c of weird hitboxes and the supers blow and don’t behave like they should. they also have shit damage compared to custom combos. and custom combos have never worked out well in any game. even 3s, look at yun.

im just posting this cuz im an alpha hater and i wanted to say why i think most people can’t relate to it nowadays. if you understand the game (i sure as fuck don’t) and have fun thats cool.

i think people like ST cuz it reminds them of playing street fighter way back in the day and even tho its got really simple sprites it still feels much more accurate than alpha.
thats just my 2 cents. i think other people