Alpha power

ok lets get down to it, you got a street fighter game nobody remembers then you got the street fighter 2 triligy which was to some people ymself inclued that took street fighter and made it a legend but then after street fighter 2 turbo they decided to wait a couple of years before unleashing the power of the alpha triligy which stared of with street fighter alpha which by video game expert companys say did not do well on playstation console or in the arcade simply puting in a way, the game sucked ass, but then, then its was here the part 2 of the alpha triligy street fighter alpha 2 which then was sayed buy game expert companys to the best game relesed in the 1990s thats also strange it was relesed a few years after i was born and i was born in 1991 anyway but then this is it this is the game that would be the final installment in the alpha triligy the most populer one street fighter alpha 3 i own a copy the game is fantastic you got ryu ken chun li bison sagat blanka cammy vega balrog fei long akuma dee jay guile but you have to unlock him so every body from the first street fighter 2 are here plus the new charecters. now the big shark takes a bite out of the video game world and this game is the bigest shark in the ocean thats right baby im talking about marvel vs capcom this game is wow super the animation the 2-d affects but what really hit the floor was the charecters, ryu wolverine guile captain commando ken megaman who is capcom zangeif cyclops ruby heart spiderman jill valintine from resident evil omega red and more so thats the legendary story of the battle between cap and mar!!

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