Alpha-Surplus! Liquidating my joystick collection: VAS-HG's, TE's, HRAP


Want to sell: All joysticks are in clean and good condition. Most are barely used, some are never used! Prices include shipping. PM if interested.

(PS3) HRAP3 with plexi and all Sanwa buttons, top entry modded - $100 shipped

(PS3/360) TE round 1 modded with Chimp and Spark - SOLD

(Multi Console) TE round 2 modded with Kitty and Spark CE - $240shipped

(Multi Console) VASHG with Sanwa JLF and screw in’s, 360 fight pad + MC Cthulhu + Imp set up - $350 shipped

(Dual Wireless) VASH-HG with SanWA JLF, Semitsu clear screw in’s and ball top, Leo V2 PS3 + 360 wireless set up with 2100mAh Sony brand battery - $480shipped

More to come!


Some nice stuff in here. You deserve a bump.




Love those vas-hgs. I have one and a vas22 and the build quality voltech does is amazing. Too bad he quit. These are worth every penny people. Hope nobody lowballs you.


willing to part with either of just the VASHG cases or sell the round 2 without buttons and stick at a lower price?




TE Round 1 sold!!! Some price drops.