AlphaISM "Blowback line" about PZ and SBO

**Yo everyone,

As you can tell from last night’s show, I’m still pretty peeved about the situation. But I also want to hear from YOU guys. So I have a voicemail set up at 206.201.2498. I would like for you guys to call and leave a message explaining your thoughts on the matter.

I’m also have a very short show about this topic only tonight at 7:00 pm PST. Zinac and I will review the messages live on the radio. This is also “open mic” night, meaning that anyone who wants to come on the radio and rant, GO FOR IT!

If you guys don’t mind passing the word around, especially on PZ’s forum.


P.S. I’m not sure if EmotionGear can read this, but if not, I’m sure someone can pass the message along. I’m asking that he or any Planet Zero representative comes on the radio to explain himself. I will even do him the favor of giving him or her 30 minutes of UNINTERRUPTED time on the radio for the explanation. Based of what I’ve heard, what has happened to Zinac is FRAUD, and definitely leaves a bad taste in mouth as far as PZ goes. EmotionGear can contact me on IRC (#capcom, #alphaismradio), AIM (Bunkei0), or e-mail (**

Let’s set the record straight …