Alphas on Syfy

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a thread made for this show. I think it’s one of Syfy’s best new shows and is more “Heroes done right” than any show based around superhuman powers. I like that each power shown so far has some biological front their manifestation and not just tacked on randomly.

The story has a good base, and the characters are all unique and quirky enough to identify with.

Oh and Hicks’ power of perfect execution is to good. He’s basically Desk but with everything. I want his power more than anything!

Alphas is a miss or hit kind of show for me. The only actor/character I like thus far is Ryan Cartwright/Gary. He plays his role with amazing accuracy for an adult person with autism - and always puts a comical twist on everything just because of his perosnality. Other than that, I have no reason to watch the show. Last week’s episode was remarkable (yes, again with the Gary fandom - since it was an episode that focused on him). Dr. Rosen has been alright, but he’s starting to get on my nerves with pulling the typical psychiatrist routine by trying to act ‘calm and relaxed’ about just about anything that’s going on around him.

Overall, I’m giving the series a shot this season. If it goes wonky on me, I’ll stop watching it. Last night’s episode was rather stupid - not too keen on the woman’s power. Even though, I have to admit that they did kind of put a rather realistic spin on it.

I’m giving it a shot, but so far the only character I like is Gary.

Summer Glau will be on soon.

nah sci-fi channel shows have an average lifespan of 2 seasons.

Have all the episodes DVR’d. Hopefully I’ll get to it soon. Maybe the wounds from Heroes aren’t healed yet.

Wow we really believin’ in superstition now? The Cape was a bad, bad corny-ass show, Dollhouse and TSCC was on Fox… FOX!

She has also been on Big Bang Theory and a number of sitcoms that are still ongoing, so that invalidates this stupid curse idea.

What about Firefly?

What about it?

Who owns Firefly?

Fox aka “The channel that moves every show to the Friday night graveyard.”

i said average…good job picking 1 show…didnt know your math was that bad.

So, how about them Alphas…?

The concept, characters, and powers seem cool and all but the show is so corny it’s annoying.

I tried to like the show and even watched 2 episodes but I give up.

and funny thing i can find more shows that lasted longer.

This show has been really good so far, I like how they don’t drag out scenarios. The way the Alpha powers are treated are pretty cool and the characters all have a distinct sense of individuality. This week’s finale was cool.

It definitely got better over the season. I ended up liking it.

Wish this had happened to The Dresden Files. Show was awesome, I should pick up the books.

I’m liking the diversity of powers so far too. So far no one is showing off Omega-level brokeness, but still very useful evolutionary advancements.

that show was beast…it shoulda been put on wb.

The last episode was really awesome. Liked it a lot. I can’t believe it’s the end of the season already! Really good cliffhanger.